Cleaning out all of my emails TEXTS and Documentation just in case I may not make it to tell THE TRUTH about EVERYTHING.

I finally have it where I want it, take a look and check out the latest Blog post from last night

I am currently in the process of explaining in detail the events in which took place a year ago on my oldest sons birthday March 10th 2018 causing irreversible damages, public humiliation, financial hardship, and physical damages resulting from the stress and mental anguish that caused complications with my health conditions.

I will be adding another post giving the background in depth, and details of what happened last year, when I was deprived of my constitutional, and civil rights, to due process, and deprived of my liberty, freedom, privacy, and my safety was compromised, while fleeing from abusive environment, while Calcasieu Sheriffs department not only illegally detained me, but falsely imprisoned me, for an extended period with no explanation, and to find out I was the victim of the alleged crime that doesn’t even exist, and not given representation in court, nor was I notified of this non existent charge for 3 days without being booked into jail where I was held without committing a crime, then further violated, by depriving me of medical care, and then extradited to another parish, to face yet another non existent charge, that I had to bond out on, and not be given the information related to these events, and refused a fair, speedy trial, which was dragged out, in efforts to obtain information about my associates, and family members, while the state withheld the entire discovery from me, and tried to sweep the entire thing under the rug after “dropping all charges against me”,

Once I informed the district attorneys office of self representation, due to lack of communication and refusal to discuss the issue at hand, and instead be interrogated and have my court dates continued over and over , when I had never been convicted of a crime before, to be made an example of when I was wrongly accused, thinking I wouldn’t know better that this was not only morally wrong but ethically and against the LAW, and requested full judicial review of the way the officers chose to team up 3 male officers lifting my shirt with no female present and demanded to have all body camera dash camera casino where arrest took place and Calcasieu correctional center where assault took place camera footage and was denied the right to bring the issue to the state department of justice and court of law. I was told it was a civil matter when trying to discuss my case with the DA and courts who didn’t have time to properly investigate the gross negligence by the state of Louisiana as well as the parish and city officials and jailers who knew they were violating my rights when I informed them that I had a right to have an attorney as well as having a right to not be discriminated against when I informed them that they had to charge me or release me and had to allow me to see and speak to a judge to be read the charges.

Make sure you check out the Blog in a few hours for the full story and my plans for moving forward with a federal lawsuit against the State of Louisiana and all other parties involved in a very difficult year of having to pay and beg for answers as to what happened when my husband thought he would get himself a divorce by having me set up with a felony which would omit him from being at fault for dissolution of marriage and wouldn’t have to pay spousal support. Sent from Mail for Windows 10


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