Things have definitely changed, to the point where I now have a signed Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Medical POA, QUITclaim, Affidavits, Executor, And made my arrangements, with final wishes…. Ive also contacted the Board of Directors, and my Uncle’s Company Magic Seasonings, in hopes of someone helping me even if its just Tylenol or a doctors visit or food.. and at this point Im in so much pain with my head eating is the last thing on my mind….

I had a rough few days and something just tells me that its time to start getting things in order. I have no medical care, no support, no access to any type of treatment, or medication for the basic prior conditions in my heart and neurologically, as well as now the treatment needed for this illness thats starting to debilitate me with Vertigo, and pain to the touch of my head or neck, its very painful. I think its more scary than painful that Jonathan and Rodney have told people I am lying about it. I mean who the fuck,, Anyway ~~~>>> LOOK FOR YOURSELF

Let me be clear that I have no fucks left to give, YEAH thats a vibrator on my fucking sink. OK!> We are fucking adults. At least some of us. Better than being forced TO FUCK PEOPLE WHO HAVE PAID FOR ME! DONT FUCK WITH ME TODAY! I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN AND I HAVE REACHED A DANGEROUS LEVEL OF NO FUCKS TO GIVE AND READY TO SURRENDER!

I have made sure to hand multiple copies of all documents and backed up every device phone camera cards and electronic to a cloud and then associates have done the same. EVEN if my demise shall come before my voice is heard it WILL BE HEARD. There is nothing that can stop that. Ive take measures to ensure the truth is out and my children are protected.

I think the hardest part about anything right now is knowing that I have to downsize and tell myself that I most likely wont be back so grab what I need and what I cant be without. Once I close that door thats it. I have made some decisions to fight in a different way and seek medical treatment in another area and way. Hopefully wont get denied and maybe by that time the state will get its head out its ass and start making some chances and actually uphold federal law for my domestic violence situation..

I am in so much pain from the swelling of whatever disease this shit is, indicative of cancer but I have refused to admit it as I havent been allowed to see the oncologist, I guess its time to face the fucking music that NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FUCK! MY HEAD HURTS SO FUCKING BAD AND I CANT TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE


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