Paying for court cost to start the Federal Lawsuit against everyone from ex husband to Federal Investigators who Violated my civil and fundamental rights along with denying me due process and was made to endure illegal detainments, and False Imprisonment, as well as had my life, liberty, freedom and property taken from me, and Was not given a fair speedy trial nor was I allowed to obtain proper representation or acquire the actual file from discovery that was denied, or the investigations information, I was never told what exactly happened.


I am filing a federal lawsuit for infringing on my rights and for the unlawful and illegal detainment and False Imprisonment, along with the Individuals who live in our communities among our families, have used the internet and the judicial system and law enforcement, to manipulate his way to never be given a second thought as far as people neverย  questioned his ex wife and took a decade to start moving somewhere. First filing will cost me 75- approximately. I can’t believe I have no help from anyone especially my husband, but I will do things my way once again. I don’t usually do things like this but it is a matter of TIME FRAME and running out of time to file, and Will do whatever it takes to complete this task.

Thank you so much in advance.