Evidence and FULL Admission of the entire Infringement, and Violation of my rights by the Abbeville Police Department in Vermilion Parish Louisiana. Video 1 of 3

As embarrassing as it is, NO one deserves to be TREATED this way. Why am I just now seeing what a bigger piece of shit my husband has been for a decade. Made me believe I was crazy. Told me I was a liar. Shut up. Stop. Be quiet. Sit down. Kristel! Ok that’s exactly why I will not shut up. I have rights. I have been silenced for too long about the truth. I have nothing to hide. Nothing to lose. These same people have stripped me of everything that they could possibly strip someone of. You don’t just treat someone like a fucking animal when they ask for assistance to protect their husband and children. You dont get a “break” from this treatment everyday. But the person that I am I have y’all plenty of opportunities to apologize and instead you continue to fuck with me and antagonize lie and threaten me with bullshit. Politics. Corruption. Tort. Denying my freedom of speech. The only way I can get my life to a normal place because of THIS shit being a REPEATED a thing by POLICE is to not have to worry again. Because it’s pushed me to the point where I’m terrified of leaving my home. Because of assholes like this.


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