Things you may want to know about me and my life.

I am 34 years young. I was born in Lafayette Parish Louisiana at University Medical Center in Lafayette Louisiana on July 11th 1984 by emergency cesarean surgery at 7:36 am after being in distress for 3 days and my heart rate kept dropping when she had contractions. I was told that I almost never had a chance in this world.

I was 6 pounds 3 ounces. My parents were never married. I dont even think they were in love. My grandmother on my mother’s side named me. I was 2 weeks later than my due date to be born. I was my mothers first child and my father’s second child. I was the first grandchild on my mother’s side. I have a lot of good memories of my very early childhood .

I have an impeccable sense of experience that allows me to remember things from a very early age. It’s called hyperthymesia and its a rare thing that only 3% of the worlds population has . Oddly enough to have trouble with remembering what I did last night or last week but can tell you something about when I was 2. I had no idea how much it would become a curse and blessing.

My mother had some problems with alcohol and drugs. My father had some problems with the same things. I was went to elementary school at L. LEO. Justice and Westside Elementary School and Ossun Elementary before Scott Middle School and then Boothville Venice High school and S.J. Welsh Middle School and Iowa High School and Acadians High SSchoo then Lagrange High School where I obtained my High School Equivalency Diploma through Mcneese State University in Lake Charles La .

I am proud of myself to be able to graduate from school as the first person in my family to obtain a degree. I was only 16 years old. I had just given birth to my first child Trevor not even 3 months before graduation. I never had to study for my exit exam. I passed with flying colors. I was at the top of my class. I was chosen to be the class speaker who gave a speech at graduation ceremony. My test scores were extremely high . My behavior was the worst part of my adolescence period. My attitude toward the people who were in positions of authority wasnt good at all. I hated following directions. I had a lot of trouble getting my own thoughts in order so they put me on Ritalin and said I had ADHD and tried several different medications throughout my school years.

I did not want to be told what to do. I rebelled against my parents and teachers who were trying to make me understand that I could do anything if I applied myself. I did not make friends easily. I didnt really have a good friend or close friend until probably high school. I was the teachers pet mostly. I was an only child for a long time. I loved school until 3rd or 4th grade. I was in trouble with mouth always having to have the last word. I loved to argue so much that my dad used to tell me I would be a lawyer because I loved to argue and made a good point.

My grandmother Caledonia Marie Daigle Prudhomme, better known as Grams or Callie, was a huge influence in my past, was a very important person in my life and was in an almost fatal accident about 3 houses down from her home while test driving a car.

I was supposed to be with her that day. I was 9 years old. I lived with my grandmother for a long time while my father was kept away from me and my mother dealt with her own problems. I rode the bus up until I finished school. I always felt like I was in a game of tug of war as a child and even as an adult .

I had never done drugs before the war was started around 2014-2015. I was falsely accused of using drugs and proved it to be malicious and false and never understood why I was going through having my children ripped out of my life. I had passed every single random and scheduled drug test. I paid for the whole world to know that I wasnt doing drugs. I had my hair cut and my private moments exploited while having to do it for a few years to disprove my ex husband who had been able to convince the community and court that I was a junkie .

I was taught by my uncle Paul that its ok to make a difference in the world and to be a good person not to feel guilty for being successful. I was taught to respect myself and others. I was told to love people from a distance. I had the best years of my life in New Orleans with my uncle and my children. I learned how much I loved to fill people’s bellies with good food .I never really thought about how much he had imprinted on me and how much he loved me and wanted to give me the best of life. I had no idea how much he had been able to make an impact on the community and state and international community with his character and the way he handled his career as a writer and a chef and wanting things perfect because he said that they were a reflection of him and his name

He always said to be careful about things in life that our name was a very important name and I had to protect myself from people. I never really understood what he meant until just recently .

I lived in Metairie (New Orleans) when Hurricane Katrina hit the city and destroyed the whole area. I had to evacuate with my son Tyler and my then at the time boyfriend Rodney. I was scared because Tyler was so sick and I had ended up getting him to the hospital in Lafayette at Women’s and Children’s hospital for dehydration and some kind of virus and infection. He was admitted immediately and stayed in the PICU for a week. I remember the whole thing about Katrina on the small TV bolted to the wall in my sons hospital room where I laid in his bed with him and held him so tight and prayed for him to get through this and to have him healthy again. I was shocked to see the devastation of my City and all the lives lost.

Each day my baby grew stronger. It was a very difficult situation for me. Tyler’s biological grandmother and his aunt visited him during this time at the hospital . I never let them take him for test without me there. The entire time I would not go home and I stayed at the hospital with him.

I never had a problem with social interaction until I developed Anxiety disorder , depression, PTSD, and dissociative disorder After the last two years of abuse trafficking and sexual abuse as the state police detective and the sheriffs department have been mocking my disability and denying my rights after unlawfully imprisonments in the past two years at Calcasieu and trying to flee for safety. I have had 3 c sections. I take medication for cardiac, neurological, endocrinology, vascular, circulatory, and mental health disorders. I have an excellent sense of self discipline when I apply myself.

I have been called naive by a lot of people. I have never had intentions of hurting anyone or myself except for the time I was trying to make damn sure they couldn’t stop me. I used to fear death. I used to care about what other people thought and were saysay about me. I had too many fucks given. I some time pray for life to end as the CSF Density And swelling in my brain is so painful that I don’t know what to do with myself at times, such as tonight.

I have attempted suicide on April 3 2015 after my ex husband and currently husband had my phones and exploited me on the internet to the point of forcing me to lose my unborn baby and I was then unable to even speak or see my children for falsely being accused of sexual misconduct with my children and it was proved untrue but yet they still had no paperwork for me to be reinstated my rights. It was malicous and evil. Yet they walk free. I’m not suitable because of my disability and disappointment to the courts and state that I tell the truth and have communication problems and brain damage now with the trauma I’ve experienced.

I don’t care anymore. I just want to be pain free. This is morally wrong and disgusting to beg for help to beg for medication and treatment and for federal assistance that is the law itself to be protected and provided a medical treatment for a long time and not be falsely accused of needing mental help.


2 thoughts on “Things you may want to know about me and my life.”

  1. Having to put trust in the government is genocide. There are many of us out here suffering similar injustices. We have to keep it together and stand united. I don’t no how long it will take, or if it will happen in my lifetime. Nobody can achieve justice as an individual. This Nation is operated by narcissists and psychopaths. We have to have an army to defend every single individual who has suffered at the hands of our government. I have gone through the same feeling as you have. Cussing mad as hell, Crying to no end, I still do not have any solid resolutions for any of us to be recognized as equal to those who have violated us. Our story’s may be different but the results are common. Most of us have been victims of defamation of character, (generally if a cop or a public official makes a public statement it must be true) Narcissists are pathological liars. They can easily manipulate others into believing anything they say. Even when the hard copy evidence conflict with their allegations. It is unreal. If a document conflicts with what the narc is saying then obviously the narc is lying. People do not recognize the degree of evil until they are the victim. Then its to late for them to. I continue to write to the inspector generals and any other government organization that I can find. I continue to search for legal representation. I will until I breath my last breath. I pray that someone with the legal education will step up and say, I have a moral obligation to represent these single women who have been violated by corrupt government officials. I have lost everything I have ever had. Friends, family, a community to call my hometown. I have nothing left for them to take. I will die but until I do I will be shouting for justice to be served for each and everyone of us. We do have the Constitutional right to take up arms. You know what they say about a woman scorned. How about an army of women scorned? Keep fighting. I know one thing for sure, when i die I will die with my dignity.

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    1. I feel like you’re speaking my story. It’s the truth. And to know they caused several deaths of my unborn children that never had a chance at the hands of corrupt people and courts police and officials who think my children and my life was not important enough to live in this world because of skin color and other shit I have an obligation to make sure that the world knows about the injustice the abuse of law and the corruption of the country that’s supposed to be so free and so much better than others who can’t even take care of their own fucking people. Thank you for your support. I’m here right beside you to bring forth justice.


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