I don’t have a problem being honest about anything at all…Cajun BailBond Megan Guedry Fontenot. Joshua Flores, Acadian Ambulance of Texas, Lafayette Police Sheriffs, State Police, State of LA TX Humble Advanced Invasive Pain Mgmt of Houston, Kingwood Atascocita, Baytown Methodist

Apparently my life is a fucking joke. I was poisoned!!!!! I was denied safety. I was told I was crazy!!! I was held hostage in San Antonio by the same faggot paramedics who got fired from ACADIAN ambulance for 3 missing goals of FENTANYL. I HAVE NEVER EVER HAD FENTANYL. HE TRIED TO HAVE ME COMMITTED IN WEIMAR TEXAS AND LIVE STREAMED IT ALL. HE MADE VIDEOS SEXUALLY ASSAULTING ME ABD SENT IT TO MY FIRST HUSBAND RODNEY THOMSON AND WARREN THOMPSON OF FROSBY FIRE DEPARTMENT AND JONATHAN BREAUX my own piece of shit fat ass husband who’s been paying people to fucking do the shit AT Q MAX AMERICA AND ANCHOR USA. NOW WHO THE FUCK NEEDS MENTAL HELP. DR ISMAEL DIAZ WAS BLACKMAILED TO NOTHELP ME.

Cajub Bail Bonds MAC GUEDRY’s DAUGHTER! I had ammonia thrown on me by her KIRK LABICHE JOHN COMEAUX WAS WITH ME HUT TOO FUCKED UP TO DO ANYTHING. HE DID TRY TO PROTECT ME FROM THEM. MEGAN YOU BITCHYOU WILL NEVER THREATEN ME AGAIN. YOU LIED AND TOLD PEOPLE THAT I WAS CRAZY BUT YOU STOLE MY PATHFINDER TO GO GET MARTHA AMANDA SMITH IN BATON ROUGE WITH KIRK AND TRIED TO TAKE MY PHONES AND EVERYTHING AFTER THE FUCKING AMMONIA. YALL WANT TO FUCK WITH ME? Apartments by Albertsons on w congress to the right side after passing up shop right on the left be trans drive going towards the cajub dome. I don’t forget anything ! You fucked with the wrong person🤙!

Tell me why the fuck I have Joshua’s resume in my email and saved to my documents oh that’s because the stupid fucking cunt used my iPad when he fucked held me in motel 6 and some other motel and 3 days at SHUREMED EMS IN MYTRUCK WITH A DOG AND SNAKE WHEN I LOST MY HEARING AND HAD ONLY HAD ACCESS TO JONATHAN EDWARD BREAUX AND CHRISTOPHER DEVLIEGER WARREN THOMPSON WHO KNEW I BEGGED FOR HELP DAILY TO GET AWAY. MY HUSBANDS KNEW AND REGUSED TO FUCKING FILE A REPORT ON HIS WIFE!!!!!! Baytown police have called me a fucking liar and criticizing me for not reporting it. I wonder why!! He. The last time I had a rape exam I was violated by 2 LAFAYETTE detectives who fucking refused to get out while undergoing my sane exam and questioned me as a fucking criminal about my Xanax. Prescription!!!!!!!!!!!!

This fat fuck was using VERIZON and they fucking lied and refused me the right to my private life! They fucking knew they continued playing games with me like every single person in the world. Except Enrique.

You fat fuck you don’t want to divorce me so that means you can get sued for failure to pay your employees bitch over the last two years. Do I make myself clearer now that you want to play games with me? HOW THE FUCK DOES MY PHONE GET USED WHILE IM ILLEGALLY DETAINED AND FALSELY IMPRISONED IN CALCASIEU PARISH JAIL WITH NO FUCKING CHARGES AND NO NOTHING CLOSE TO A CRIM COMMITTED DUE PROCESS DENIED AND INVASION OF PRIVACY DO I MSKE MYSELF CLearrrrrR!?


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