If you are thinking of making a permanent choice for a temporary problem, STOP! Breathe! Here are some resources

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is ALWAYS available to listen and talk you through your most troubled times and your most desperate moments of wanting to give up on this beautiful crazy, and sometimes shitty thing we call our lives. There are trained counselors who have been where you are who know exactly how you feel and have tools to provide you with an alternative and solution to any problem.



It’s not ok to go through this with no support and no one to help you reevaluate your situation. Please look further and twice at your choice to end your life. Think of the people who do love and care for you who will be the survivors of suicide left to deal with so many issues which bring unplanned expenses, guilt, unanswered questions, self blame, and social challenges that may lead to alcohol or drug use or dependency. If you had a chance to redo the whole thing with a clear head, you would see things just a little differently, and that is what I hope you will do. Take it from someone who has been there and back and forth to the point of actually going out with the things I had done to myself in attempts to escape the pain from my reality, once I got a second chance given by the amazing medical staff at St. Pats hospital in Lake Charles Louisiana, I couldn’t imagine ever doing something so drastic to myself for what others had forced me to think was the only way to stop the madness and constant torment and suffering.

YOU can do this. IM STILL HERE! It’s NEVER too late to start again!