Frustrated. 😣Overwhelmed. Heartbroken 💔


I sent this to a friend I guess that’s the only person who’s actually engaged in conversation worth the time

Hi. I had been thinking of you and the way you were helpful in those moment when I was trying to make some decisions. That song you told me to listen to. It’s one of my favorites now. I am not afraid. I have been as positive as I can be. I’m starting to feel defeated by myself fighting it alone. I don’t even have the support of my own family or friends and the community just keeps on calling me a liar and further the cops in Abbeville spit in my face and called me a piece of shit when they held me all day when I tried to tell them my kids needed help and my husband convinced me he was in danger.

This is so much I can’t deal with it anymore. It’s taking everything not to cry and then I cry and I’m so tired of fighting and being told that oh it’s going to get better. Like everyone has a secret and they do. I’m not the brightest but I’m nothing close to ignorant. They lied to me everyone knows about me being violated and live streamed and poisoned and the DEA and federal investigation of the courts and my custody and the federal employees who were paid by the courts and my ex to assault and invade me but they act like they don’t know anything.

When I told my doctor and my family I thought I was poisoned they all laughed and accused me of needing mental help. Sure enough I was poisoned and I almost died. My doctor had no idea what else to do for me and said there was nothing else he could do. They couldn’t figure out what had me so sick and losing over 100lb in less than 9 months. It was nothing close to a mental condition. It was a paramedic for ACADIAN who stole 3 vials of fentanyl and was fired. Same thing they found in my toxicology reports and urinalysis. I have never even seen fentanyl.

It’s making things worse because people are calling and emailing and meeting me saying they are FBI and they sure don’t care they don’t say anything but to go do a job for them and it’s not even funny. They are using my kids to play games. I’m to the point where I want to pack up and run. I don’t have anyone to run to. My best friend is still missing and I think the government is pissed because he blew a whistle and somehow all of Deepwater horizon and BP fraud financials are in my files. From him. All of their company’s business is now leaked to me.

I feel like a target. And that’s not a mental illness. The law states a victim of domestic violence shall be granted an immediate divorce and mandatory protective order stay of discovery and the assistance of the DA injunction against the abuser and financial assistance and relocation. They DENIED my divorce 3 times now my protective order 3 times now. I filed recusal because it’s the same people who are under federal investigation from the fraud and compensation of the federal employee who bashed my head in and they forged my custody. They refuse to hand my case off or give me a decree. He’s left me with absolutely nothing. They cut off my social security because of how stupid and hateful he is. He lied to them. With his crazy sister who works for the sheriff.

This place is going to kill me. I attempted suicide in this house in this room. It’s almost my daughters 9th birthday. May 1 they have put my personal business on the internet. They called me a liar and pushed me so far I lost my baby. Then I couldn’t handle the forged paper while I was in the hospital and my husband. Left it was just too much I was raped and beaten and trafficked and I just lost the baby I couldn’t handle them taking my babies when I never even had a traffic ticket. Never failed a drug test nothing.

I attempted suicide. 4/3/15 and since then it’s been a nightmare more than before with these fema ad DHS fed employees who bashed my head in and caused brain damage and went to jail but yet he’s our and going back to work in emergency medicine.

Once again I’m the liar and I’m tripping needing mental help. Someone is in my devices and sending me stuff about my kids in danger. I know they are. They are terrified now that the feds are investigating the man they once called hero.

They put a bounty on me and Enrique. I have begged for the WITSEC program since I seen it come across my phone. They have no nothing to say. No one cares. I’m sorry I just need someone to please help me find a way to get my kids to safety and my best friend who is missing. He’s been my best friend all of my adult life and I don’t have anyone else. Uncle Paul died in 2016 and Magic is not exactly extending any family hugs. They forgot who started that company. A good man. They forget where they come from they are not the people I thought.

My uncle was such a good man and would never even have let them be in the company had he known they would do things like this. I think it’s more upsetting that I can’t file for a missing person report for my best friend and the man I’ve always loved and my kids can’t even get away from the same sociopath that I’ve been running from for 16 years. I have federal lawsuits to file and judicial court and Supreme Court filings to do before deadline and I’m just confused and overwhelmed I can’t concentrate not knowing what’s going on with my boys and Enrique. It’s impossible to get anything done. His company had told me he was transferred to Houston but there’s no email no voicemail no phone text nothing.

My phones and computer had someone else in it I come back and someone else is using all my stuff it’s not a bad thing but it makes me uncomfortable that they know something and instead of helping me they keep posting and messaging people instead of telling me what’s going on. It feels like my husband had committed me to a medical study or project or something. It’s so frustrating to go all the way to the highest level of authorities and be ignored. With videos to prove the attempts made on my life.

Literally the whole thing to see with your own eyes and nothing. I’m trying so hard not to fold cave or fall down I just have no strength or support left. Once to at least have the emotional support of the community after the way they’ve treated me when I did reach out for help you’d think they’d want to make it right. Nope. Fuck man. Just so tired of the shit.

My kids deserve BETTER. Why does no one think of my children during all of this.

They are being in the front row to the shit with a man they used to see as a hero and now being scared of suddenly the federal governments all over our lives and if they are anything like how they been to me I know they are scared. Why are they not sayinganything. That’s fucked up to fucking do this to my kids NO EXCUSE it’s wrong. The three of us are victims. We have rights. I’m the one who was poisoned. I’m the one who was raped. Had bones broken. Not those agents we have rights as victims.

Where are my children’s victims rights instead of keeping it a secret.

I mean this is so fucking childish and ignorant people it makes me think the government is a fucking joke. Fucking FBI yeah calling me pretending to be agents emailing and videoing telling me to go to work with them then laughing. Yeah. Using accounts on Venmo and PayPal as my child to fuck with me.

Thanks. Bravo fucking feds. Bravo. Fucking ridiculous.

Shit or get off the fucking pot assholes 🖕🏻


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