Well it’s time for action, since out of ALL these people who KNOW they are beyond responsible for the death of my unborn, attack on my own life, negligence, torts, HIPAA, abuse, any wrongdoing and had the chance to settle with me, but…OKAY get ready… My baby will never have the chance in this world because of hate, racism, ignorance, negligence, an jealousy!

My baby may not have been more than a few weeks of growing and forming inside of my body, BUT STILL had a HEARTBEAT, AND WAS A HUMAN BEING AND BLESSING AND MIRACLE TO US!! TO intentionally take that away…. Its very sickening……

I know what is next. I also know my truck is loaded up with completed paperwork for ALL federal and district filings. Funny how I am stranded with absolutely nothing but a will to survive and get the truth to my children, and get them to safety. Funny how people can try their lifes best work to break me and STILL FAIL! One day these clowns will suddenly wake up and say “Oh SHIT” She was really going through the FEDERAL COURTS.. Shoulda woulda Coulda

I have no idea who is in my office but my phone with the app was accidentally washed and it can’t even turn on or off it makes a popping noise and had my cord overheat and catch fire just like the light in the bathroom that my husband had direct wired and Enrique had told him it’s too hot and it wouldn’t go off. .

I dont know how to navigate technology and the predictive text is how I found out everything about my husband and my friend and my kids a d all these people that I never met before but their names were in my phone or I had heard of them and come to find out they end up beind in my office or in my life IVE got to find someone to work with me to get a better understanding of all of this.


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