One of many communications to SCOTT HAWKINS who has violated FEDERAL LAW taking my answer out of the SUIT JACKET!!!

Mr. Hawkins, 

I have deem trying to reach you for several weeks and have left numerous messages and emails to contact me with the documentation that I have provided for you through this email address as well as through Jonathan Breaux, since 2-13-19 when my first answer for the petition for divorce was served. I also have the original stamped copies in my hand.  I’m a little confused about why you have filed for a default against me when my first answer was immediately  accepted and filed so I have been made to believe.  I have made this decision to make it clear that I need help from your client but I’ve never  been able to get any other response from him or yourself except to say that he would help me with groceries and bills and then talking sarcastically about how because ” I didnt file for the.help ” I didn’t have it…  not only is it ugly to be hateful to hos wife who has been working hard to.do anything and everything alone with NO money no NOTHING no support from family NOTHING, Jonathan is a LIAR about the whole story about when we separated and we have the proof of our relationship to continue through the whole year when we got our new furniture at the end of November and he.was thrown out of his moms house for coming home and reconciliation with his wife.

I also have videos and text messages to PROVIDE the court with this very important part of this situation that I am still going through so that the person who broke my bones would have a easy cheap and PERJURED order for final judgment of divorce.  I have been begging for help while he mocks and laughs at me. I am not in a position to be in a home where hes left me with NO money to pay our bills and maintenance our home and our AC is broken and I need help. This is not good for my health. He needs to get me a break from him being so hateful because this is my life that he is playing with. I also filed and amendment to my first answer motion for leave of court and a reconventional demand that was also stamped filed and I retain those copies as well on 3-13-19 also provided to my husband and yourself electronically as well. 

I was told for over a month that it was in the judges office and the judge said it was in the clerk’s office and it was just a little too much for my answer to go missing and your response to also be missing for the last few months of attempts to reach you in efforts to find the best way possible to make things easier for both of us and to provide you with my work that I’ve done.  Please note that you have been notified that you have filed for a default  judgment against MS Breaux and you have the proof of a SUIT jacket that has files that have been  removed and the rest is going to make a very special case because the other person has always made sure that they have have PROOF. 

Please take this situation seriously . This is the only thing that’s been done to make me give up

 I have no money no medication no idea what to do my AC is broken I am running fever and I’m not so good with my health to be dealing with a man who wants to be an asshole instead of being a human and taking care of his own responsibility for his home that makes a big impact to be able to afford to help and pay his spouse and then make sure that he doesn’t give a penny to her after taking everything from her . I need MY A/C. I NEED HELP I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME SUFFERING FROM THE DISEASE OF MY BRAIN TO BE FURTHER STRESSED BY JONATHAN JUST BECAUSE HE CAN.


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