Still desperate looking for my best friend. Email to his company.. I will never give up on my kids or my best friend. Even if I have to put my entire life on public display… WHO am I kidding IT ALREADY WAS FROM RODNEY AND JONATHAN!

I’m trying to reach Hector Caballero Jr.   I’m sorry to bother anyone who receives this email, however, it is extremely important that I can make contact with Mr. Caballero. It’s in regards to my paperwork never received, concerning my financial situation, divorce, and a very important job that was performed as a financial review disclosing a client had been told that there was malice and intent on their own records that belonged to my husband. I am a victim of domestic violence. And long term abuse as well as trafficking. I have court on the 16th for my appeal for my protective order that I’ve been waiting for  7 months now. 

My husband the same person that had malice and intent on his financial records, has made attempts on my life and has multiple life insurance policies and multiple people trying to help him hurt me. I’ve contacted the FBI however they can’t even do this only ONE person can help at this point. 

I need to contact the person who told me to contact the police because I NEED proof of this job that was done. I was called a liar by local police and I need the answer so that they can get me through this so that I don’t lose my life. It’s come so close to him achieving his goal and I have no way of getting in touch with the person who had been asked to do the job for my husband. I’m not supposed to say anything but this is my life. I’m afraid of losing my life. I am the late Chefs great niece who he treated as his granddaughter. I have a substantial inheritance from my uncle pending divorce and it concerns the moneys that were paid and were received for this client. 

Hector is my best friend and my life partner of 14 years and I need to know what is wrong because I can’t reach him anymore and he was last here for me to help me and tell me what was going on.  He made me aware of how someone had been harassing him over his personal finances and files as well as my life being more in danger than what I initially had told him. I’m concerned for both of our safety. It’s not a joke.


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