I have no paperwork yet I have this as proof of the injustice that was done to me while being detained in the state of Louisiana and trying to flee for safety and to seek medical treatment! I’m hallucinating this picture???I had no nothing close to the rights as a citizen of the United States Of America

I don’t know how much I have to endure, excruciating pain in my head, insurmountable stress put on my heart which they know is very high risk already suffering a heart attack and several strokes, but the swelling in my brain means nothing to the courts and law enforcement who thinks it’s a joke and a good idea to mock me and to further deny me the right or acces to filing my disability or paperwork. That gives me the chance to extend the rights of the paperwork an additional year since another federal law is being violated as well as several constitutional rights. I don’t know if I will make it but you bet your ass that this shit is all being documented for the last two years my doctor was documenting everything and I have been begging for someone to get me to my doctor and to the courts because my husband has abandoned me to the point of restriction on the Internet and restricted me from making it to the court house and I don’t have my money to go to the doctor. Because after a decade of his shit and marriage he gets to walk while being on probation for violating the first protective order twice when the federal law said he’s supposed to have been arrested the first damn time. Yet here I am being abused still by the fucking state and local sheriffs department and court officials who refuse to uphold the constitutional rights of victims and the rights of the citizens of the state and of the United States 🇺🇸 so fucking patriotic to deny someone to have medical care and at the least some kind of pain relief if they are going to be forced to die for the shit that the sheriffs department and local government refuses to admit to and take corrective action instead of making it worse for me. Here’s my proof of hallucinating being in jail


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