You cannot silence me

I will NOT be silenced. I will NEVER allow myself to be terrified of telling the truth! To have to beg someone for help, and pay someone for MY own children and my own information my RIGHTS is a CRIME! It’s sick. It’s wrong! It’s illegal! It will never happen again without consequences. I know MY rights! I am standing ALONE WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF MY OWN COMMUNITY AND STATE WHO FAILS TO REALIZE HOW THEY HAVE ALL BEEN PART OF THE INJUSTICE AND FAILS TO PROTECT ME AND MY CHILDREN FROM FURTHER ABUSE! Federal law is supposed to supersede the state BUT WHEN YOU DONT HAVE AN EDUCATION OR AN OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK UP THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT. BUT I’M STILL HERE. IM GOING TO EXPOSE IT ALL. OVER. THE. WORLD. BECAUSE NO ONE DESERVES TO BE MADE TO FEEL UNWORTHY OF EXISTING AND TO KILL THEMSELVES. THE THINGS THAT WERE DONE TO ME BY LAWYERS AND JUDGES AND A SICK EX HUSBAND WHO CONVINCED THE COMMUNITY THAT I WAS MENTALLY ILL AND A CRIMINAL WHEN I HAD NO SUCH CHARGES OR DIAGNOSIS EXCEPT RAPED BY HIM SETTING IT UP, SHOULD NEVER BE OVERLOOKED AND SWEPT AWAY! I am here for a reason and I know my reason! #justice #lafayetteparish #louisiana #civilrights #stlandryparish #calcasieuparish #violations #makeitright #privacy #freedom #liberty #trafficking #childabuseprevention #corruption #racketeering #feds


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