Email to Debbie Dugas of Fertility Answers with John Storment of Lafayette Louisiana… I am so sick of lies!!

My name is Kristel Prudhomme Breaux. My date of birth is July 11th 1984. My spouse is Jonathan Edward Breaux. Dob March 11th 1985. We had Cigna and self pay around April 2013 through August 2013 during my cycled IVF.

I need to get a copy of my entire medical and personal file. I need every record of every test and procedure, as well as the entire process of my stim cycle through the end of August when I wasn’t allowed to return back to the doctors office after a complete failed cycle and having a LOT of success with being overstimulated, I would like some answers. I have a very serious situation and problem with a lot of things going on, after getting the news from Amy Kern that I do indeed have frozen embryos, and being asked if I wanted to keep them for myself instead. I am curious to know why I have not been told anything about this and why it has been kept from me, as well as the inability to conceive children on my husbands end, and the infection he had while we went through the entire process. Theres a lot of questions that don’t make much sense to me. He has been placed on probation for violating a protective order I had to get when he broke my ankle and wrist for the second time in less than 3 months. Jonathan Breaux has made me become terrified to contact your office because I made some mistakes and I was being terrorized by him and his family because I told a lie out of grief. He had made me believe that my eggs were stolen and that he had no idea about anything done during the entire process. Its recently come to light that he was engaging in many sexual encounters with many people and not following the whole process. He was using testosterone supplements that Im sure affected his morphology and motility. He lied on his paperwork. About a LOT.. I am sickened with panic anxiety and fear of the fact that I am told I have to fight this man in court in a few days because he wants my embryos to be given to his sister whom he forced me to sign the custody agreement for her to be the guardian in case of divorce. I have been tortured and abused for a very long time. I am not going to stand for anyone else keeping my medical and personal information away from me. I have already fought through so much I deserve to know where the embryos are and whats the status of custody as well as what exactly is going on and why is no one coming forward with any information. Also please remove the shit off my credit report because Jonathan was so ignorant to have “custody” of me or power of attorney due to a mistake I made in 2015 therefore he is liable for all of my medical and other bills. I have never completed the process and no one bothered to contact me or even check on me to find out if I was ok and I wasn’t. I went through a lot of shit and I suffered a lot to the point of attempting suicide on April 3rd 2015 where I wasn’t supposed to make it through the night. I am not that person anymore. I made mistakes and I lied about pregnancy. I have nothing to be ashamed of and I will never be defined as that person who was so depressed and so jacked up on hormones that I couldn’t even think. I was told I would never have a child on my own but I sure ended up getting pregnant in 2014 and lost my baby in August where Dr Christrup had to hospitalize me for hemorrhaging and to do a D&C a few weeks after he tried to save my baby. I was 9 weeks pregnant. I need the truth and I need all of my paperwork because I need to give it to the court, I am left with no money no food no lawyer no help no nothing because he decides to punish me like a child and divorce me because he got his ass caught cheating and torturing me in my emails and phones and using my devices numbers and emails and my personal information to gain profit and to cause me mental abuse. He abandoned me with nothing and Im determined to gather everything that I have to gather to prove to the court what hes done to me and to my life. He had me go through this process of IVF and he was screwing around the entire time and lying. He had an infection that I didn’t have. I was never fully explained anything and I think with all the money that I have paid thus far it’s the least that I deserve. This is my life. This is my genetics. This is my own child that those embryos consist of. I lost a lot of my memory and then theres a lot that comes back daily. I would appreciate this to be handled urgently and professionally because Ive been through enough already and I really don’t need anything else to go wrong for me. Im headed to Florida to get my life back together after turning to substance abuse for the past 3 years enabled by my husband himself, but I own my actions. I will be waiting for the records and paperwork as well as a copy of my entire file with Kerns copy of custody for me to submit to the court to fight for my embryos custody where it belongs. I apologize if this catches anyone off guard but I had a right to know what was going on. I still have a right to know. There are some really bad things done to me and put on the internet and this is right in the middle of me making progress because I don’t understand what exactly happened with my IVF cycle and paperwork for me and my husband. It’s the only thing holding me back and brought me to a very dark place.


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