Just at this point, I would much rather be mental than to be forced to stay married to my abuser, and continue to be denied my basic rights. Again DENIED. Proper Form. And Im left wondering why am I not allowed to have emotions?

I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. There is no amount of shit that anyone can hold over my head. I am not allowing anyone to instill fear into my life. There will never be another instance where someone distracts me from my heart. There will never be another day spent wasted on motherfuckers who think they have the right to this world. The way that I have given so many people so many chances and to attemopt to futher fuck around and try to cause more shit well that leaves me with one simple solution. And that’s to make sure that I handle my business. Because after all I mean I had everything taken from me and there is nothing I have to lose just life I was threatened about playing a game. Well its no game to me. Therefore just when yuu thought I was done I knocked it out again. I will personally see to it that every single motherfucker goes to prison and rots there indefinitely and suffers from the evil reckless behavior when they had a chance to stop and to just move on. Some people learn hard lessons and in this case not just me. Several people with several copies of documents to see that this ends immediately. And I mean go ahead and knock yourself out and keep on playing with yourself. HA. I know what I need to do and I know theres no one who can stop me because even if something happens to me theres still measures put in place to see these things through. Before fucking with a woman whos been tired of the shit revealute what she has to truly lose and how much of a REAL asset she can be instead of some sick twisted mental health illness you suffer from. 

NO MERCY same for everyone. When people learn what its like to suffer for the suffering they brought on my life.. 


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