BINGO! Just the type of disciplinary action that I needed to PUSH through… And have a valid point to make to the APPELLATE and Judiciary Committee and Supreme Courts. Royal Colbert you are one sorry excuse for an attorney.

I think the biggest question is, WHY IS HE STILL ALLOWED TO PRACTICE LAW!?

A man that repeatedly abuses his authority and power within the LAW and Judicial District, and continues to FRAUDULENTLY, play the courts, politics, and TEAR APART OTHER FAMILIES!

WHY IS THIS MAN STILL IN LAW! Its disgusting what power and money can buy. This is a prime example of the shit that happens when you cover up one thing and leads into a big web of deceit. Cover one thing up and have to continue layers of shit because eventually it will surface.

We arent just talking about any lawyer. This is the fucking District Attorney for Lafayette Parish 15th JDC. A MAN WHO IS CORRUPT TO THE CORE. I mean think back to Mike Harson. He served jail time. Why is our systems so corrupt? Does anyone have morals now days? Intergrity? Dignity? Does anyone believe in honesty and fair game now days? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN AND FAMILIES THEY ARE HURTING!?? THATS WHO MATTERS!

This is supposedly a Children’s Rights ADVOCATE! BULLSHIT! You dont rip children from their families because of LIES and POLITICS! MONEY POWER GREED AND DEATH. Its so disgusting.


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