Im currently seeking a Physician to handle my health care. I’m in desperate need of a LEGITIMATE PCP and I’m out of medication ..Story of The DHS Federal Emergency Management Response Instructor Who Brutalized my life.

There is NO way in hell I will ever step foot in a hospital again. I don’t trust anyone and damn sure don’t trust any hospital or emergency service provider. 🚫

However I know better than to just run out of medication for my anxiety because of long term care and prescriptions for the last two decades and being that type of medication I don’t want my body to retaliate against me. My ADHD medication is empty 😖 Anxiety empty. Beta blocker empty. Calcium channel blocker empty. Fluid pill empty. Migraine meds empty. Gabapentin empty. Mini press empty.

Long story short. Everything is empty. And while I have the insurance now, before it too, is dropped like he dropped everything else, I need to establish a new patient relationship with a reputable medical care provider that is not going to make me feel bad about my life and my anxiety and communication issues. Seems like everything revolves around “Oh you take Vyvanse, or Oh we don’t give Xanax. That’s a strong narcotic.” No it’s not. It’s a benzodiazepine. Big difference. It’s a schedule narcotic but it’s not a bad or strong narcotic to the legitimate people who actually have exhausted other medications and other classes of anti anxiety medications for the last two decades.

I have to defend myself about my prescription medication because every time I try to get my medication I get a billion questions and really rude and ugly to me. And it all makes sense now. Someone filled some pain medicine that IM ALLERGIC TO while I wasn’t even in the state. That was in 2016. Ahh Jeffery Dennis Carrier. I have a very good memory.

I remember Michele Dyer being my doctor after my suicide attempt and she was really good to me. Unfortunately she dismissed me from her practice due to someone screwing around with me and my paperwork and medication for my drug test. My prescriptions were MOVED. And refilled in a different location. This has been the last few years. Including my HEART medication just to be hateful.

That day when I did what I had to do to defend my life I shot at him with my Springfield XDS 45. He still continued to assault me until I grabbed the gun and ran in the bathroom. 911 continued to tell me to put him down. He was trying to break the door down. He was evil and violent and I thought he would kill me. I was too scared to kill someone. Even though I had a RIGHT to fire until my life was no longer in danger as the STATE AND FEDERAL LAW PROTECTS MY RIGHTS TO DEFEND MY LIFE.

Because I wanted to be left alone and did not want to be with him more than a friend he wouldn’t stop beating my head in from behind while on top of me as I was on my knees bent over for a long time and I couldn’t catch my balance or focus on getting up until I realized he was going to kill me if I didn’t get up and stop him.

This was a man who was JUST released from jail for TERRORISTIC Threat and pointing a gun at me and his son then turning it on himself. On Father’s Day!

In October after 4 months in Harris county jail where he continued to harass me daily from the phone calls Not even 3 weeks after he was released I was trying to get my kids back and he told me that he had the key to my kids and something about his emails. I kept telling him I didn’t want to be with him like that. He was obsessed. And if I misled him I did my time and apologized.

There is no excuse for not being honest with me because you know what I’m going through and you don’t want to lose me so you use your power and phones and knowledge of technology and the internet to do business with my ex husband and his attorneys to hurt me and keep me from my kids. When someone blackmails

He had access to everything. My phones emails prescriptions and claimed to be my advocate for patient health. He was the same person who brutally assaulted me in the head with ceramics knowing that I had just got released from ST Luke’s for TIA Hemipalegia Migraines and he wanted me to “stroke out” I had the entire thing on the phone recorded with 911 Harris County. I actually fired my weapon to get him off of me after biting a chunk of meat out of his arm because no matter what I did he wouldn’t let up you into being with them using your kids it’s wrong

So I know I got off topic but um all the more reason to help me get back on my medication and on track with a schedule and consistency of taking it as prescribed instead of making them stretch because of fear of going to the doctor from being harassed and questioned why I need it or made to feel guilty. Since I was 4 years old I’ve been taking some kind of ADHD medication.

Please contact me with legitimate information regarding a licensed Physician who proves excellent bed side manners. Thanks in advance. Lafayette Or New Orleans Area possibly Houston. It’s really overwhelming to think of having to trust another doctor with my life after what’s happened. 3375222118


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