Abbeville police spit in my face and called me a piece of shit when they detained me and towed my truck and took my gun while I tried to get help for the abuse they had asked me about my father and mentioned sulphuric acid coming from Scott to terrorize me about the drugs in my family

No crime committed. Held against my will. Lied on. Tried to tell him I was intoxicated and I was never told anything but that I was going to jail and they were taking my medication and gun and then took my cash and my phones lied and wouldn’t let me call my father or husband. I was told that I was a piece of shit. I don’t think anyone wants this going to the wrong person to be able to make sure that I have the chance to show how crooked these people have been to me. The news. The fbi. The truth is I am trying to fix my life and people don’t like the truth. I was told that I would be checked out after 4 hours of begging for medical help for my severely swelling in my legs and my chest hurting. Paramedics didn’t feel I needed to be transferred to a hospital. However the detective tried to commit me saying I had altered mental status because I was fucked up. I begged for a breathalyzer or blood test or urine test. I was refused any water or cook air while held in back of police car then I had asked again at the station in abbeville please I need water. The asshole told me that I didn’t have any time for me to waste his time trying to help me and told me not to call my father and I did anyway and then he lied about saying that. My father was told that I was on something and he needed to come to pick me up because they took my truck and towed it because I was asking for the police or fire dept to go get help for my kids and husband. To tell the truth. I was NOT under any influence of shit. My gun was taken. It’s in evidence for no criminal charges but I don’t think they know how much I have been doing to make my life better and have been tortured. Hacked. Arrested. Set up with FAKE DRUGS THAT WERE PUT IN MY TRUCK TO DO ANYTHING TO GET ME TO GO TO JAIL AND SUDDENLY I HAD A WARRANT. THOSE CHARGES DONT EXIST. SINCE THEN I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET TO ANYONE TO HELP ME WITH MY PHONE SO THAT I CAN MAKE SURE I STAY IN TOUCH WITH MY BONDING COMPANY AND MY BILLS STAY PAID. I have had my mail be held from me and taken and not given to me by Nancy Faulk Breaux. I have been told Nancy and Lori Faulk took all of my belongings out of my legal address with no eviction and threw it all out on the porch and into the truck and boat and yard with a sign showing Yard Sale. I have been so sick of this game. Jonathan is not communicating with me, he has refused to give me any information to do anything medically until I told him about he complaint filed because of dropping coverage or lack thereof. I have been told that I’m in need of mental help because I found my husband having money held non taxes through the W2 I was able to find. It is not a problem but when I get told I’m in trouble for it by my tax preparer who also was the bond signed who was suppose to be a friend and get me to get out of jail but instead got full general power of attorney illegally with no witnesses and the other party her son my best friend since 3 was not present. I was not aware of the paper I signed going to be attached to another paper giving them all access to my life and accounts and to be able to make all decisions for me. I revoked the paperwork in writing. She became abrasive and has been harassing me and telling me my husband got us in this IRS bullshit and she knew but would never give me my tax paperwork or anything else because she wants money. That’s extortion. That’s blackmail. I have receipts showing the bonds are paid off. I have had a lot of trouble with this person and I’m not going to put up with it anymore. I had a forensic accountant look into finances that Jon hired and there’s malice and intent on all the finances. I have been told that I don’t need access to anything I don’t have anything to do with my husband taking money out because no one told me and when I noticed it he denied it and said she was stealing it. He also told me his sister set me up because he was asking her and her boyfriend who’s a detective what was needed for a no bond warrant. He forgot to clear his search history and I found so much information he was trying to get a default divorce decree by having me set up. It backfired. He was going to get me to just be home and he told me I was going to jail if I pushed him. That was a few hours prior to being stopped in vinton where they never had my name and yet I had a warrant. I was running for safety and I get a warrant to go to st Landry parish where I’ve never been! No warrant a week prior. And yet drugs but no impound on my vehicle. When I threw drugs away I was told I was a stupid bitch for wasting my husbands money that he was pushing for me to go to the hospital to have a surgery and I knew he was up to something so I disposed of the drugs and he was pissed. I have found routers Bluetooth devices smart home devices cameras and devices and 9 phones 8 SIM cards 6 memory cards that I need to turn into authorities to prove that I had nothing to do with my husband to make sure that I was set up and to do so much to make sure I didn’t want to be home by making me not feel safe in my home. I was watched harassed and live streamed and told him and he didn’t want to acknowledge anything. I also have packages he denied receiving anything and claimed it with the bank capital one and was given the money back. He has concealed financial assets and used a power of attorney for his mom to be able to disguise his own money and any other assets and accounts to make me believe he had no money for our bills. I have discovered he took a few years to make me feel like a piece of shit because he didn’t want to be married anymore and he was spending thousands of hours and dollars to pay women for sex. Sorry Jon. I told you I’m telling the truth. I was also lied to about the bank account to make me think I was going to handle our bills. He has changed the whole way that I am able to not see what the money was allocated to and has been using epoch for the past two years for auto draft and pay bills when it’s bullshit. I told you I knew more than you thought. I tried to tell everyone and no one believed me. He has denied anything about this. He told me he knows nothing. He refused to make a statement about my situation because he didn’t have “proof” but he sure didn’t mind the shit he put me THROUHG the last year or two. He has multiple policies for me. I have been trying to call for a while and get some answers and an attorney but my phone is being remotely accessed. I have switched numbers and companies and yet still being done. He is hazing and torturing me with his mind games and the physical abuse is unacceptable. This was my last straw. He left hand marks on my wrist from squeezing me so much that it snapped my left wrist and I was on the toilet bleeding from an early miscarriage and had begged for medical attention and he refused. He told me I imagined it. I hallucinated that he was abusive. He told me no one wanted to do anything for me to do shit for myself so when I did he told me I better find his money. That was an excuse not to pay bills. He has never paid taxes on the home. LIED TO MORTGAGE COMPANY moved my home and never asked for permission to do so. Lied about the taxes and refused to give me basic paperwork and basic needs but would send money out of the bank account because I would beg and cry for shit like toothpaste pads tampons gas food soap basic shit that I had to explain why I needed. I couldn’t live with his mother who was constantly telling me that she didn’t want me there to find another place. I got sick in 2017 couldn’t make my husband understand he needed to come to the hospital or the apartment I was staying temporarily because I had help and a doctor working to get medication to make me fight the shit and not once did he visit me or try to help me. Instead he told me he was leaving for a bitch on the internet who scammed him and he wanted to work it out since that day I have been tortured. It was all a plot to make me pay. He has admitted it and apologized then he said I hallucinated that too. Oh I didn’t mention I have printed pictures and documents and statements from witnesses who WATCHED him physically assault me plus 3 2TB hard drives that I have had one to come up missing good thing I had 2 more of his shit. I have all his phones that have NFC batters instead of normal batteries to work the Verizon field force manager and smart devices in my home. I am sick of this torture and abuse. I recently found the phone that has been putting information about me on the internet and had the pictures of me in the same place as my husband was with me and had a chance to take pictures and can’t explain why he took them and then said he never had hat phone. The phone has all his contacts and messages and pictures. So that’s not even the best part. I’m ready to talk when anyone wants to listen. I will not be silenced and threatened to lie for him and defend him any longer. I have been told there was a federal investigation and I want help because I didn’t know anything going on and to have a spouse to keep this from me and do these things to me because he’s mad I do believe he only wants to stay married to protect himself with the constitution where he can use me for not being able to testify against him. Jeffery Carrier is your day I am sick of your shit. I have documentation that he was able to make my husband and my first ex husband to have private medical information and bills that i never authorized him to give to anyone he also has sent things and he has been in my email and phones. Rodney Walter Thomson had been trying to find a way to take my kids away. There was someone using my email to email and pay off Travis Mose my so called attorney for custody. Someone pretended to be Lafayette police and emailed me. There’s so much information. 13374995141 is the way to contact me at this point. I’m not sure if I will have that much longer. My father’s number is +1 (337) 769-5397 I have a good friend to get me a message if you can’t reach me 13375296991. My doctor ismael Diaz has been given the documents and information that was done to me.  And can verify that i am competent and someone is trying to sabotage me and enough is enough. My numbers taken over are 13375179311 13375341720 13372776531 which was 6536 but Jon has it now and said I am hallucinated right about that too. 13375916640 my tablet has a line but it doesn’t work but hey why not try it. 13375171679 my email is kbowersdlb229@icloud.com my other email address lakrisingrids.mom919@icloud.com breauxrkristel@gmail.com   My husband is not going to send anything else but you can try to get the information from him or to me 13372776536 13375349568   



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