Email to Mr. Fontana

Vermilion Parish. I had it moved fro. Fitzgerald my ex husbands lawyer who now sits bench to Broussard but they refuse to give me a date or consider my reconventional demand for divorce as well as denied my order for protection until recently my appeal got granted but in front of an officer who should have been recused. I’m left without having support from my husband and I have pleaded for help with a lot of things going on.  Including going to treatment for the shit that happened in our marriage with the dope that he was enabling me with.  I won’t lie to you about anything.  I’ve made some huge changes and I want better.  But I’ll be damn if anyone else is going to screw me and get away with it.  I really appreciate your response.

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From: Anthony Fontana

Sent: Monday, April 8, 9:18 AM

Subject: Re: Seeking representation

To: Kristel Prudhomme

What parish are you living in?  Who is the judge?

On Sun, Apr 7, 2019 at 2:05 AM Kristel Prudhomme <kristel919@outlook.com> wrote:

I am currently in process of a divorce and a survivor of Domestic abuse and sexual abuse. I filed Pro Se and had my answer removed out of the suit jacket. I was denied a protective order by the same judge who didn’t recuse himself from representing my ex husband. I was denied my right to due process several times including when my husband and his sister had me arrested last year and illegally detained and falsely imprisoned. I have a storage unit full of evidence that he was using smart devices to control and violate me in efforts to provide my first husband with detailed information about my personal life. I was denied any assistance. He has cleaned our accounts out. Has refused to pay bills and refused to provide me with very serious medication for heart and neurological conditions. I suffered a TIA Christmas day and was diagnosed with Swelling in my brain and CSF density and I still have not been able to receive medical care due to his reckless behavior to prove a point. He’s on probation for violating the first protective order that he forced me to drop. He had multiple life insurance policies and dropped medical when I was very ill last year.I am on disability and have no way of getting through several different processes of my civil rights being violated and holding him accountable for trafficking and the abuse. He was found to have malice and intent when a forensic accountant did a financial review. I cannot get any help from local law or anyone. I need help please. I have overwhelming evidence to support the immense torture he and his family and law enforcement have put me through to the point of a suicide attempt in 2015. I am unable to obtain representation due to being restricted from all finances and denied any spousal support.



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