More importantly how can anyone ignore that my paperwork keeps going missing and I’ll keep on telling the world the truth

  • My name is Kristel Marie Prudhomme Breaux (Thomson) I am 34 years old. I was born July 11th 1984. I am the great niece of Chef Paul Prudhomme. Louisiana Native world reknown famous for kind and giving heart Chef who catered to his community as a give back approach into which he believed giving back and doing the right thing was more important than any amount of money, similarily to the values I myself choose to stand with even with the mind blowing experiences of my life with Predisposed paved paths of wicked cruel and vile vindictive motives courtesy of my ex husband Rodney Walter Thomson born November 29 1980 and who has worked in the community allowed into our families homes and our childrens neighborhoods installing equipment and information technology for COX COMMUNICATIONS for approximately 10 years now while also the ulterior motive being carried out with the most atrocious immoral, illegal, and disconnected from reality type of mentality to conspire partake in the strategic planning of destroying his WIFE’s and Mother of TWO of Gods most PRECIOUS gifts to EVER been blessed with, Intelligent, Brave, Compassionate, Understanding, far wise beyond their young years of only 12 and 15 to have spent the majority of their lives being the victims of an attack on their mother by their father and his legal counsel and representatives including associates and family members and friends as well as people compensated to assist him to manipulate the truth and isolate an INNOCENT woman guilty of only one thing, Loving her children enough to stop at nothing to show them she wanted nothing but the best in life for them no matter what she had to sacrifice including over a decade of abuse by physical violence, domestic, emotional abuse, financial concealment, financial abuse with economic hardships intentionally imposed as a tactic to control the outreach and resources available to Kristel for Help in silencing her cry for help as well as Violating her privacy and basic human rights in every possible imaginable way. She was stalked, Harrased, Threatened, coereced, Intimidated, Assaulted, Abused sexually, Physically and Mentally by Rodney and his Lawyers Dean Dohert, Ronnie Cox former District Family Law judge, Fitzgerald who NOW sits the bench for Family law, David Blanchett, Rebecca Kirk with Dennis Bundick having favored predispositioned tactics and antics of this “clan of terroist on human rights and a MOTHERS RIGHT to be HEARD” as They are husband and wife and it by law is a conflict of interest to all have the hand in chipping away at a sole individual fighting to retain dignity and respect and her cherished custody of her two viable required blessings of her heart to beat  TYLER AND BRANDEN.  Judge Phyllis Keaty was a respected member of the community and trusted VOTED BY THE PEOPLE to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION AND PROTECT THOSE SHE TOOK AN OATH TO PROTECT who instead again let a MOTHERS cry and DOCUMENTATION of all accounts of injustice being handed to her turned to the court to get help and it fell upon deaf ears and blind eyes BY CHOICE. THAT IS UNNACCEPTABLE. Phyllis Keaty chose to TURN her head and tell me to either drop the subject of my ex husband abusing the law and courts perjuring and fraudulently signing and having documents signed to obtain parental rights to my children AND to obtain a favor of custody with all intent to cause harm to ME. I had a reputable and LEGAL SEALED Paternity Report Analysis done with my Child Tyler Michael Prudhomme (changed illegally while falsely jailed to Thomson after 5 years!?) showing there was NO scientific or biological possibility of Rodney being the genetic Paternal father to my child,  which was indicative of another male who RODNEY KNEW OF AND HANDLED CHILD SUPPORT CHECKS FROM PERSON to instead be cited as 99.99999% Positive almost taking every marker from his fathers DNA as the biological father of my son, While I understand that the court was not there to witness this Report or testing I had petitioned to the court for years prior to the actual recommendation and order finally given against Rodney to BY LAW having to SUBMIT to the DNA testing with Tyler WHICH KEATY IGNORED AND TOLD ME TO SHUT UP ABOUT IT AND IF I WANTED TO HAVE ANY FAVOR OF THE COURT TO SEE ME FIT ENOUGH I NEEDED TO GET A GRIP ON MYSELF AND GO WITH THE FLOW TO STOP MAKING THINGS HARD ON MYSELF AND JUST DROP IT! NO I WILL NEVER BE FORCED TO DROP ANYTHING THAT IS AN INJUSTICE TO MY CHILDREN THEY HAVE RIGHTS AS HUMANS JUST LIKE I DID WHEN I WAS TOLD TO GET OUT OF HER COURTROOM BECAUSE OF MY OBNOXIOUS PETITIONS TO REQUEST THE COURT TO LOOK INTO MY IN FACT MORE THAN ACCURATE account of the tactics being used against me and the people who were doing it to the point of intending to make me harm or kill myself or have someone get as close as possible to make me be perceived as a non productive member of society and troublemaker who brought the misfortunes and the “Bad luck of the court proceedings” against myself.  I was ruled against. I was sought after. Unfairly judged. Wrongly accused. Purposely sabtogaed in order to prevent the sharing or turn over of custody if the TRUTH ever was to come out. By the FIRST document EVER filed in the STATE OF LA it was PERJURY by Rodney and his notary and LEGAL COUNSEL. The signing Judge should also be held accountable for NOT paying attention to what was under his/her nose with blantant abuse of the “Who you know” & “Good Ol Boy System” who always wins because of deep ties to powerful people. To sign off as a presiding elected JUDGE to without hesitation STRIP a MOTHER who committed NO crime of her Children based upons someones UNPROVED allegations vindictive and abusive behavior which the courts ALLOWED to take place from the moment He got away with it he knew it would be a walk in the park from that moment. HE KNEW that if I was silenced and he had me busy with my life of “COINCIDENTALLY messy marriage and personal social areas of my life” that he would be able to continue getting away with the hacking of my phones to always have inside information from my email account which my husband Jonathan Edward Breaux ALSO had access to and Modems Routers and Smart Devices I was completely unaware of and HAD NO IDEA WHAT HAD BEEN DONE TO ME TO VIOLATE ME IN A VILE AND DISGUSTING WAY TO USE A TRAUMATIC AND PERSONAL WAY TO INFLICT SUFFERING AND HARM UPON ME, bribing and compsensating others to physically emotionally verbally and sexually exploit me and assault me with carrying details of incident back to the KINGPIN or PUPPET Master who he HIMSELF RODNEY was in fact using these situations to maintain the imbalance of power and to Stalk and Spy on me giving me NO privacy and tormenting and torturing me every single minute of my life even while not completely aware of what was being done to me in the full retrospective view, I KNEW there was a big illumination of SMOKE and Mirrors or MORE like TOO many people who seen an opportunity to jump aboard and got caught with their hands in the cookie jar while all claiming to be of assistance to Myself and my children throughout ALL of this to the point of being DISTRAUGHT when I was wrongfully and tactically served paperwork with an emergency court order forbidding me from contacting my OWN children and had to PROVE once again my innocence to absurd and FALSE allegations of drug use and any other crimes it took me to a place of wanting to not exist in this world any longer because of the constant pain in my soul that my children that I carried inside of my own body and fought so hard to bring into this world were perfectly healthy and in every way possible ready for life to be the best they could be from being a mom that was better than I had because after I lost Trevor my oldest born with Potters Syndrome I vowed that if I was able to have children ever again I would stop at nothing to make sure they never wondered what it was like to be loved respected and cherished and to be the best mother and friend to make sure they had all of the things that were not afforded to myself by my given parents who instead chose to give me to other people so they could live their lives using alcohol and drugs they didn’t want the responsibility of raising a child to be loved and respected and never question if she was loved by her parents. I was driven to the point of a SUICIDE ATTEMPT because the Bullying and prying into my every waking moment the torment and torture was too much to bare but when I was completely restricted from my childrens lives I lost my one leg to stand on to call myself at the time mentally stable…At least that’s what I was told by the COURTS AND LAWYERS WHOM I HIRED TO REPRESENT ME BUT INSTEAD CHOSE TO ENGAGE WITH PRIVELAGED AND PRIVATE INFORMATION which was used against me BY MY OWN LEGAL COUNSEL THE ONE TIME I DID HIRE A LAWYER TRAVIS MOSE who BETRAYED ME AND MY CHILDREN BROKE CODE OF ETHICS AND LEGAL BOUNDARIES TO PARTAKE IN THIS INVASION OF MY ENTIRE LIFE giving me no sense of safety or basic human rights to be PROTECTED FROM ABUSE AND HARM. I felt alone and that there was not a single person on this earth to talk to or who would EVER believe me had I ever been given the chance to tell someone what I have proof of and what has been done to our lives on the dime of the taxpayers and elected officials who take the RAP for not Correcting the gross negligence of the State Department OCS and Court of Law involved in the massive corruption and destructive behaviors used on me and my children. WHEN DID ANYONE STOP AND CONSIDER THE CHILDREN IN ALL OF THIS!? WHEN DID ANYONE EVER THINK THAT IF I WAS SUCH THE MONSTER I WAS PORTRAYED AS AND I CHOSE TO ABANDON MY CHILDREN WHY THE FUCK WOULD I HAVE FROM DAY ONE FILED EVERY SINGLE MOTION PETITION AND EMERGENCY INJUNCTION FOR A DECADE BY MY SELF FROM READING THE LAW AND TRYING TO FIX THE WRONG FOR TEN YEARS I WAS FOUGHT WITH AND DRUG THROUGH AN EXES SADISTIC TWISTED MISCONCEPTION OF REALITY BEING PLAYED OUT IN THE COURT OF LAW WHERE WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE SAFEST TO HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HEARD AND FREE FROM ABUSE AND TORTURE!!!!! WHY ON EARTH WAS I FOUGHT AGAINST AND BROUGHT TO COURT WITH EVERY INTENT OF HAVING ME SLOWY REMOVED MORE AND MORE FROM MY CHILDRENS LIVES!? I STILL NEVER STOPPED FIGHTING!! I NEVER GAVE UP! I CAME BACK HARDER WITH MORE KNOWLEDGE! I FILED MORE FACTUAL MOTIONS WHICH FELL upon blind eyes and deaf ears BY CHOICE as usual. I STILL TO THIS DAY With NUMEROUS Storage units that my SSI is used for paying to keep DOCUMENTS and EVIDENCE OF this insurmountable injustice upon my life and my childrens lives. I AM TIRED OF BEING THREATENED AND WONDERING HOW TO LIVE WITHOUT MY CHILDREN WHEN I DID NOTHING WRONG TO DESERVE TO BE ABANDONED IF AT ALL BY THE CONSTITUTION AND THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO UPHOLD IT AND ENFORCE THE LAWS. I WAS FAILED MISERABLY BY EVERY SINGLE JUDGE HEARING OFFICER BAR MEMBER PARALEGAL ASSISTANT ASSOCIATE FRIEND FAMILY MEMBER AND HIRED HELP TO IMPOSE THE TORTURE AND SUFFERING UPON ME. WHAT ON EARTH COULD I EVER HAVE DONE TO ANYONE SO MANIPULATIVE AND POWERFUL TO BE ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH ALL OF THES CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST ME ROOTING WITH HIM AND HIS STRATEGICALLY PLANNED CRUEL MALICOUSLY PREDETERMINED INTENT TO CAUSE HARM AND LOSS OF LIFE TO ME FOR THIS LONG AND TO NOT BE CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED AND CIVILLY SOUGHT AFTER FOR THE COMPENSATION WE ARE OWED! WHAT GIVES ANYONE A RIGHT TO HURT SOMEONE!? WHY IS THIS STILL AN ISSUE?! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE TO NOT SEE WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY LIFE AND INSTEAD OF REACHING OUT A CARING HAND LIKE WHAT I WAS ALWAYS TOLD LIFE WAS FULL OF PEOPLE TO HELP ME WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS THEY TOO BECAME A WEAPON USED AGAINST ME. I HAVE BEEN HEAVILY ATTACKED AND IM BEGGING FOR SOMEONE TO HEAR MY CRY OF DESPAIR AND GRIEF OF LOSING THE RELATIONSHIP AS A MOM AND CHILDREN WITH MY TWO CHILDREN WHO I COULDN’T EVEN PROTECT FROM A MAN WHO WAS HELL BENT ON SERVING ME HIS OWN IDEA OF KARMA AND DIVORCE BECAUSE HE NEEDS TO BE IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING TO FEEL LIKE A MAN. I PERSONALLY THINK HE IS A WALKING SADISTIC PREDISPOSITIONED TO BE SERIAL KILLER WHO IS ON THE TRAIN OF A SOCIOPATH WHO CAN CONFORM TO ANY LEVEL OF SOCIAL INTERACTION TO OBTAIN A SWAY IN JUDGEMENT AGAINST ANOTHER PERSON THROUGH DECEPTION AND MANIPULATION, HOPING TO BE ABLE TO WATCH “THE DESTROYING” OF MY LIFE EVERY SINGLE TIME HE LAUNCHES HIS ATTACKS ON ME. He NEEDS PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP AND IT NEEDS TO BE CONSIDERED THAT HE HAS BRAINWASHED MY CHILDREN AND PUT US ALL THROUGH SO MUCH EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTUE THAT HE SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO EVEN SPEAK MY NAME OR MY CHILDRENS NAME NOR HAVE ANY PARENTAL RIGHT TO THEM TO EXPOSE THEM TO HIS TWISTED CONCEPT OF REALITY AND WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE A LOVING PARENT WHO WOULD PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN FROM ANYTHING AND SHOW THEM A POSITIVE ROLE MODEL ENCOURAGING THEM TO MAKE THEIR OWN DECSIONS WITH GOOD FAITH AND TO HAVE A POSITIVE RELATIONSIP WITH THE NON CUSTODIAL PARENT NOT USING THEM AS THE NUCLEAR WEAPON IN THIS FUCKED UP WAR THAT WE HAVE BEEN PUT IN BY THESE SAME PEOPLE WHO WERE PROMISING TO DEFEND US AGAINST THE SAME KIND OF PEOPLE THAT THEY THEMSELVES HAVE BECOME!!!
  • The only time I can honestly tell you I was sure someone cared was when I felt like I was the flag on the rope in a tug of war contest between my mother who constantly needed a break and abused alcohol and crack cocaine from as young as I can remember and suffered from being a chemical dependant or BiPolar patient who refused to abstain from alcohol and drugs and wouldn’t stay on her medication causing a very emotional and disturbing view of what childhood was supposed to be like, and father who was not allowed into my life unless it was of convience to him because of his own lifestyle choices, although I can remember being purposely taken from a happy safe home with my father and stepmom because my mother decided she was drunk and wanted to show my dad what pain was to be able to RIP me away from him and prevent him from having contact for almost a year and trying to convince me that my dad was a bad man who didn’t care. In fact it was opposite. She was selfish to put me in her personal affairs and should have NEVER had custody of me. Eventually the STATE had custody of Me. As well as my Nanny and my Father who hired Sue Fontentot to assist him in changing my name and getting the proper documentation from the court to keep me safe and enroll me in school to give me the best chance at what was left of life at that point as a child of abuse at the hands of my own mother and her friends.

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