Scott Hawkins, They cant claim there was no communication on my part!

I am wondering if there will be any final paperwork or any judgement for spousal support as well as the bills that are not being paid. I don’t mean to bother you Mr. Hawkins, However my mortgage company has called me every day and they are going to foreclose on my home. My lights are two months behind and my vehicle needs major maintenance as well as the note hasn’t been paid either. None of our bills are paid. I don’t understand how this is legal after 10 years of marriage to Jonathan to have him wipe our banks out and then conceal our community property and assets in banks that I found he has else where. Midsouth, Bank of Abbeville in his grandpas care , and vermilion school credit union along with a bank in Texas. Im restricted from obtaining legal counsel as well as basic necessities and medical care and medication. I have waited over a year for a surgery to be performed on my Hiatal Hernia and a repeat Biopsy on my esophageal growths as my 2 uncles and grandfather passed away from esophageal cancer and already have fought cervical cancer and a rough few years since an accidental swallowing of a galvanized washer that ate everything. Jonathan is supposed to carry insurance and provide me with the same financial assistance as the duration of the marriage and in fact he has cut me off completely leaving me to seek shelter elsewhere due to impending disconnect notices and foreclosure being started as well as Faith house has been generous to provide 2 of my life saving heart medications but until I see a neurologist and an oncologist for the density and swelling of my sella found when I had another stroke on 12/25/18 I cannot get the proper treatment and this is life saving treatment. Do I need to file something else to force him to cease and desist with the malicious and vindictive behavior?

Or is there something maybe a mediation can solve? I still don’t understand whats taking so long for me to receive a divorce decree. Article 103 states immediate divorce along with other answers I filed. I noticed you are representing Jonathan however you filed Kristel VS Jonathan on the Petition and Citation for Divorce. My number is 3372776531 or 5046552076 I would appreciate it if you would get back to me as soon as possible.. Thank you. Have a great Day.

Kristel Prudhomme Breaux  


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