My email to Joshua O. Monroe of Calcasieu Parish District Attorneys Office Public Defenders Office, WHO never provided me WITH MY DISCOVERY filed April 3rd 2018, Who PROMISED me to help me, Referencing that if I pleaded GUILTY after a YEAR of being DRUG through a LONG ILLEGAL process of STRIPING MY DUE PROCESS from me, to “Yep its Magic, just like Chef Pauls Magic” when I asked about the actual case and information… Next post will be more information prior to this… EVENTUALLY someone will see that I will do whatever it takes to get the TRUTH and MY RIGHTS BACK!

From: Kristel Breaux
Sent: Friday, April 12, 2019 1:49 AM
To: Kristel Prudhomme
Subject: Hi

Mr. Monroe I was wondering if you would be able to possibly assist me in any way…. I am really needing some help.

I had changed my number and I had been through a really bad time finding so many things out about myself my marriage and my husband to the point of knowing he obtained custody when I attempted suicide and has been using my personal stuff to hurt me and torture me. I have been terrorized and I cant take it anymore. I don’t know what Im supposed to do.

 I’m going through a divorce and I can’t even get anyone to help me or represent me no matter what I do. I’ve filed article 103 and referenced several sections on mandatory articles for domestic violence and divorce which includes immediate benefits of getting a divorce from my abuser with injunctive relief stay of discovery and assistance with the DA for the prosecution of the abuser and they refuse to give me my protective order when he’s had people take my guns out my home and he’s on probation for violating the court order that he FORCED me to drop and I had to get another, anyways , they had told me not to call back to stop calling at the sheriffs department where his sister is the dispatcher and I only called one time I promise. I wanted the truck to go to the hospital because he broke my ankle and my wrist. For the second time on my wrist I’m less than 3 months.

He put his truck on all flats and had bragged about it to my “roommate” and they refused to enforce the order and they left me with no way of obtaining medical attention with broken bones. He has cleared out my entire life, bank accounts, and my home, my storage units with my family heirlooms and our very expensive belongings and tools outside equipment and I did not get my divorce! He refuses to pay me back for the money he stole in my personal injury settlement that he got into a shady account for a mortgage with 21st mortgage insurance and my friend had done a financial report as he is a forensic accountant so my husband paid him for the job he performed and he came back with the results that he was scared for my life and he found malice and intent on my paperwork for my husbands financial records and he has left me with no food no money no nothing.

I am absolutely not sure how to do anything. I filed my answer to his perjured citation for divorce the same day feb 13 when he had me cornered in my own driveway so he could stop me from making it first to the courthouse. Wait. He had someone remove my answer from the suit jacket and remove it out the court minutes!!!!! They took and stole my shit! So I did them one better I filed a first amended and supplemental answer for the citation for divorce reconventional demand for divorce temporary restraining order injunctive relief and other incidental matters. It was never granted. I don’t even think it was looked at. I have a pauper on file and I have even made sure to do a proper wording and certificate of service along with notarizing it and to make sure I texted and emailed it to my husband and his lawyer.

They filed a preliminary default against me while they took my entire suit jacket out of the court house, AND removed my answer. That is unethical and misconduct. They cannot have a default against me when I have a signed stamped copy of my original answer. I was denied the right to the mandated protective order. I was denied assistance from the DA as well as the Stay of discovery. I was denied any financial assistance and Im currently fighting to gain custody of my own EMBRYOS that I was just made aware of that still exist. I was lied to and told that I had none left over. I was forced to sign them to his sister in case of a divorce. He had all my medical records in his truck and he had so many things done to me .

I was finally granted an appeal on my denied protective order 7 months later and I go to court on the 16th and have no representation and no help at all. I need to get out of town before he drops the insurance on me again and I cant complete the program. He had the person that lives with me remove my weapons to defend myself and give them to him! He retrieved the guns from harris county while on probation. Does no one see this asshole is going to kill me before someone has a chance to even hear me….

I got arrested while trying to flee for my safety and now Im still begging for help escaping my life and my abusive relationship. He refuses to let me go. He refuses to let me escape. Hes financially depriving me so that I am stuck in my home with no chance of having anything in life. I know I am alive for a reason after my suicide attempt. I am meant for bigger and important things in life. I need some help please.

I need to go to Florida to this program to help me get things in order and Im unable to obtain any financial assistance or alimony or anything. He wont even give me the information I need about my insurance plans that cover me fully for transportation hotel and rental plus living to get through this medical situation with my health and my diagnosis of addiction. I told you I cant lie to you or anyone else. I don’t know what happened to me but this has changed me in a good way. I am going to get my shit together. But I need a little bit of help. Theres people in my life that have been deliberately put there to destroy anything and everything good for me.

There is no sense that I as a person have to pay people or have sex in exchange for my safety and information about my own life. Which by the way I know my rights were violated when I was arrested and denied due process as well as some other things. So I would appreciate maybe some advice or some help.

Q MAX America has an insurance plan that covers legal fees and representation as well as medical coverage for special situations and for their employees or their families who are victims of violence or sexual crimes as well as emergency or dangerous situations they provide all expenses to that person and family and I don’t know how to get a hold of the human resources because last time they lied to me and played games with me denying me access to my own health plans per jonathans request. They violated me too. Theres a lot of people who Im going to come after once I get my shit straight. Im gonna need someone on my team. Would you be interested? Could you maybe guide me the right way?


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