Just a look at the way I have begged and pleaded for answers and I thought by making this know they’ll all think twice before using, lying, and abusing my children and myself..


This is what Ive been doing and emailed…

understand how busy you are and Im sorry to bother you again however I really would appreciate a few minutes of your time…. Im-still-here.org That’s the only way I was able to get the information to others to help and stop calling me a liar or paranoid after being violated in every way… I was wondering if there would be anyway you could spare about 30 minutes to an hour to glance over a website dedicated to getting justice for my rights being violated. I have provided documentation and facts of my civil rights violation and not just a small domestic case. I know you said you had a lot going on, and I wanted to ask you if I could possibly help with an internship or something. I know how to do legal research and proper form for legal proceedings and such. I have no education. I have been practicing Pro Se for over a decade now. I am trying so hard to make something with my life. My children are being held hostage by the man who has sold me to other people. Heres the thing; Our system is broken. The entire system needs an overhaul. Theres too much corruption and politics in our FAMILY courts for this kind of injustice to be allowed to happen not only to me but to so many other people. I have a time line to get some petitions drawn for a federal suit against everyone who violated me from local to federal agents who violated my rights. Several times. These 15th District court Officials Lafayette and Vermilion Calcasieu and St Landry have stripped me of my civil rights. The 14th amendments states that no person shall be deprived of their life liberty freedom property due process and have a right to be protected from the LAW itself. My 2nd amendment was stripped by Abbeville police department when they spit in my face and called me a piece of shit and detained me all day when trying to get help from my abusers. My 4th amendment was violated by search and seizure of my property. My 5th amendment was violated as I was presumed guilty and forced to incriminate myself. I was never given due process of law. My 6th amendment by not giving me a fair and speedy trial. My 8th amendment to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. 9th Amendment by unlawful restraint. 11th by judicial construement launched against me by local courts and government. 13th amendment abolishing slavery, Trafficking me is slavery, and the courts were aware and participated in the last decade of it. My privacy was violated by being live streamed and mocked by Verizon ATT and TMMobile and all law enforcement agencies who called me paranoid when I reported it since 2008. My ex husband predisposed my rape with his legal counsel. Who happens to be former family judge and also current family judge. They were aware of everything. They discriminated against me. They illegally detained me. Falsely imprisoned me…. I am not allowed to be worthy of having my life protected from the man who broke my bones and has been violating me sexually physically financially emotionally reproductively (He stole my embryos!) and economically. I am not the smartest person alive but I have taught myself how to research and investigate everything. I have a best friend who is my one true love of 14 years who prepared me starting a long time ago, to survive in situations involving the government. The Army violated ethics and federal law when I was a plaintiff in a personal injury case. My own SSI Lawyer William Ziegler sold my medical records. Brian Colomb violated ethics and committed malpractice and negligence by refusing to act in my best interest. Most importantly Travis Mose and Royal Colbert my paid in full retained counsel illegally obtained records for the other party and without my knowledge entered a consent for me when I was not present, and forged custody documents after communicating and obtaining my email address and password and was compensated for it by my ex husband and Wesley Galjour Dean Doherty Cox Fitzgerald Bundick Kirk Blanchete Keaty.. I was refused to have the same rights as the other party while drug through vexatious litigation. I was sued for my name before my divorce. I was sued for child support while on SSI. I was sued for arrears. I was put on display for my ex husband to continue to control me. It wasn’t enough that when he had me raped and I was missing for 3 days he changed his number instead of looking for me after his sister made it home to from her now husband who is the best friend of my rapist. He scammed my uncle the Late Chef Paul Prudhomme out of 25 Thousand dollars to obtain legal counsel by his CEO Shawn Mcbride who forced me to marry him with threatening to tell my uncle I was in danger and would take my son from me because I escaped his abuse. She has been embezzeling money since she started she was cut off for a reason. My uncle cut EVERY single person off and out of his life and died suddenly after doing so. I believe there is foul play and no one wants to take me seriously. He was investigating the whole thing because he believed in me after things got so bad I attempted suicide in 2015. I know this is a lot. I am so scared I will never see my kids again or my best friend Hector Enrique Caballero Jr, a Forensic Accountant who performed a financial review of my husbands finances and found malice and intent and urged me to seek my doctors help and police he knew my husband was planning on killing me with the multiple life insurance polices and had dropped my medical and the doctor had notified me about this. This goes far beyond a domestic when the LAW is refusing to take action. The law is his family. He was slapped on the wrist for violating the first protective order twice, which he forced me to drop and further continued abusing me. He got probation after willfully disobeying the order of protection not once but twice and they refuse to provide me with a mandated protective order and immediate divorce. Scott Hawkins removed my answer in the suit jacket and they entered a preliminary default against me knowing I had filed and retained my stamped copy. They also knew that there would be a transfer of custody upon divorce of my embryos as per the documents he forced me to sign while doing IVF in 2013. There are very serious people who have put a bounty on my head so to speak. My best friend the accountant is missing and no one will do an investigation. He has power of attorney from when he was last here and I was close to death as the doctor had stated he could not do anything else for me. I was being poisoned by my husband. My kids are being held and the state is refusing to provide me with the information as to my childrens whereabouts. They have been abused and its well documented but somehow he keeps getting away with hurting my babies. I wouldn’t care if I had to let it go that they have destroyed my life and violated my rights if it meant my children would be found and placed back with me safely. I am so scared of something happening to my boys. They are my only thing I have in this world aside from my best friend the man I planned on marrying since I became an adult, but was threatened by Shawn McBride because he was from Honduras and not white. Hes very intelligent and successful and has had a good career after 8 years of college at UNO and working for Postlewaithe and Netterville or so they said.. HE handled all of BP fraud claims and investigated those claims. It is not like him no matter what we have been through to disappear with no contact at all. HE mentioned someone got ahold of his personal files and was blackmailing and extorting him.. I knew it was my husband who did it along with my ex husband. He wouldn’t tell me for sure but I know him well enough to know when something is wrong. He was very upset about the malice and intent and correct me if I am wrong but the government has a burden to provide any person who has had an attempt made on their lives , to keep them safe or a person who is a witness to testify and is in danger of someone preventing them from doing so. This is high profile. This is involving politicians and a lot of money. This is going to be national once it fully comes out. I am really afraid to fight it alone. I know I can do it but I shouldn’t have to do it alone. I email and call and post all day everyday begging for someone to please help me. I have been to every legal service Faith House and even my husbands company who thinks its ok to play games with their employess spouse who is a victim of his very serious crimes. They are responsible for assisting him to do all of this to me. Verizon failed to protect my privacy and my safety. The state of LA TX and so many parishes and agencies. I will do anything if you could maybe find a way to get me some help and possibly get me to Hector or in Witness Protection with him if hes there and my kids to all be in the same place as a family together. My own family has sexually abused me and are distributors and manufactueres of methamphetamines. My cousin is a tier 3 sex offender and has blamed me for this happening when he forced me to engage in sexual activity recently. And has been making me have sex with him since he was released from prison in 2002. He also told me he had an informants laptop and I know he is the one causing so much trouble to Enrique and his collegues and ruining my life to prevent me from doing something with my life. I was called a traitor and a liar because I want to do better. I went to the FBI and the US Marshals and Cyber Crime Agencies State, CIA, Secret Service. I cant find my kids and my son had reached out through my mother at school on his girlfriends phone and said he was forbidden from calling me or speaking to me and is being held hostage by the same man who launched this on me and held me hostage during my marriage and fraudulently changed his name and birth certificate. I am desperate for someone to just have faith in me and give me a chance to make a difference not only in my life but in my childrens lives and in society. I have never been given the opportunity to have a life free of abuse and drugs. At this point I know they’ll take my life before I am able to complete this Federal Lawsuit and before I can make my way back to New Orleans to find him and my kids. I have no one. I am confused why this is allowed to happen when I have never committed a crime or hurt anyone. I have no criminal history except mischief because I was forced to take that deal instead of just dropping the case when I fought Felony PCDS as it was the time they violated me and it was non existent . I know youre really busy and you are a well know man who gets the job done. Theres nothing more that I want in life than to be successful and be with my children and soon to be spouse as a family . If you could maybe give me a chance I would find a way to work for the rest of my life to pay you back and work for you . I just need a chance. An opportunity to turn my atrocities into experiences to help others in our country and provide them the support and legal counsel that I never had. I also need advice on how to provide this to the right place for an Honorary PHD Law Doctorate as Ive practiced for over a decade and have no college education and am self educated in what I personally am proud of myself for because considering my disabilities and my lack of education I am still very intelligent. And I have my ways of figuring things out. I am a fast learner and I enjoy a challenge. I don’t mind working hard. I don’t mind at all. I am left with my husband abandoning me with no medication no money no nothing. But Im still here and Im here for a reason. And if you cant by any means, could you maybe refer me to someone who can help my children and myself and my soon to be spouse who came to save my life and had risked his own life for me, because I don’t think its fair to be all alone in a home where there are cameras in my house and no support and in a very bad environment. 3375222118 The website is im-still-here.org


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