This is the actual account of the detailed attacks from the beginning of 2002-Present day, Please take the time to get acquainted with the truth…

Hi, I am sorry it took me a minute to complete what I was working on the past few months on my website and obtaining assistance with Im-still-her.org  to be able to devote my full attention to sending you an email and further explaining my children are in trouble and so am I because I am HONEST and WANT JUSTICE AND A CHANCE TO REDEEM themselves sBEFORE FEDERAL LAWSUITS ARE ENTERED.

 I am not sure exactly how to proceed because I am stuck alone litigating against the state and local government who have made a point to make my life a living hell after I survived what they had planned on me not making it through, but Yet Im here. And I apologize for sending it to everyone on my contact list but I am a MOTHER who will STOP at NOTHING to GET her kids to safety and to BRING JUSTICE!  Please take a few minutes to comprehend the entire story and have a better understanding of the situation that caused the federal investigation that KATC3 Thinks it’s a JOKE to MOCK mental illness and ACT like I need mental help because I was asking for someone to assist me in shedding light with the media. I DARE THEM to EVEN MENTION OUR NAMES.

Ok keep in mind that I lack very essential communication skills and at times may not make sense with some brain damage and some medical issues. I am currently being denied to divorce my abusive spouse otherwise known as employer or 2nd owner. Its been a decade of marriage and torture and abuse in every aspect that I sadly was too blind to clearly see he was not the knight but instead the wolf in sheep’s skin. I was distracted by fighting against my ex husband who had me sold to current husband and I had no idea. For 11 years now I have litigated my own cases and solely for the purpose of my children to be with me and to have the truth. From day one it was a no win battle. My first husband had premeditated my rape and what would come afterwards, as it afforded him the time and opportunity to get on my sons birth certificate fraudulently while setting me up to go to jail and not be able to do anything to stop him. Further filing a fictions and frivolous restraining order but still forcing me to have sex and pay him to see my own children that are not even his. The first thing they did was LIE on the FIRST document. The state requires any knowledge or paternity or visitation claims or rights to be notified immediately by the parties. HE CASHED THE CHILD SUPPORT CHECKS the same day he LIED about not knowing that we dint meet until I was 4 months pregnant and had a DNA test with the father. His lawyers knew too. His lawyers are the EX family judge and now CURRENT family judge. A recipe for disaster. He scammed my uncle the Late Chef Paul Prudhomme out of 25 thousand dollars to hire this corrupt bunch of crooked fucks. He told him that I had abandoned my children and husband for drugs and that I lied about being raped. My uncle had no idea that his CEO was involved with all of this and had been embezzling money, as well as threatened and forced me to marry him in 2005.

He attacked me from the beginning. They have all been involved in 11 years of denying me the right to be heard. Denying me the right to my own children to be in my custody because of false allegations proved untrue by them invading my privacy and forcing me to submit to hair follicle testing at my own expense when only on SSI for 600 a month. I was NEVER on drugs! I had never had a parking ticket! This is the man who was allowed to order the courts to cater to him. To shut me up, throw out anything with merit that would prove his tactics of teaching me a lesson for leaving an abusive marriage. He was allowed to SUE me for my last name before we even made 3 months of being separated. NOT EVEN DIVORCED! He was allowed to SUE me for child SUPPORT (LISTEN TO THIS) While he made 8 times the normal amount of the average male his age, and WHILE the STATE of Louisiana HAD A CASE for child support AGAINST THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER! He was allowed to TAKE ME IN CONTEMPT for ARREARS of child support. SSI is NOT a form of income. I had no way of paying it. I did my best. He made me have sex with him carry insurance pay for all of the school stuff and his leisure and laziness. I was ok with it as long as my kids had what they needed. It was very very disappointing that the courts forced me to lose a lot of things in order to be PUBLICLY condemned as a deadbeat when I was the one fighting for my children and WITH NO MONEY AND NO HELP! He was allowed to throw me in the streets take my car my money our accounts home clothes EVERYTHING!! I got not one single penny of any interim or final periodic support. NOTHING BUT A LESSON IN HE IS IN CONTROL.

Eventually I was threatened that he would kill me and he would do whatever he had to do to my kids that he didn’t care I would never get them back. I filed for a protective order and it was granted and somehow only my oldest son was granted to live with me until court. SOMEONE swept it away as usual forced my child kicking and screaming and crying to go back to the abuse. CPS has been called by hospitals and school and doctors and THEY HAD BEEN RUN OVER and STILL THESE IGNORANT NEGLIGENT FUCKS have denied my kids to be safe and free from abuse. My son at 13 attempted suicide due to being stressed and in the middle of my ex husband brainwashing them telling them I was a piece of shit and a Iiar. He eventually caused me to be publicly exploited on his own doing by making websites dedicated to memberships to “Expose” the violent , abusive shit he had paid people to do to me, and to try to damage my reputation, libel, slander, defamation accusing me of LYING about my deceased children, falsely accusing me of crimes and STD’s, I had filed SO MANY Police reports and charges and nothing ever got done. HE MURDERED several unborn children by hateful reckless malicous tactics and intentionally so, he told me I would never have anyone else child.

August 26 2014 My body couldn’t handle the immense stress he was inflicting on me knowing I was hospitalized for my pregnancy that I was in a very CRITICAL condition and he ENSURED himself to cost me my childs life as he has had remote access to my devices and cell phones and with the help of my #2 husband he was able to get all of my personal information including that my best friend and the one true friend and love in my life of 14 15 years was the father and not my husband. We were not in a normal marriage. I had begged for a long time to stop being ignored and abused and treated like shit for YEARS.  I started to look elsewhere and I was very much in love with Enrique. I had been since I moved to the City in  2004 where I met him at UNO for his college years in football to be afforded the education which would provide his success today. We were so young, and I had a small baby. He was amazing to my son! He was always helping me and we somehow always got a wedge put between us no matter what we tried.

At one point my boyfriend at the Time Rodney Walter Thomson had been the store manager of Harbor Freight Tools on Airline and Williams Blvd. In Kenner La right by the Zephyrs Stadium. And saints training camp. He was very abusive and controlling and came home one day and said Enrique went to his job and bragged about having sex with me. Now I know this was a lie because honestly I was with Enrique all day that day, and no honestly we weren’t having sex at that time, and he is a VERY VERY private and closed person. He does NOT mean to be a withdrawn and kind of cocky and arrogant person but he comes off that way just the way he protects himself from idiocy like my ex. He would NEVER not even NOW go to someone to BLAB his private business. We knew something and someone was meddling. Anyway he was there for me since the moment I started to date and was the first time I truly loved a man and didn’t have to have sex with them or be forced into something I didn’t want to do. He never put a finger on me and never treated me anything other than a loyal friend who loved us so much. He respected me and appreciated me and most importantly he was so amazing to my son Tyler who was a little baby who had no father, and definitely clung to him, thank goodness.

Rodney eventually moved us all over and I was cut off from the world and internet. Im not that proficient in technology or internet stuff. However Rodney is a fucking genius when it comes to IT software and development and the fact that the entire relationship he had gained access to my Yahoo Email and AOL emails and accounts and predisposed so many situations for me to be at his beckon and call and in debted to him. I had NO idea. Until a few years ago but was called “a Crazy bitch and a fat ass” Even with the proof the courts refused to do anything about it.

In 2006 we lived in Longview Texas and I was pregnant with my youngest son. He informed me he wanted a divorce and he was leaving for a young woman and I was in labor in the hospital with my 3 year old son and no family no help no support, way far from being able to take care of him. He didn’t care. That was on my birthday July 11 2006. I had been fighting preterm labor from an amniocentisis because he wanted to force an abortion on me with a FALSE POSITIVE for down syndrome and heart defect. I wasn’t due until September 11 but couldn’t handle the stress, Had my son Emergency C section July 31 2006 at only 35 weeks. He had to stay in NICU for a little while and was only 5lb 1 oz. It was difficult I just wanted to come back to Lafayette with my family to help me with a newborn and a 3 year old and recovering from surgery.

I don’t remember much about those days except he made me and the boys find a home in Louisiana Baton Rouge area while he had another place in Tyler Texas supposedly for his Job. He would show up once in a while maybe every two months or when he needed sex or his clothes done. He never participated in any parental activities. AT ALL! And while he was there he was CHEATING and leaving me and the baby with pneumonia and a history of premature birth and RSV hospitalization and yet we weren’t allowed to be given the medical care we needed because he was too busy.

We split got back together and he convinced me to move to his moms after he got fired for refusing to take down a website slandering his former employer Harbor Freight while working for Tractor Supply. That was a horrible feeling. That’s where he had home advantage. His sister is now married to the accomplice and best friend of my rapist. She was also the one hiding in the next room when he “confronted me about lying about my rape” and called 911 prior saying I was trying to kill him in efforts to have me arrested. While his mother had removed my kids out of my bed while we took a nap to go to her sisters because they PLANNED this.

I just wanted to go to my fathers down the road. I was not leaving without my children. He wanted a divorce and I didn’t care. I didn’t care he found a new young girl who was supposed to take my place. OK BRAVO Im getting my kids and we are going to my dads down the road! He refused. He made a fist and keep in mind the three days his wife is missing when his sister and wife left together that night before his wife had the biggest test of her life PARAMEDIC TEST at SLCC April 3rd 2008, But he had already made plans for his own personal way of telling me to get fucked. She made it home. I didn’t. I was missing for 3 days and instead of looking for me or making any kind of report he CHANGED HIS NUMBER!!!!! While we had lived in Louisiana probably a YEAR when he COINCIDENTALLY changes it and acts like I abandonded my family!

I was in Our Lady Of Lourdes in Lafayette being TREATED FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT! (They violated me so bad it was so fucked up the detetcives were interrogating me as if I did something wronf DURING my SANE exam!!!) My husband who accused me of lying about my rape was the person to sign the discharge paperwork to take me home and acknowledging the homes instructions for being treated for RAPE/Sexual assault. The next few days were a blur but I followed up with my doctors office who noted that I was healing from physical trauma and emotional trauma and had VERY significant amounts of injuries to my vagina area and the fact that his AUNT forced me to have her in my exam room again violating me and having control over me in every aspect. They forced me into a mental health unit for bi polar which I do not have. I was released and I came home to the bullshit of being accused of lying about my rape!

I was put in jail for attempted murder. I had no idea why or what or who I could call or tell the truth to ! They VIOLATED MY RIGHTS! I was forced to submit to a mucuol swab of my mouth for DNA and was told it was protocol for anyone who got arrested for violence. I had no choice. I wasn’t even charged or booked yet. When I was booked they told me that I had a weapon to cut his face when I defended myself and his OWN testimony and statement proves he was ON TOP OF ME pinning me down right after I was raped a few weeks prior to show me he was in control. Yet I was arrested for battery and lost EVERYTHING.

He filed a false report and TRO, favoring him the sway of custody and courts. I had no idea he has conspired prior to all of this. SO he and his legal team knew exactly what they were doing all along. Like I said it was premeditated for about 2 years prior. They lied in the paperwork. My son was listed as a Prudhomme and no father on the birth certificate and HE USED THAT TO START ALL OF THIS!

I had been sexually abused by a very well known Fire Chief who got away with a full confession and videos and pictures of his acts with all of us minors….NEVER SERRVED TIME GREAT FOR LOUISIANA WHO DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT CHILDREN. OR VICTIMS. I ended up getting pregnant a few months after the sexual abuse at 16 my son Trevor was incompatible with life outside of the womb. He had a rare birth defect that’s fluke like and not exactly known what causes it but its very rare and non genetic. Potters Syndrome. Or Bilateral Renal Agenesis. He had no Kidneys. It was impossible for him to survive. Rodney was well aware of these events that shaped my life. That’s why I was so protective of my son Tyler born exactly 2 years to the day later.

I always asked if he promised never to take  my kids if we ever split. And he always promised. HE USED MY LOVE FOR MY KIDS TO TORTURE ME. This has been the last 16  years. He sold me to my husband and paid for every single man I have been abused by or has been paid to give the men the time with me. Its pretty sickening to know now that nothing was coincidence but predisposed paths of a sociopath who wanted me to suffer and understand that no one tells him no and he is in control.

April 3rd 2015 I couldn’t take the tactics of the legal team and blog on the internet anymore. My husband was leaving and Rodney had served me with an EX PARTE and EMERGENCY CUSTODY to accuse me of sexually abusing my children!!!!!! I lost my shit completely!

I took over 320 pills and I stopped my heart successfully. The staff were able to give me a second chance somehow… I still don’t understand how the hell Im still here. I had no idea that my own husband was involved and also had access to my phones and live streamed me and profited off of the consented sex and the sexual and physical abuse. They drug me through vexatious litigation to cause me so much shit that I truly lost my shit and my mind and my life for a while, and THEY THREATENED ME TO TELL THE JUDGE THE TRUTH! Tried to force me to sign over custody and I REFUSED! I later found out they FORGED the custody paper. My own attorney was working for the other side.  When you have money you can do anything including murder and get away with it. LITERALLY! When you have money you can blow it on paying FEDERAL EMPLOYEES TO REPORT BACK TO YOU AFTER STALKING HARASSING INVADING AND ABUSING YOUR EX WIFE TO TEACH HER ANOTHER LESSON….. Yeah after my suicide DHS and FEMA FIRE DEPT and STATE of TEXAS officials were PAID to fuck my life over even more than it was recovering from a suicide attempt. I was leaked the emails recently to prove what I always suspected.

Fast forward, Last year I was set up with allegedly possession of schedule 2 narcotics and a BULLSHIT warrant that never existed . My husband was transporting LARGE amounts of the alleged substance “Seized” from my vehicle. That wasn’t even my vehicle nor did they have my name when telling me I was going to jail for running from a warrant and I was FLEEING THE STATE FOR SAFTEY AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND TRYING TO KILL ME!!! He was remotely accessing my vehicle and wouldn’t let me be I kept trying to brake or slow it down and he was blowing up my phone and attempting to cause an accident. He though it was funny.

I was fucking arrested for a warrant. WHILE CRYING BEGGING THAT I NEEDED HELP HE WOULD KILL ME AND HAD JUST TEXTED ME ALL NIGHT AND MORNING TO SET ME UP AND KILL  ME IF I LEFT!!! Well. They arrested me refused me DUE PROCESS. Never told me what I was charged with. NEVER HAD A CHARGE. NEVER BOOKED! EXTRADITIED for a charge that IS NON EXISTENT IN STATE AND FEDERAL LAW!!!! I was DEPRIVED OF MY LIFE LIBERTY AND PROPERTY DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM VIOLATED MY FUNDATMENTAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS WELL AS CIVIL rights! I was NEVER TOLD WHAT I WAS ARRESTED FOR UNTIL AFTER I “Bonded” out from being BOOKED as Peeping tom because the jailer said I shouldn’t even be in his jail and he wanted to know what they could book me with while talking to the sheriff so it would not come back on them.  I was the victim and the perp according to the judge… Yeah so that happened on my childs would be 18th birthday to INFLICT suffering on me.

I was DRUG FOR OVER 11 MONTHS of the STATE ILLEGALY IN MY LIFE for them to have access to my father and other family who my husband had been buying the dope from. I don’t have a problem being honest at all. I was using it because I  wanted to and because I was afraid he would find out I wasn’t selling it like he told me to and I wanted to fit in with my family. I had nothing else to do. They took everything from me. Honestly nothing else mattered. However. I was not strung out on anything in fact it helped me sleep and focus and being I have a chemical imbalance ADHD it does the exact same as Ritalin or Vyvanse. I was taken off of it. So I used in place.

During this time I was forced to find a room with a friend in Texas who is a schizo discharged from the Army for the crazy in him.

My husband refused to stop manipulating me tampering with my phones and intentionally mind fucking me to where I almost lost my mind again and he pissed me off so bad that I started telling him I wanted a divorce. I later found out he was an informant which I suspected all along trying to set me up as he threatened not to pay me a penny in alimony. And his sister the dispatcher at VPSO for 911 to HELP HIM CARRY ALL OF THIS OUT WITH #1 IS SO FUCKED UP~

He reached a dangerous point of strangling me and breaking my wrist the 2nd time in 3 months and breaking my ankle because I confronted him about his lies and writing the people who had been attacking me on the internet in a notebook for his mileage in his truck when I was looking for our light bill. He was live streaming me and forcing me to engage in sex with him and other men together.

I am still trying to escape this situation. I was denied my RIGHTS to be Immediately divorced as I filed La Rs 46 Article 103 Domestic Violence ACT of LA mandating the immediate divorce and PROHIBITS the victim from being put on public display or trial, MANDATES a protective order DENIED, stay of discovery DENIED injunction DENIED, EMERGENCY REQUEST FOR RELIEF DENIED, Spousal support DENIED Persnal property STOLEN and requested access DENIED. 3 PROTECTIVE ORDERS DENIED!!!!!!! BY THE SAME JUDGES UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION FOR THS SHIT THEY DID FOR A DECADE WITH #1!!!!!! CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT AT THE LEAST!

When I confronted the asshole who was not even supposed to be presiding over my case since I filed a recusal and it was removed just like my ANSWER was removed and coincidentally a default judgmement entered against me while the jacket was missing for 2 months… HE SAID HE HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT AND DENIED ME THE RIGHTS AS A VICTIM BECAUSE HE SAYS “HE hasn’t physically hit you or abused you since Septmeber NO that’s not abuse or a reason for a protective order” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! HE allowed my husband to FORCE ME TO STAY MARRIED DENYING MY DECREE! HE LIED TO THE JUDGE AND HE KNEW HE WAS ON PROBATION FOR VIOLATING THE 1st order TWICE!!!!!!!!  BUT Yet no paperwork because the bitch that has assumed my identiy his sister who has spread false allegations that I have Schizophrenia and her crew at the sheriffs department have DENIED TO DO SHIT! Called  me a liar and made me cry when I filled out mty statement for the sexual and physical abuse. NO VICTIMS SERVICES NO CHARGES IN FACT THEY ACCUSED ME OF LYING ABOUT A THEFT WHICH I NEVER EVEN REPORTED! DENIED TO TAKE THE CASE because I don’t know how to navigate technology and links when Im restricted with something called Smart things and devices that let him control all the electronics even my lights with his phone or computer. TO THIS SECOND I AM STILL BEING LIVE STREAMED. That’s not the worst part.

I was poisoned with Fentanyl. It was caught in my random drug screen at my doctor in Houston I was very sick and given only 3 months to live in 2017. My husband DROPPED my medical insurance and put 7 life insurance policies on me! My doctor slipped and told me and when I confronted him he claims he was set up by his sister the fake cop not even licensed by the state as a peace officer and whos sheriff was investigated for paying people to bid at his OWN AUCTIONS! And my husbands grandfather pays his paycheck and just hands a little extra money when they go to pick him up for CHILD SUPPPORT warrants for his illegitimate mixed daughter the product of raping his campaign manager and DENYING to pay for the child. Somehow he never got arrested and never faced charges.  The only reason they have the money they do for this sick twisted corrupt power is because THEY SCAMMED THE STATE OF LOUISIANA out of 4 million Dollars when they were building HWY 167 and were supposed to move a home that the state had purchased land to build through and never moved it and when the new crew came in years later they LIED FRAUDULENTLY COLLECTED MILLIONS AGAIN, and invested and they LIVE OFF THE INTEREST ALONE!

I recently discovered my husband has been HIDING FROM THE IRS. He is in charge of MINERAL rights that WE inherited that I WAS UNAWARE OF. Concealed every fucking penny for the last decade of making more than 300k! But never had the money for me an attorney for my children ALL THIS TIME! HE attempted to take my life with a paramedic and federal employee Joshua Flores who was FIRED from Acadian Ambulance for 3 missing vials of FENTANYL!!!!!!!! SAME SHIT I WAS POSIONED WITH! When I was near death my best friend Enrique came to my bedside, and Jonathan my husband or #2 owner thought he could outsmart or pay off my BEST FRIEND AND TRUE LOVE, who I only wanted him to hold my hand when I took my last breath and my husband WAS FURIOUS! HE hired Enrique in a professional manner to perform an extensive review of his financials to “Prove” he was set up. Enrique is a very successful and intelligent man who handled all of deepwater horizon fraud claims for the STATE, and HE said he found MALICE AND INTENT on my own HUSBAND! WHILE TELLING ME SOMEONE GOT AHOLD OF HIS PERSONAL FILES AND WAS BLACKMAILING HIM! I knew it was related to me and our baby.  I knew that my husband and ex had STOLEN the IPHONE that he had given me to be safe and keep in touch with him while I was pregnant with his first child. The laptop with iTunes also STOLEN by the POLICE DEPARTMENT!

Same police department who violated my rights . Detained me illegally all day when I went to get help and file reports for my children and my husband supposedly being in danger. It was a lie and set up. They towed my truck took my gun my money and took my PHONE AND USED IT TO HARASS MY FATHER! Denied me medical care, water, tried to commit me, put me in the front lobby and accused me of being intoxicated and all fucked up, I had an officer spit in my face and yell in my face I was a piece of shit, I was threatened to be arrested for threatening a cops life which I never did, I was made fun of for not being able to hear a legitimate disability and my brain damage that affects my memory and communication skills.. ALL DAY ON CAMERA ALL OF IT!!! I was accused of being altered mental status told to shut up and sit down and not move or I was goin to jail. I wasn’t allowed to get water or take my heart medication or even use my phone or their phone I couldn’t use the bathroom. They had ACADIAN come and VIOLATE ME AGAIN… Tried to commit me. I refused. I know my rights. I went against orders and called my dad once the secretary gave me my phone from the detectoves fucking with my dad and had tried to set him up using my PHONE WITH NO PERMISSION! Phone records show they WERE IN TOUCH WITH MY HUSBAND THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME they denied me the right to be a PART OF THIS COMMUNITY told I didn’t belong here. They were ALL in my face and acting like NO ONE ANSWERED when his fucking sister was at WORK AND GAVE THE FUCKING ORDERS TO BEGIN WITH!!!!

When I went against orders and CALLED MY DAD ANYWAY, They said “Theres a sulfuric smell coming from SCOTT” Trying to terrorize me for my dads actions with his personal information about drug activity since they went through my text and impersonated me on my phone to try to set my father up!!  They still refuse to apologize. Wont release my gun,. Wont give me any paperwork for SAID charges. I was told I got a break they did me a favor. Apparently I AM NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE! ITS ALL ON VIDEO! ALLLL OF IT! When I went back to ask for my gun and an apology I got terrorized and further threatened and violated and took my husband in the back refusing to tell me what the fuck was done and the reason why they did what they did. Then made fun of for my belief in GOD and tried to handcuff me!

Its been a fucking nightmare. I have no positive family to count on. I have no way of getting my paperwork done for my rights restoration or my lawsuits and I have ALL OF THE PAPERWORK AND THE PROOF! I have no one to give me the chance or opportunity for representation or even guidance to help me with the paperwork. I am so lonely, and so upset that my own STATE refuses to APOLOGIZE and make it right and futher DENIES ME THE INFORMATION RELATED TO THE FEDERAL INVESTIGATION!! My kids have reached out saying hes HOLDING THEM HOSTAGE!! HE IS ABUSING MY BABIES AND THEY ARE TERRIFIED! HE WONT ALLOW THEM TO CONTACT ME. I am so upset and lost and confused knowing I cant do anything to protect them after hes threatened to kill me and them. They’ve put a bounty on my head and Enrique as well. HE IS MISSING AND IM TERRIFED THEY HAVE HURT HIM! HE has not been seen or heard from since October of last year when I was supposed to go to him to escape this and possibly WITSEC. I wasn’t allowed to leave due to the PSYCHO my husband put living in my house and the rain flooding me in because he put me in the middle of a crawfish pond.

Im alone. He had my guns taken out of my home. He cut holes in the floors to let mice in. Theres a huge infestation no matter how much I clean and try to make it livable Its exacerbating my health conditions. I was diagnosed with CSF denisity and swelling and Expansion of my SELLA in my BRAIN on Christmas when I suffered another MINI STROKE from the two of them starting with me not being able to talk to my children and manipulating me as usual.  I am stuck with them stripping my rights. My kids. My SSI disability has COINCIDENTALLY been discontinued when I seen an ALJ Judge who RULED PERMANATLY DIABALED on my case but even with deteriorating health they LIED AND SAID my health has improved and I can return to work ! I MEAN SERIOUSLY I don’t know how much longer I have and they fucking want to make it worse! They took MY MEDICAID! They accused me of FRAUD! THE STATE IS FUCKING ME OVER BECAUSE I AM BEING HONEST ABOUT WHATS BEEN DONE! THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF MY CHILDREN FOR FAILING TO ACT AND NEGLIGENCE! THEY want me silenced! I know you don’t know me and Im not a negative person but if you could assist me in anyway shape or form I would be forever indebted to work for you for the rest of my life. I am entitled to a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money for EACH FEDERAL case against TEXAS AND LA and ALL parishes and agencies physicians and individuals, and if I had the right team and tools I would be willing to partner or whatever needs to be done JUST TO GET AN EDUCATION and get my kids to safety away from him! And to find my best friend. All I wanted was to be a mother. I just wanted to be afforded the same rights as anyone else. I want an honorary law PHD for my 11 years of research practicing and litigating self education with NO college NO money. No nothing, except a drive and determination to make sure my kids never wonder if I love them !!! My love for my kids is the only thing I am surviving on. He and the state have left me with no food money medication or any way to get the right people in place to advance me assistance for some type of partnership with A LOT of money to come my way if I have the help.

My uncle is the Late Chef Paul Prudhomme and I am aware there is a pending inheritance upon divorce as well. Im not sure but its what I was told. I would be willing to testify against the state or anyone because it’s the right thing to do. I am willing to EVEN LET IT GO THIS IS MILLIONS that I would let go if they would GIVE ME MY KIDS BACK AND GIVE US A HOME WITH NO MICE AND EDUCATIONS PAID FOR!

I am not a bad person at all. I think I just need a little help like I need someone to believe in me because I will make a difference in the world. And I will advocate and push for judicial reform and an overhaul of the entire system. I plan to be an Attorney General one day. Hopefully. God didn’t bring me this far to fail. There isn’t a day that I don’t beg plead and email all day long all over the country for representation or assistance. The sad part is that my childrens skin color not being white is a major part of why I am told they aren’t worth the effort. THAT’S RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION! AND PROOF OF ALL OF THIS.

Thank you if you have made it this far… I really appreciate your consideration to listen and inquire about our fight for JUSTICE.

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