Again begging the attorney hired with MY MARITAL assets to BE A DECENT HUMAN and help me with basic needs.. Hawkins

I’m tired of your client denying me food and basic medical care and intentionally not paying bills stripping me of everything.  Cleaned out accounts cancelled my debit card.  Please help me get your client to provide me after a decade with him and being a victim of his abuse. I have no choice but to contact you.  I have no food no medication no nothing.  My mortgage company called and my utilities are about to be disconnected. My truck was tampered with bushings taken off. I have nothing.  He keeps telling me to get a job. I’m disabled.  I have brain damage and possible cancer found in my cat scan after suffering another stroke Christmas day after taking to my husband! I know my rights.  He owes me half if everything! He’s buying food for himself but won’t even get me some groceries.  He’s stripped me of everything.  I’m unable to get top a food bank I have no help no family that I can rely on because I’m sober. My uncle Paul prudhomme was all I had and he’s gone! Please help me. I’m begging for help I can’t take it anymore.  I want a better life. I’ve fought against my abusers for years and he’s aware of it. I have been through a lot of things and I’m still fighting for my life and my children who have been stolen from me with the help of your client and my husband.  My heart condition is very serious. I am not supposed to be without having medical care or anything.  I did nothing to deserve my abuser to abandon me after a decade.


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