Another twist, to the location of the tablet and phones that are missing after they had access to my entire life… Hmmm. I’m not ignorant about the truth

This shall serve as the immediate cessation and without threats or Whitby he any accounts or legal issues being affected. This includes of ALL WRITREN, ORAL, Printed, or any form of communication. EVERY consultant, associate, friend, agent, broker, representative Evey Person, organization, or entity or ANY other term SHALL NOT act as my Power of attorney. It’s void. It was never valid due to the manner in which signed. 

The date is August 19 6:01AM Kristel Prudhomme Breaux born July 11 1984
I am of sane mind and can act in full mental compacity for myself and will not have anyone else to be able to force me to do things I don’t want to do and use legal issues and my marital issues. 

It was never done legally with the proper witnesses or situation. The documents a void document with scratched out information. The person who is suppose to be my POA is the son of the woman who has been doing then things she is not legally allowed to do without my consent. Also a conflict of interest if using her son to be able to give herself the information and access to my life accounts and also mention selling my home and trying to get my family to commit me and to tell me I need to go in to a psych hospital because supposedly my husband has caused me to need help. 

I do not authorize anything that was previous looked into and d of Attorney. I revoke all of the information provided for the document to be obtained. There IS NO consent further to make any decisions or access any of my or my husband financial or tax  anything to with  me my children or my husband. I have no knowledge of agreeing to a FULL general POA. And that appointed POA has failed to do his job has not done anything at all, every request in the last been avoided and not done. 

I do not want any of my doctors or government officialsbto to be contacted or any other information to be requested. I demand all tax returns that were never given to us for 5 years. I demand all documentation that was obtained and any accounts must have explicitly been itemized to account for the money we are being told we keep paying but it’s never paid off. I feel I was charged for expenses related to the being told they would get me out of jail and never mentioned that as part of our aggreement. I also feel abrasive behavior when I am threatened to either do this or that or ill go back to jail. I will no longer be threatened. 

I do not want you calling or texting anyone about my location. I will be at court and there’s NO need to contact me until you have my document I requested. I want my tax information because I’m being prevented from going to school and FAFSA has notified me that my filing was not correct according to your submission. Also the lies and hidden FSA/ HSA account I want the document and bank information for the cards and all related I information. I was lied to for you to keep my insurance and my husbands deductions from me. Concealing assists. 

Because my husband said you never had the right to change it Use it or draw it out. The allocations or the other deductions prior to check deposited needs to be shown to me. I never signed a general POA but instead was told to get my bond so I could get out of jail.

Daily I am seeming more like a joke or a burden.  I have been trying so hard to avoid confronting then about the abuse of the POA. My physician has informed men doing this will give me my own power I don’t want any retaliation. They have no permission to view inquire or request anything on my behalf or my husbands. I want all of this documentation within 72 Hours. I don’t know if anyone has the devices that were taken from me and the professional said the location was 423 Peake Street.  But they need to be returned immediately. Routers, phones, laptop, tablets, memory cards and a hard drive. 

I am adamant that my medication and my medical records were also accessed. I restrict you from having anything else with my life but to give me the information I requested. And the text sent to my husband I read them. I do not have a balance. I myself have got the paperwork on my bonds. Bit would equal to 1164 I was charged for gas several times and food and expenses related  which I was not aware of. My money was also put in commissary and had a fee was MY own money! I have all receipts for every single person who has paid you money and the camera the check from commissary even thought that was taken from me too. 

All access to phones and emails are hereby void and restricted to you and anyone you are affiliated or associated with. If you try to retaliate against me in a position that you hold as a member of the community I will seek punitive and injunctions relief. I have been left in danger and no one has utilized the POA except to tell me my husband is trying to kill me. M
And to force me to go get help with a doctor that I don’t need because I have my own. I was also made to take a medication that I wasn’t supposed to take and that also was affecting my mental status.  I’m sorry but I’m tired of being threatened and ignored when I ask for help and if I don’t do what you want you won’t help me. 

I just want my tax paperwork never given to us for 5 years and any and all documents and devices or electronics that were obtained knowingly or not. Any information about my personal legal issues shall not have you make any statements on my behalf. Jonathan said that his truck had drugs which I seen and removedfrom being  hidden and also  house keys missing. 

I am going to politely ask that you reimburse ME for the damages to my Tahoe from your camper and your son using my vehicle to tow things without my permission and has been hit cracked and dented and now is having issues with transmission. I have statements from 5 people the night I retrieved my vehicle that it was bone dry and no oil. 

I want this torture to stop. I’m going to get this done one way or another and I will NEVER lie. I don’t care if I get in trouble for telling people what was done to me and how I was lied to I WILL TELL THE TRUTH. 

One more thing. Do not come to my property or around my house my husband or children or family unless it’s to give me what you are legally required to give me. And I am filing a report for Annie slandering my father saying that he sells drugs and telling me i need to go to a psychiatric facility. It has all been documented by two doctors and 3 other professionals. I expect my files with the next few days but I would prefer it before Monday morning since I have been asking for over 6 months. I am going out of town and I demand my tax returns and all information to be turned over before tomorrow morning. 

Signed, Respectfully 
Kristel Prudhomme Breaux
Jonathan Breaux is my witness and has said he will defend me because you have been trying to get him to go through with the divorce just like you told me I had no choice to do and I am not going to do that. I want my information and that’s the end.  Any retaliation or refusal or any shady way to try to have me committed and there are protocols in place to make sure that can’t happen and legal action will be taken.  Please don’t bring it to that level. It can be kept civil. You will NOT make me divorce him or sell my house or my truck. I seen all the text and they will go to the DA.


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