Again, here I sit, confused after contacting all of my local media, only to be ignored and told to find a lawyer in the phone book, that they don’t handle custody and divorce cases, Remember that when they see they made a BIG mistake KATC KLFY KPLC..

I had found a bunch of emails in my outbox and sent and drafts to the news, lawyers, organizations INCLUDING Faith House, Affiliated with the SAME firm who VIOLATED my rights when the ARMY violated HIPAA and so many other laws, Brian Colomb, William Ziegler, my social security lawyer who passed me off to a woman, it seems to be common these days to just pass me off.. My parents did it, spouses did it, lawyers did it, courts did it, law enforcement did it and still does it, and yet here I am without crying and wanting to die, Because I am STILL HERE for a reason. Even thought the LAW of THIS COUNTRY requires the federal government to provide complete protection and assistance to a victim who has had their life threatened or had an attempt made on their life,( and in my case its been going on regularly,) as well as to provide safe and secure locations removing the family out of the environment to protect the witness who is testifying and who would become a target of being silenced or prevented from testifying ESPECIALLY when they put a bounty on the person prior, imagine what they would do now once they see the victim/witness “Snitching” just because shes saving her children and her own life after everyone calling her a snitch turned their backs on her… Hmm… Makes you really wonder is family…

Family is someone who loves you regardless of the mistakes, the bad decisions, the color of your skin, the DNA in your blood, the sexual preference, and if you have a disability or may be disadvantaged. Family is NOT blood. Relatives are blood. That is not the same thing. I have come to learn that there is no such thing as “Friend” “My people” “Loyalty” but there is LOVE. And I am very LOVED. BLESSED.

My own family members chose to play mind games with me instead of being straight up honest with me, all while making me feel guilty for them and using me for money when I already cant make it on my own with no income aside from SSI. They had all of the information but chose to use every detail to further torture me and mock me just like everyone else. I am a fool for thinking I had to protect the man who has made me think it was normal to be pressured into sex with my own family members. ITS SICK, and NOT in any way shape or form NORMAL!

I don’t care about anyone else’s feelings. No one gives a shit about mine, or my children. They could have been returned by now, but of course when youre dealing drugs and you doing them and being paid by the other people to keep a secret from someone who is a little naïve because she has a huge heart and wants to see the good in people no matter how much bad shit they do to her, who the hell wouldn’t want to be free from prosecution. IF you lived a criminal lifestyle…

It turns my stomach to know that instead of cherishing the incidents into my VERY serious crimes that almost killed me by several different people who poisoned me, had me raped, had me assaulted, tortured me to the point of suicide in 2015, and mind fucked me daily, THESE RELATIVES chose to do the exact same thing with my kindness being mistaken for a weakness.

We could have been enjoying the company of my children if they would have been honest from the beginning. How do you live with yourself knowing youre all an accessory to my suicide and the child endangerment and abuse!?? I am NOT going to sit back and just allow this shit to happen to my children. Its not about me! Its about what Im screaming crying and begging DAILY for… MY CHILDREN IN MY LIFE AND A RELATIONSHIP! THEY HAVE NEVER deserved any of this shit! They are INNOCENT! WHY cant people just STOP!? THEY ARE CHILDREN AND HAVE BEEN THROUGH TOO MUCH already!

How can a person claim to be a Christian be a racist, lying, thieving, murderous, abuser, to partake in shit that harms children!>? And everyone keeps telling me to RELAX, Or CALM DOWN… Do any of you understand my kids were ripped from me when I did NOTHING wrong, do you understand the word KIDNAPPED STOLEN HELD HOSTAGE DENIED TO EVEN HEAR THEIR VOICE FOR YEARS AND TOLD TO GO AWAY!!!!!!?

I don’t want to hear anything except that someone will help me get my children away from this abuse! The have been brainwashed and alienated from the truth and from their mother! They have been forced to WATCH as he tortured their MOTHER for a decade! And yet no one seems to think that THEY are WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN TO DESERVE THAT!  Its not about me. Its about them. So please do me a favor, PUT MY KIDS IN YOUR HEARTS AND MINDS AND PLEASE THINK OF MY CHILDREN! They are the most precious intelligent courageous compassionate understanding forgiving and handsome boys you will ever lay eyes on or meet.

They are my most precious thing in life. My first thought in the morning. My last thought before sleep. They are all I think about every minute of everyday. Especially while my phones are being tampered with and someone thinks its ok to torture me telling me to go here or there and that they have my kids. EVEN as far as to sending me request on PAYPAL as my son, wanting money to accept the link for a friends connection for 60. I know my child and that is so out of character for him. I just don’t get why they don’t see our lives as important as anyone else. Im sure I will be back to write more later… I have been emailing lawyers and news stations all night and morning . I am so tired. I need a break. I deserve a break. This is so exhausting. I MISS my children and I want to know my children are safe and ok! I just want to hug my children! Why is that so fucking hard!? Why must my ex husband be allowed to continue and why are they not in jail or in a hospital!? WHY ARE WE NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH to be told the truth, Except by one person. Enrique never let me down. I know through a gut feeling he is trying to see to it that we all make it out safely… I just trust my gut.

Let me mention this, I recalled a loan being taken out when I was in the ICU for my suicide attempt, and I realized that there was a big FAT lie being told by MY FATHER! He claims he knew nothing of my suicide attempt and that Jonathan had never called him or let him know about anything. HES A LIAR! He and my husband were busy plotting to arrange me a spot in a long term care psychiatric facility or Hospital. Also my dad and husband went to Midsouth Bank on Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette La and took out a substantial loan to MOVE the house I had just bought and just pretty much had it thrown on his sisters property. Never anchored or blocked. Never had utilities. No water. Uninhabitable. RIDICULOUS. 2 years of begging for him to set it up and having a home next door not set up I was thrown out by my husbands mom Nancy Faulk Breaux where we also had his sister Jennifer Breaux Meaux who tortured me there and constantly called the law on me just to have a reason to get me out of the way!

I remember everything. Don’t try me. Someone needs to find my children and get us to Enrique safely! I am on a limited time period for my children to have their future secured and our rights restored. They need to make damn sure my kids are with me instead of lying and pretending not to know shit.

Ive had enough of this sick game.

if someone doesn’t handle the problem I WILL!


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