Another day of telling my story of being drugged but called a liar and sexually abused and called a liar, with looking for media exposure and legal representation to find my kids and Enrique

My name is Kristel Marie Prudhomme Breaux. My date of birth is July 11th 1984. Im 34 years old. My mailing address is P.O. Box 73 Abbeville la 70511. I am married to one of my abusers and am seeking help from a court system who has miserably failed me for over 15 years as well as my children. My husband is Jonathan Edward Breaux DOB 3/11/1985. Currently residing next door at 9534 W Sandpit Rd. Abbeville 70510. My ex bhusband is Rodney Walter Thomson DOB 11/29/1980. My two children are Tyler & Branden Thomson 3/11/03 and 07/31/06. I am of complete sane mind and competent despite what you may be told by my former husband or current husband. Recently its come to light that my current husband has been communicating with my first husband with intentions of causing me harm emotionally and physically as well as economically and financially. I am in possession of several devices which hold evidence of his wrongdoing where he engaged in torturing me mentally and forcing me into sexual situations that I was told was my job to perform in because he married me and that was my job to make him happy. Rodney and his counsel were paying and bribing people to come into my life and violate me in every single way possible. I was poisioned I was assaulted sexually I was physically abused I was emotionally broken down and most importantly threatened by the court every time I attempted to alert someone of my situation. My children were stolen from me in an atrocious attack launched by my ex husband and the court who refused to hear my cry for help and who turned me away after a decade long of Pro Se filing and insurmountable evidence rejected to prove my case and my stability. My current husband has concealed all financial assets and restricted me from having access to anything. He has physically abused me which led to me obtaining a protective order that was never enforced in Vermilion parish leading me to be persuaded by him to drop it in return for his apology and him promising us to work on our marriage. My husband forced me to perform sexual acts stating that I was not keeping him happy and that’s why he was paying other women for sexual acts. He took videos and pictures of me without my consent. I was live streamed and I was told I was hallucinating. I was also told to sell methampetamines which he was transporting across state line for over a year time frame. I didn’t sell it I instead began to use it. My doctor had discovered I was being poisoned with fentanyl when I tested positive for it at a routine pain management appointment. I have never once used or been given fentanyl. I am not sure if it was the dope that he was bringing me or if it was the “friend” that we had who was a paramedic who had been fired for 3 vials of fentanyl missing with acadian ambulance in baytown texas. Josha Flores. I do know my husband tried setting me up and I was arrested in March 10 2018 which I just beat that case on January 7th. I am sick and tired of being abused threatened and told that I am wrong that I must bow down and not tell the whole truth of my story , for a while I had issues with deception because of the life that I had to live. Being forced into reproductive abuse, financial hardship, sexually being assaulted, physically enduring abuse and constantly being told I imagined it all I feared what would ultimately happen to me if I didn’t lie or if I tried to leave. I could never get help from law enforcement my husband put his truck on 4 flats when he was ordered to surrender the truck to me in the protective order. He was not arrested. My husband shouted profanities and threats through our roommate whom he instigates arguments over that he told me I had to have sex with and send him the video if I wanted to come home and work on our marriage and was not arrested. My husband made me give him his truck back and was not arrested. He spent the evening at our home and convinced me that he was going to do better that we would be ok once I got the order dropped which he said he would pay for and tricked me into having sex with him then abandoned me again. He drained our accounts and refused to pay me support and made me fear keeping the protective order in place, then again no help came from law enforcement and he boastfully bragged how his sister Jennifer Breaux Meaux had a part in helping him get out of trouble and how she was the one who set me up to make it look like it was him. I was told not to call the sheriff department again when I called one time to find out when they would make him surrender the truck, they allowed him to act this way and catered to him blaming me for “baiting” him and acting like I was the perpertrator instead of the victim. I had very visible injuries. I was told that if I went to the hospital he would have me committed as hes convinced all of my doctors I have mental problems. I had a bone sticking out of my foot and wrist and black and blue all over. I was intimidated not to seek medical attention so that he wouldn’t go to jail. I didn’t make a statement because I knew he was serious that if he went to jail I would be sorry and he would restrict me from all finances and I would be on the street. Jonathan has engaged in Ludacris behavior towards me his wife of almost a decade manipulating me abandoning me over and over again, throughout serious medical problems I was abandoned and I was ostrichized and he partook in an online blog bullying me over my losses. I have found over 20 disposable cell phones with pictures used on the internet against my wishes or that I was unaware of in his possessions. He claims I hallucinated. I have them all safely stored in a storage unit in Abbeville. Jonathan has controlled me and caused with my first husband a suicide attempt after being accused of my child that I miscarried and needed emergency surgery for not being his and then refusing to be my husband and be by my side after forcing IVF infertility treatments upon me for him havinga morpholohy issue and me not being the cause of fertility issues because he stated that he needed a child of his own. And the two of them through Rodney hacking into my emails and paying people to violate my privacy and to come into my life along with routers and modems and my husband lying to my face filed bogus paperwork and took my children completely away. I got the help I needed and then I took my husbands advice and moved in with a friend and his family temporarily to get my medicine right and because my home was being moved (supposedly) to my husbands family property to be cheaper on us so that he could be home and be there for me which never happened. I ended up being attacked viciously having to fire my weapon against said friend. And that friend and his family were compensated by my ex husband and his attorneys as well as mine travis mose which I have proof of to spy stalk harass abuse and torture me and report back to my ex husband. My husband is currently restricting me from all financial assets to obtain a divorce attorney or any financial capabilities of standing on my own. Daily I am subjected to torment and emotional abuse verbal assault and told I am hallucinating and that I have doen something so wrong to deserve him to leave me. My husband blames me for getting the protective order as his reason for wanting the divorce hes a liar. I have records of a financial review done which placed malice and intent on him against me and was told to seek help immediately, and I didn’t I trusted him because he always kept me off balance to be my protector so that he could continue to have control over me. I need help hes trying to kick me off the property. I have nothing except my home. Im fighting to afford an attorney to help me get justice with my first husband and the courts who failed my children and myself and get what I deserve in this divorce. I was abused for so long and it stops now. I didn’t deserve this. I need someone who will stand up for whats right and help me and my children., I realize this is all a lot of information to take in but Ive spoken to Timmy YEE with New Orleans FBI and I haven’t gotten anywhere and I am sick and tired of having no money and no help. Im on a fixed income I just suffered another mini stroke on Christmas after speaking to my husband and him convincing me that I was to blame as well as some indictive tissue of cancer found in the mucous membranes of my brain. I don’t know whats to come but I plan to fight like hell until my day comes. I didn’t desrve these bad things to be done to me. I am not perfect Ive made a lot of mistakes but I know I deserve someone to step up and help me seeing this incredulous injustice that has been allowed to take place for far too long.


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