I just realized who is after me. The federal judge third circuit is married to my ex husbands lawyer who paid federal money to put a hit in my life and my best friend was the whistleblower and I’m not afraid of their shit. They better understand what they have done. They cut my water off. They are refusing to allow me to have access to victims compensation or the courts to file my federal suit. That’s a federal law itself.  I’m sorry for everything. Just don’t know what’s the next step I’m thinking of saying bomb and President to get his help since they have tampered with my systems and devices I need the highest level of support and to get the marshals because my oldest son was the child of a United States marshal. That should hold some kind of statement. And to have a federal judge put a hit on me and no one do anything to protect us while I’m suffering with lumps in my head from the diagnosis and to be denied any pain medication and treatment or even have food or basic life sustaining necessary items. It’s pretty sad to say the least. Any ideas?  I shouldnt have to beg for the united states to help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. I just got my registration for the federal circuit court of appeals to efile my lawsuit against the state department of health and human services and the attorney general’s office for the shit out here with me and my kids and their staff members who have taken measures to ensure that I was not going to have the money to go to the Federal Courts and the fact that they tried to prevent me from having a RIGHT to be a LEGITIMATE citizen of the United states of America who was violated numerous times by LAW and STATE itself, sucks for them  because im not afraid of them. They keep putting shit on me charges and all kinds of stuff taking my disability and my medicaid knowing im very ill and the fact that they refuse to make shit right and force me to take it to the highest level in the country well Adios to Louisiana ans its corruption bribery and the shit the government has done to my kids and my life

Hector Enrique Caballero Jr. 428 Willowbrook Gretna La 70056  I was told he was in Houston at Postlewaite and Netterville on Katy Fwy which is the same address as my current husband or abuser. Same building. They gave me his work email hcaballero@pncpa.com but it’s got an automatic back kick from Deepwater horizon fraud claims to contact the link. He was in charge of those fraud claims and is an expert witness and they don’t care that he’s missing. Honduranboy25@yahoo.com is his old personal email. That makes me suspicious of the government trying to cover something up. I have all of his files they better not hurt him. He made sure I had his files and number and information for a reason. He had worked for Compass management of New Orleans or Metairie. I am not sure where he is but someone is playing games and it’s not even a joke when my child was murdered and then my oldest attempted suicide at 13 because of the state and this crap. This is what I have His last number was 504-913-4310 and office is 713-244-7020.  How do I run for Congress? This is what I am meant to be in life. I’m going to make a huge impact on our own people who will never have to worry about being abused by the state of Louisiana they are being poisoned with the media and the community is not allowed to have the truth because they think they have a right to control what truth we get and what we are supposed to do. No. No conforming to society. Drain the swamp and put these criminals in prison where they belong. Teach the youth that it’s a good thing to tell the truth. Teach our community to embrace  diversity and change. It’s the only way to make a good life if we have a bad life we must change that life. No matter what is put in front of us we have the power. Only us. Smoke and mirrors of the government is not power. It’s an illumination act to incite fear to control the people and their beautiful amazing minds. God gave us free will for a reason and we should be free to chose and do as we want and love who we want and vote for who we want. The constitution says so and I will fight for the rights of myself my children and my people of the United States of America. I just need to know how. 

I lean on GOD the Creator of our lives. That’s all I have. And I would give anything for someone to find my best friend because even if the state chooses to ignore this last request I know he will will make sure we are safe and free from this abuse. I know they have went after him. I’ve known him for 15 years I sense his heart is not afraid of this shit but I know they are rattling him and trying to break him for blowing the whistle on the abuse. He loves me and my kids that much. He risked his life for us. I have no one. I have nothing to lose at this point they’ve taken everything out of my life. My kids. My best friend. My family. My medical insurance. My ssi. I am not afraid of anything else now. I will be the most vicious person to ever be in the court so that I can get justice for my murdered children and my child who attempted to kill himself because of this shit that state failed to stop from being done to us and to have my youngest not even know he has a mom and was forced to call his grandma mom who beat him with a hammer and who fucking ran him over and thought they could get away with it. I am not the one to fuck with my kids. I lost my first child at only 3 hours old when I was only 16 years old and I made the choice to be a MOM by letting him go instead of being selfish making him stay with me because I just wanted to BE LOVED! Pretty sad to see my own life in a different perspective and looking back how deprived was just craving love. LOVE! No one deserves to beg for love. I have begged for over 34 years to BE LOVED. I don’t have to beg anyone anymore. Because Enrique and my boys love me. I just need to find a way to get my kids away from the monster who’s doing all of this shit to us. I need to find my best friend to help me get my paperwork done for federal court. He promised to help me with my paperwork and I’ve approved everything that he had my power of attorney and my life in his hands. I know it sounds a little ridiculous or even childish but it’s not even a bad thing for me because I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore. I only care what my kids are being put through and told right now and if they are safe. And the only person who has never abused us or hurt us is not afraid of the law or anyone else he’s the love of my life. And a fiercely successful person who will protect the children and protect the unborn children from being federally violated and abused and he threatened to kill my husband for killing our unborn baby and the unborn baby was forsaken by the state and they DONT scare! But they better learn to care and start paying for everything that we need and want. I would’ve been a very good mom to our baby. Or babies. I have documentation of 19 confirmed pregnancies that were lost due to the shit I have edited from being abused. I would be willing to sign a promise note or a partnership or something that would protect my children and get us to Enrique safely. I don’t care if I have to pay for the rest of my life. My kids are worth it. So is Enrique.  And hey don’t be sorry. This has made me the woman I am today. It’s just really sad that I have been out in a crawfish pond live streamed and have to be with no food no medication and no medical care and to have the state expert witness missing since he came to save my life after I was being poisoned and they gave me a few months to live the Ah it’s hard. I’m lonely and I’m sorry. I don’t mean to lay this on anyone’s feet. It’s kind of selfish. I just make a little money and they took it too. That’s ok God always provides his promises. The creator will never forsake me and my children. God bless you. I would do anything for a job I have been trying to figure out how to get a job or get my paperwork submitted so that I can never have to worry about money again. And to get an education. Finally. Hopefully. I have put my faith in the creator. I’m hoping me contacting the media and law schools to be granted my request for an honorary doctorates in Law. That would afford me the opportunity to run for Congress and make changes in our system to weed out the corruption and political violence that they are all about the money and need to be about the American people and our children who will inherit our country so we are supposed to do better and give them the best the free country our ancestors fought for. Not this corrupt shit being done. This is internalized in my mind to make my life the best I could ever be. For my children. For myself. For my country. I’m not a bad person at all. I hate injustice and racism. I don’t like ugly people who abuse others. We have rights from the constitution of the state itself but the federal law superseded the state law itself and rights violated ethics and federal law and the civil rights violated fundamental rights and judicial court to the supreme courts and the state expert said that he would never allow them to get the money from all of my life insurance politics placed by my husband. He had made the best way of being the first person In my family to pursue politics and to enforce social reform and politics for justice for the truth and my kids. I’m going to make a very successful life for my children no matter what the state tried to do to us. We have federal rights that protect us.

I’m thinking about going out of the state but I don’t really know where to go. I had a bad time in Texas but I think that’s where my best friend is. I don’t want to lose everything that I have done to my life I have never tried to hurt anyone I want my life back this is really affected my health. My doctor that was blackmailed is in Houston and I had asked him to keep some stuff for me he was documenting everything I just don’t have any support or financials to make a move so I’m stuck with mice and ugh they want me I s shelter but no way they are owned by this family. I thought about the church but I’m just under a threat so I can give someone a chance to give me a break so I can breathe. I’m so tired of working on this it’s driving me crazy and I’m exhausted from stressing out about my life and my kids. It’s not mental illness it’s the truth coming out. Sorry if you’re busy. I’m am so thankful for the chance to be able to talk to someone who can relate as far as political correctness goes.

No I don’t. They aren’t allowed to speak to me. I play the guitar hero lol 😂 I’m pretty good. I wish I could play the actual acoustic guitar. I’m so grateful to engage in a conversation with a person who isn’t afraid to tell me anything and to be concerned and genuine. It’s been getting a lot worse since I had my paperwork and they removed my paperwork from the court house and didn’t realize I kept my copy. I had my license with marked down for a target for leo. I’m to a point of looking at either getting out of town fast and far or never surviving this. My head and the swelling is not so great. I’ve had some really big lumps on the back of my ears and neck and in my head it’s been embarrassing and I haven’t even gotten to the doctor to start the treatment but I know it’s not going well for me to have trouble with my glasses today just the pressure of my glasses on my head hurts so bad. It makes me feel weak and dizzy. I don’t like to complain because it could be worse I’m alive. That’s what matters. I refuse to go to a hospital. They made an attempt on me last time. Here’s my YouTube channel by the way https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFQyn1fsXzxQvqE_I47o5sA

I found a lot of information related to my oldest son. I had found his birth certificate and a social security card but he never had either and the state has no record of his death. I have recently started talking about it and i am convinced that my som was switched and is still alive. I know it sounds crazy but i cant help the wY my heary keeps tugging to find out thats why they wouldnt let me see him for the funeral and wouldmt bring him to me after he died. My biological mother was responsible for selling him i know it she sold my sister. His name was Trevor Michael Prudhomme and his father was a united states marshal who committed suicide while he worked for the United states marshal in lake charles la. Something has always been OFF about my sons death and his father. His birth certificate a long time ago said pulmonary hyperplasia ans then cystic fibrosis and thats shit not even close. They said potters syndrome and i was the first in the state to be diagnosed with it  im starting to believe thats because it doesn’t exist just like my warrant never existed and just like my own parents sold me out because the goverment tested me as a child and i had abilities that were not the usual for a young child to be able to tell them about her deceased grandpa who died before she was born but she had a conversation with him. Thats a daily thing. Its not the same as a psychiatric disorder or even a fake claiming psychic abilities. Thays not iy. Its a gift from god to prepare myself for whatever is laid before me. I dint tell anyone because of what ive been put through. Ive got most of my information in my own way. I have never had any one to tell me anything thats going on. Just my senses. And i cant even explain it. At 7 years old.i was on a college level of literature in University Of Louisiana that was 2nd grade. I dont know what happened but i claim my life back to live for myself for once and to protect the rights of the United states of America and her people who are going through things similar to the one i have been dealing with. I dont really have a hobby. I dont do anything anymore. I feep prisoner to this place but its ok the outside is a scary place when the whole family is targeting you and your family members have been forced to be a part of the story… i dont blame anyone else for my actions but i am not going to sit baxk and let them.run me off i have a right just as anyone else. They dont want a dead body thats been going to the media and internet. I guess i have a hobby kust really thought about it. I love music. I cant live withiur it. I have adhd too. Im sorry i bounced on the subject  lol. How many kids and how long married? What part of mountains? Like inside mountain? I went on the road with my common law vet husband who took us through the mountains and it was scary but so gorgeous. I went all over the united states. it was beautiful and I was very lucky. I just never found my kids. But I know in my heart this is going to get better. One way. Or. Another.


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