Note for some clarifications

My sole purpose of writing was to get the chance of being able to do it without the other side to threaten, alter, or silence me in a court of law or by any other means that has already been done. I have the right to tell the truth about why the people in my life would make me feel guilty about what happened to me when I wanted a BETTER life… Just to be a good wife and a very strong woman who had always made an effort to be the best mom to her kids.

I will never be silent again. I will never be afraid of anyone or anything again. I will speak for those who are going through what I have been through. I want the world to know how much I love my children. I made a promise to my kids that I’ll die trying, and that’s what I am doing.

I want this whole story to come out against the people who are trying to keep me from saying what they were doing to me. I am sick and tired of being fucked over and threatened that I will be committed because of the way they are afraid of the truth coming out. I may suffer from some disorders due to the trauma faced in my life, but it hardly makes me need to be institutionalized in a psychiatric facility as my current husband was planning to do to me, and continued trying to get me to that point where if I was at that low place he would have had a right to have me put away.

I deserve and I want a normal life with a new way of knowing that I fought for it, no one gave it to me, and I earned my best results from the past two decades of struggle and the ability to start over, and reset, regroup, organize my thoughts, and even with brain damage and memory loss still capable of providing accurate recollections of past events in detail with intentions of making sure no one forgets what was done to me.

Im grateful for the support of those who assured me that I could do this and those who inspired me to put all of these people together where they could not do anything to stop the truth from getting out, unlike how they’ve been able to stop it in court and in society, These other people who want me to cop out and be a coward to get away with the whole thing that was done to me they can start paying attentionand restitution, because its about to be one hell of a ride for ANYONE whos EVER crossed me or fucked me over.

This was the only way I could get the chance of someone taking me seriously. I’m not the same person I was in the past. I’m a better person and I have been trying to figure out how to handle this and what my best course of action would be to make the biggest impact on the internet and the world the exact same way that was done to me for the shit that I fought for the whole truth and was mocked ostracized and slandered tortured stalked harassed and threatened intimidated and forced to take it to the FBI and then to see the way that my husband who violated the protection order wasn’t going to face any charges because of the disgusting corruption of his family that is in law enforcement in vermillion parish I knew I had to do something to ensure that it gets dealt with legally and swiftly.

This will make it easier for people who have wronged me and my children to pay restitution for the shit that happened to us. This will make the right things go to the point where they no longer feel the need to be a problem in my life and where they feel like they have no problem paying me back for the shit they caused me to have to live through.

This is what I can get done for myself, this is not me doing something for anyone else except for myself to know that I have made every effort to get this information to the proper people in the right places who have the ability of making big changes and performing a complete judicial review of our lives in the 14th Judicial District Court Of Lafayette Parish Louisiana who have been a long part of the struggle to be heard and to be given a fair chance and to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and who chose to violate thos CONSTITUTIONAL rights of other people and to deprive them of basic liberty and life and justice is the best way of explaining it to the world who has no idea about the war that’s been brewing for the past 11-12 years in little ol small town Louisiana.