It’s April 3rd and I’m still here. Except, now I’m wide awake, so much that I’ve got a chance to talk about SUICIDE, CYBERBULLYING, Terrorizing people, Threatening, harassing, violating privacy, and paying for their friends, and associates to do favors, to HURT someone to feel better about themselves. I’m still here. This may be one of the hardest moments I’ve ever had to relive and to admit to myself and my children the whole story about what I did and why I did it. Most importantly I was given some shit about how “You have never done shit for me every single day of my life” by Tyler , and little does he know I sacrificed my entire life for his own life to have a better shot that I did… To make sure Branden knows I Love him so much and no less than Tyler and I’m so SORRY that he doesn’t remember me.. I promise I’m still here and I’ll tell you how much I love you two boys, I would give my life in an instant. That’s exactly what I did when you both were taken away from me for no reason whatsoever. I was NOT living without my kids in my life.

April 3rd, I’m still here. This is the only way that I will give a better understanding of what CYBERBULLYING and being Terrorized in your own home, CAN and WILL do to anyone!! Especially when they’re being treated for mental health disorders and they’re trying hard to stay above the water and there are some serious and dangerous people who are willing to jeopardize their lives to make a point about their personal feelings.

When someone is saying they want to be heard by people in a place to help them make things feel safe, and who can change things for them EX Police-Doxtors-Community-Judges-Lawyers-Other members of society, THEY SHOULD HAVE A CHANCE TO SPEAK UP AGAINST VIOLENCE AND ABUSE AND THE CONSEQUENCES OF CYBER BULLYING AND STALKING AND ABUSING THE GOVERNMENT TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM BEING FORCED OUT TO THE PUBLIC FOR THEIR ACTIONS TO BE MADE TO HAVE SOME SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES THAT WOULD RESULT IN A LONG TIME IN A VERY DIFFERENT PLACE and they should never be ALLOWED IN MY LIFE OR THE WORLD too close to being so poor about this matter because of what the fuck is The whole world to see everything being done to me and know that I was going through a lotand how they did not feel guilty about what they were doing to me and the fact that I begged to be heard and I begged for the authorities to please make it stop, and they laughed at me and asked me if I was on my medication!

I was humiliated and tortured while the WHOLE WORLD just watched the whole thing and were so quick and SO HAPPY TO JUMP ON BOARD with the “cult” like following that Rodney suggests that he charge for a membership fee to have juicy details about me, which was completely bullshit, but I am sure he will make me look ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER PERSON WHO THINKS ITS OK TO TORMENT AND BULLY SOMEONE AND ITS A JOKE NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT THEY DID TO ME AND MY LIFE. I thought was the only way to deal with all of the trauma pain and constant suffering and they knew I was such a risk for a reason I was dangerously depressed and I couldn’t even think of my own children and I gave up on my life.

Its April 3rd and, I’m still here . This is the real reason why I am trying to keep the right thing in place and have the most successful skills and supportive relationships in my life. I will never forget about my own thoughts of the trauma that was done to make me cry and be ashamed and not guilty and to have some serious pain of having someone that could just say I’m tired of having to work hard to keep you going back to your friends who are all

It’s April 3rd and I’m still here. Except, now I’m wide awake, so much that I’ve got a chance to talk about SUICIDE, CYBERBULLYING, Terrorizing people, Threatening, harassing, violating privacy, and paying for their friends, and associates to do favors, or jobs to make sure he got the job done to take and keep my kids away and hopefully push me into suicide, because he knew how depressed I was and how much he had fucked me over and the fact that I had only 2 reasons for living and that was my children whom he took from me out of spite I went through abuse, physically and sexually, I gave up on life and my children are the REAL victims who have to put up with the wrong people in their lives and everything that happened to their mother from her ex husband who claimed to be their father and the one who premeditated her life that she would take or he would have someone do for him, and to know she fought and begged and cried and pleaded with law enforcement and court officials and federal officials state officials and they all said “Are you on medication, Do you have schizophrenia? Do you want to go to the hospital for some help with your mental illness, Are you sure you’re not hallucinating? Rodney thought he would never be called out for the critical mistake he made, when he called the number that I had JUST told him was hacked and not 10 minutes later he was calling me on my own phone which someone had it linked up with the wrong one He shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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