A lot of paperwork that needs to be revised and put in proper form and submitted to the high court for judicial approval and for the Supreme Court

Now comes into the court MOVER “Kristel Marie Prudhomme Breaux”  ( Mrs. Jonathan Edward Breaux-Formerly Mrs. Rodney Walter Thomson) petitioning for an immediate revocation of any, and all signed consent judgements, orders by the court, reccomendations by hearing officers, or representative previously in charge of ruling in the defendants favor creating an unhealthy cruel malicous imbalance of power which has created a hostile and dangerous environment for Plantiff “Kristel” and has caused irreversible psychological damage to the two minor children and has implemented severe social and economical hardships on the family of the Plantiff, making a support system be perceived as incompetent or incapable by preventing a fair balanced judgment from being ordered or to be set in motion as the plantiff has been attempting to bring to the courts attention since May of 2008. Kristel has fought tooth and nail as Pro Se, since the beginning when the defendants, specifically Rodney Walter Thomson and his legal counsel and representation, Cox and Fitzgerald (Doherty), conspired to launch a very atrocious and illegal immoral and reckless if not malicious attack against Kristel, the Mother of the two minor children, life partner of 7 years and wife of 3 years. Thomson invaded every aspect of her privacy as far as to compensating other people to spy on her, get information as to her whereabouts, medication prescribed, daily rundown of her events, Chronologically giving him a timeline of her every move to always be one step ahead of her with a very unsettling need to be in control and to do such intentional harm emotionally and physically have people hurt another human being for the sake of needing to feel empowered and to try to convince Kristel to harm herself or bring her to the point of giving up on life, is completely unspeakable to allow this to continue without reprecussions of all involved parties would be impossible at this point. This request to the high court is to respectfully ask that Rodney undergo an immediate psychological evaluation by a court approved or state approved Licensed Psychiatrist or Mental health facility which has no affiliations with any associates of either party or any business ties to them as well.  We ask that the court consider the grave situation that the actions displayed by Rodney and the legal counsel and third parties have created for Kristel to be surrounded by deception in an attempt to convince her to take her life on April 3 2015 which was too close to allow such behavior to go unscathed by a court capable of enforcing all criminal and civil consequences and respomsibilities and charges upon the responsible individuals who made the decision to partake in the last 10 years of Harassment, Stalking, Hacking phones and electronics, Assaulting and abusing Kristel physically emotionally and sexually, whether by third party compensated or not or by own actions of sworn officers of the court and petioner who swore under oath that all statements and proceedings being held and made were in good faith and remained TRUE and CORRECT without withholding any information regarding any legal or moral issues as well as anyone claiming visitation or rights to the minor children biologically paternity information custody protective orders domestic violence demographics as well as any known perjured intentional circumstances that were USED to gain an incredibly upsetting imbalance of power favoring Rodney to gain custody of the two minor children from perjuring himself KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY to SWAY the courts decision in favor for him to gain custody. Had Thomson shared the lies and deceit as well as his premeditated thoughts of attacking destroying and torturing his (then at the time) Wife who was treated at Our Lady Of Lourdes on April 3rd 2008 for Sexual Assault and left abandoned while changing his telephone number from a Longview Texas area code to local Instead of looking for his wife who was struggling with being with Thomson’s sister the night of the attack and her NOW husband a convicted drug user/dealer who was involved in the situation which ultimately led to the assault on Kristel causing irreparable damage emotionally and physically after such a traumatic event and to have been accused by Thomson of lying about the attack which his Aunt Becki drove Kristel to her follow up appointment at Fleur De Lis Cankton La and remained with her during her exam and consultation with Angela Neely FNP who noted the events which occurred as well as the patients state and medical conditions confirming the assault with overwhelming physical evidence visible of the assault was spiteful and concerning to have our courts allow this same person who INTENTIONALLY attacked his own wife by using traumatic events and the minor children in attempt to satisfy the thirst for “revenge” or finally be able to have full control of the children which he knew were the only thing that kept Kristel going.

Kristel has been FALSELY accused of being mentally incompetent, incapable of being a mother to her two children Tyler Prudhomme 03/11/03 (Thomson due to another perjured document)  Branden Thomson 07/31/06 Who were NOT BOTH born into the marriage as Dean Doherty Ronnie Cox and Fitzgerald all have KNOWINGLY approved perjured statements by Rodney and signed them into court as Notary and legal counsel. The state requires that any one who has information regarding custody visitation or paternity MUST notify the court of the claim or the situation. They intentionally WITHELD this pertinent factual information from the court in order to launch the imbalance of power stepping over so many moral and legal boundaries to persuade the custody in favor for them to gain the “Good guy Single Dad Hard working Honest Dad” guy look in order to continue the emotional and psychological torture of his wife who has already been through more than any person should have to be defending themselves from such coward acts of other people who have no respect and choose to inflict pain on someone who already Has watched her son take his first breaths and his last just hours apart while she was only 16 years old and made the decision to sign paperwork for life support to be removed when informed his birth defect was non viable and incompatible with life. Kristel had also JUST several months PRIOR to the pregnancy and birth been sexually abused and assaulted by an older male who was convicted of sexual battery on a juvenile and later sentenced. Rodney had full knowledge of these events and used them as a way to inflict more suffering for his twisted mind to be “one up on her using her weakness and traumatic situations in which she suffers PTSD and anxiety obviously as anyone would to be in that traumatic situation(s). Rodney and his team of deceptive and reckless irresponsible and spiteful outrageous associates legal counsel and representation as well as family and friends USED A YOUNG WOMANS MISFORTUNES AND DISADVANTAGES which have been very difficult to overcome leaving permant scars emotionally and physically on Kristel SOLEY for the purpose of teaching her a lesson that she would never get custody of HER OWN children who were NOT the biological children of Rodney and was clearly stated and understood by everyone prior to her set up and false arrest of domestic violence with Rodney when he had his name put on Tylers birth certificate only after Kristel was being held in jail and couldn’t stop the process of the name change from happening. Rodney was fully aware that he was NOT Tylers biological father as he met Kristel at 4 months Pregnant when she returned from living in Miami Florida with her boyfriend who had been anticipating the arrival of his Son in April of 2003 with a very good (FAKE) understanding from Rodney that he would raise Tyler but NEVER impose on the “Father” being cut off and out of the picture. Kristel admits there were two possible fathers Boyd Alfred Monsanto Jr. and Roy Paul Standberry. This is not up for discussion into whether it affects Kristels capability to mother her children. Rodney while strategically planning this destruction of any kind of normalcy in life for Kristel, was cashing child support payments made by the father and then went on to claim UNDER OATH INTENTIONALLY AND MALICOUSLY that he had no information about this SIGNIFICANT FACTOR WHICH HAS MADE IT POSSIBLE TO BE FAVORED FOR CUSTODY BY THE COURT.  Kristel made Dean Doherty aware from the first meeting PRIOR to any court involvement when Rodney was deceiving the courts police and community accusing Kristel of being a mentally ill “crazy bitch” as he stated often on social media and to the plantiff herself, as well as incompetent and painted the picture of poor single dad was left with two small children and wanted a family when in fact this was predisposed more than a year prior to the events that led to the FALSE accusations made on the protective order to obtain custody. Rodney stated to other people publicly on social media (myspace and email [proof is provided]) that the kids would be better off if she would just kill herself , when he was asked if he wasn’t worried about his tactics antics and spiteful cruel malicous accusations and actions wouldn’t hurt Kristel to the point of depression having her children ripped away from her, He responded very calmly with an “LOL” in the same sentence suggesting that his children he claims to BE THE BEST POSSIBLE parent to and claims to care and love the childrens mother should take her life and that they would be much happier and better off without her if she committed suicide due to the nature of having her oldest son passing away and always had questioned Rodney about trying to take her children if they should ever split up. Rodney has made every single step of Kristels last 10 years a living hell literally. She was accused of leaving her children to do drugs, abandoning a devoted father and loving husband to be a single parent who was a poor fella with bad luck, when he was painting the entire stage behind the scene and playing star role. Multiple personalities were somehow overlooked by the court and that’s why Kristel is petitioning the defendant MUST immediately be held for Psychiatric Care due to his manipulative and abrasive behavior to be able t0 convince and manipulate the COURT that this entire DECADE was just a good dad trying to get help for his kids. These legal counsel notary and respentation of what a family law attorney judge and officer of the court SHOULD HAVE BEEN was FAR fetched from the OATH they were to uphold as BAR members and highly respected in the community for being FAMILY LAW ADVOCATES to incite such hateful and cruel attacks on a single young woman who fell between the cracks at a narccistic mentally ill mans manipulative actions and words convinced everyone not to question his motives and consider an ulterior motive of torture and control (abuse). This is also a major warning sign of a sociopath who can adapt into any environment and manipulate any social class of the community to what he wants them to know and believe and feel a certain way about another human being. We are seriously discussing in a STATE COURT OF LAW a MAN WHO  WAS PISSED THAT HE HAD NO CONTROL OVER HIS WIFE WHO REFUSED TO BE ABUSED AND AGREED TO HIM SAYING HE WANTED A DIVORCE WHILE RECOVERING FROM SEXUAL ASSAULT A FEW DAYS PRIOR and told that she was worthless and not good enough as a wife mother or person to be allowed to have her children leave the defendants mothers home which Kristel has provided PROOF of Rodneys statements PROVING his PREMEDITATED ATTACK to disarm her of all financial access, transportation, medical care, shelter, food, and most importantly the love of her children, and was able to convince some of her own family members that she had abandoned them for drugs and that she was mentally very ill. Kristel submitted to every single request of the defendant, including being forced to have sexual intercourse with the defendant while under a no contact order because the defendant felt SO THREATENED IN FEAR OF HIS LIFE that he had to get a protective order to ABUSE THE COURTS AND LAW TO TORTUE AND RESTRICT KRISTEL FROM HER LIFE AS SHE KNEW IT AND PUT her on the streets with no Transitional Support or Interim Support or ANY kind of support at all. In fact Rodney had convinced Kristel she could see her kids if she had sex with him or paid money to him and met at Walmart or a hotel for sex. Kristel has provided receipts and printed out pictures of the “THREATENED SCARED FOR HIS LIFE MAN WHO PERJURED CONSPIRED AND MANIPULATED TO THE POINT OF Kristel losing her freedom and eventually with the circumstances of so much abuse and tortue and her cries for years falling upon deaf ears within the courts she did suffer a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide as well now suffers gravely from cardiac and neurological conditions brought on by environmental factors and condtions triggered by stress. Kristel has endured 3 strokes in just her 34 years of life and 1  minor cardiac infarction (attack) and coincidentally they happened to take place not sooner than after Rodney had launched the full on assault to have people sexually abuse and then report to him with information and to invade her life pretending to be a friend or a potential member of her life knowing they were there to do a job and she was going to look like a basket case or perceived as needing the mental help due to so many things going on all brought on by the famous Now 5 pack of wolves who relentlessy and diligently worked against a truly good person fighting for her life against her abuser and the sworn state court officers who swore to uphold the constitution of united states of America. They failed to remember Kristel is a human and deserved to be heard and trusted as a HUMAN BEING not just as an abused woman being tormented and fighting back for her children FOR A DECADE TO CONTINUE PRO SE ONLY TO BE THREATENED INTIMIDATED LIED TO COERCED AND TACTICALLY SOUGHT AFTER in violating civil and human rights as well as NUMEROUS STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS RESTRICTING ANYONE FROM BEING A PART IN MALICOUSLY AND INTENTIONALLY PREMEDITATIVE state of mind to cause bodily harm emotional distress psychological tortue and abuse which has irreparable damages that require infinite mental health counseling to be able to cope with where she is today from the gross amount of neglect and traumatic situations which EVERY SINGLE PERSON INCLUDING THE STATE OF LOUISIANA AND PARISH OF LAFAYETTE NEW

ORLEANS AND VERMILION SILENCED HER CRIES FOR HELP AND JUSTICE TO BE BROUGHT TO HER CHILDREN WHO ARE THE REAL VICTIMS AS HERSELF A SURVIVOR OF MAGNIFICENT AMOUNTS OF different types of abuse and challenging her to develop trust and coping and communicating skills with others out of fear of trusting anyone with her weaknesses because for a decade she was put through the most heart wrenching and painful situations simply out of “JUST BECAUSE I CAN” type of attitude that Rodney and his little “Cult following” (As he self proclaimed to have a cult following and was thinking about a membership fee to join his “Cult” of enemies who banter and abuse verbally attack Kristel on social media and internet websites and blogs with slander defamation false allegations and LIES about what Rodney was doing to the children and his WIFE now EX wife the entire time. TO show the nature of Rodneys hateful and cruel way of manipulating Kristel emotionally with his knowledge of her strongest struggles and deepest fears he took them and used them to torment and torture her while the court including Dennis Bundick Rebecaa Kirk and Phyllis Keaty David Blanchet Ronnie Cox Dean Doherty JUDGE Fitzgerald and KRISTELS OWN CUSTODY PAID IN FULL RETAINED FOR REPRESENTATION TRAVIS MOSE WHO PARTICIPATED IN BRIBERY RACKETEERING FORGERY FRAUD PERJURY VIOLATION OF BAR ETHICS FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS REGARDING attorney client laws and PRIVACY LAWS INVADING a womans life to the point of wanting to take her life is UNACCEPTABLE AND SHOULD NOT BE SWEPT UNDER THE RUG! THIS IS HAPPENING TOO OFTEN AND TOO MUCH THE COURT LOOKS THE OTHER WAY INSTEAD OF INVESTIGATING ALLEGATIONS OF MISCONDUCT AND CORRUPTION BRIBERY COERCION AND THREATNENING A VICTIM OR Party involved in legal proceeding in which they were also involved in to SWAY THE PARTY TO WITHDRAW HER OBJECTIONS TO ANY ORDER that was irresponsibly favored by brushing off her legitimate concerns for the children and her injusticed circumstances brought  on by none other that the ONLY person who SUED HIS WIFE BEFORE THE DIVORCE FOR HER NAME TO BE CHANGED OUT OF SPITE AND HATE JUST TO INFLICT MORE PAIN. Come on he took HER CHILDREN HER LIFE HER DIGNITY HER SELF WORTH HE STOLE HER JOY AND HER ABILITY TO LIVE FREE FROM ANOTHER PERSON CONTROLLING AND ABUSING HER. HE MADE HER LIVE IN UNHEALTHY ENVIRONMENTS DUE TO HIS ALLEGATIONS AND ATTACKS ON HER. He made it to where she got NOTHING BUT a LESSON about what she needed to do to make him understand this was SIMPLY NEVER GOING TO BE THE WAY SHE WOULD GO OUT OF THIS WORLD ALLOWING HIM TO GET AWAY WITH THE PAIN HE AND HIS ASSOCIATES INFLICTED SO MUCH FINANCIAL HARDSHIP ON HERSELF HER HUSBAND AND FAMILY while on disability HE SUED HER FOR CHILD SUPPORT WHILE MAKING significant amounts of Money more than 5 times the average male his age. HE THEN SPITEFULLY TOOK HER BACK TO COURT FOR FALSELY ACCUSING HER OF DOING DRUGS AND REFUSING TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT WHILE SHE IS ON SSI DISABLITY and barely made 600-700 a month to LIVE ON WHILE PAYING FOR RIDICULOUS AND MALICOUS TESTING INVADING HER AGAIN with Hair Follicle testing TO PROVE SHE WAS INNOCENT FOR OVER # YEARS SHE PASSED EVERY SINGLE ONE SHE PAID FOR AND NEVER MISSED A SINGLE TEST . Her health has rapidly declined in the past decade as well as has been recently diagnosed with some cancerous spots of tissue in the brain in the focal are and mucous membranes surrounding the brain and in her esophageal area as it’s a genetic trait that has taken her grandfather and two uncles with Esophegeal cancer, so the added stress of firstly a woman who cant get a single person to listen to her cry for help who was injusted in an insurmountable way for the defected outrageous spiteful and deceiving people of the community who chose to join in on the tortue and abuse instead of listening to her or having a different perspective instead of biased or being compensated to provide the court with either false or true information to damage and destroy her at every possible chance he could get. Rodney engaged in many conversations with Wesley galjour and Carriers from Atascocita Texas which a federal investigation has been able to FINALLY START TO get the help to Kristel to make sure that she has the support of her community court and law enforcement to be able to see her children grow into productive members of society who know that the world is a dark and cruel place but are capable of overcoming this miserably failing of her family by the courts turning her away for 10 years to be able to use it to empower and speak out to be a voice for those who are still afraid and disadvantaged and maybe get intertwined with substance abuse or mental illness due to environmental factors or traumatic events in their lives. Kristel feels the state of Louisiana is BEYOND RESPONSIBLE FOR compensating her due to their GROSS error in judgement which caused her too many years of being robbed of being able to simply see or speak to her children and was UNJUSTICLY sentenced to a horrible life where abuse was a daily routine where she would pray for life to end. To be able to come from such a deep place of pain and darkness to use her CHILDRENS LOVE to push her to FILE THIS PETITION PRO SE ON HER OWN DUE TO CURRENT HUSBANDs INVOLVEMENT IN ABUSE WITH RODNEY AND RESTRICTING ALL ACCESS TO FINANCIAL ASSETS AND ANY COMMUNICATION with the outside world by help from Rodney and a family friend and multiple LEGAL FIRMS JUDGES HEARING OFFICERS LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES AND DEPARTMENTS AND LAWYERS AND THE PARISHES WHO FORSAKED HER AND HER CHILDREN SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR REIMBURSEMENT OF LOSS OF ENJOYMENT OF LIFE TOO MANY CRIMES TO LIST BUT CIVILLY SLANDER DEFAMATION COERCION PERJURY MALICE INTENT BODLIY HARM PREMEDITATED ATTACKS EMOTIONALLY SEXUALLY FINANCIALLY AND SOCIALLY AND ECONOMICALLY PAIN AND SUFFERING. EMOTIONAL DISTRESS. MEDICAL COMPLICATIONS FROM THE STRESS OF THIS ENTIRE WHOLE CASE TO BE BASED SOLEY ON AVOIDING HAVING TO SHARE CUSTODY AND BE A GOOD MAN AND FATHER WHO CHOSE TO ABUSE HIS CHILDREN WHETHER INTENTIONALLY TO KEEP THEM FROM THEIR MOTHER THIS LONG BRAINWASHING THEM TO BELIEVE SHE CHOSE DRUGS AND WAS A BAD PERSON WHEN IN FACT SHES FOUGHT WITH EVERY BIT OF A FIGHT EACH TIME PRO SE FOR HER CHILDREN THEY ARE THE VICTIMS AND DESERVE A RESOLUTION AND END TO THE CYCLE OF ABUSE. MOVER PRAYS THE COURT GRANT EMERGENCY PERMENANT SOLE PHYSICAL AND ALL LEGAL CUSTODY TO KRISTEL AND THAT THE COURT STRIP THE DEFENDANT OF HIS UNFAIR AND ILLEGALLY GAINED MOMENTUM AND TITLE TO CLAIM AS A FATHER AS HE SHOULD NO LONGER HAVE RIGHTS TO THE CHILDREN FOR THE ABUSE AND TORTURE ROBBING THEM ALL OF A NORMAL LIFE FREE OF ABUSE AND PAIN AND  HAD A RIGHT TO BE PROTECTED BY EVERY person named who FAILED them. YOU OWE THEM THAT MUCH. I WILL NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. I took NO for 15 years and a decade of pure torture by BOTH marital spouses and numerous other individuals who thought my children and I weren’t worth being treated as human beings and being loved and having a right to live free from this atrocious disgusting embarrassing corruptive few bunch of political and powerful people who promised to protect our rights and liberties  and provide a safe habitat for survivors like we needed. ALL EQUITABLE RELIEF AND ALL EXPENSES COMPENSATED DISTRIBUTED AS RESPONSIBILITY SHOULD BE EQUALLY CAST ON EVER SINGLE PERSON TO BE PART OF THIS PROCEEDING . 


Phyllis KEATY ignored my DNA report and hearing officer RULED ORDER which was consented to by Rodney and counsel. Conflict of interest is at an all time high here with Rebecca kirk married to dennis bundick and for Fitzgerald to sit the bench OF FAMILY COURT LAW there needs to be a reevaluation into his part in the situation. Ronnie COX KNEW BETTER HE WAS A FAMILYU JUDGE! HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING! Dean Doherty and Wesley and Travis all should be stripped of bar association and license due to the gross negligence and malicious and intentional harm caused by the immoral unethical actions to attack Kristel and her children and family for a DECADE.  There is not a SINGLE DAY I DON’T ask for a LAWYER OR A JUDGE TO HEAR ME AND I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT. Ive filed PRO SE for a decade Practicing LAW LEGALLY GIVING ME A RIGHT TO AN OPPORTUNITY TO OBTAIN A LAW PHD WITH THAT MANY YEARS OF STUDYING LAW BOOKS AND STATUTES AND ACTING AS MY OWN LEGAL COUNSEL AND REPRESENTATIVE WHEN NO ONE ELSE WOULD EVEN WHEN RETAINED AND PAID WHICH TRAVIS MOSE SHOULD HAVE TO MULTIPLY THAT BY 10 for the amount of years I SUFFERED IN RESOPONSE TO HIS CHOICE TO ENGAGE IN ACTIVITES AGAINST HIS OWN CLIENT WHO PAID HIM FOR REPRESENTATION AND THE LEVEL OF DISRESPECT AND TRUST THAT WAS BROKEN HE OWES US! HE OWES US TO COMPENSATE US FOR HIS GROSS RECKLESS INTENTIONAL DECEIVING BEHAVIOR WHICH HAS LEFT PERMENANT HEALTH ISSUES WITH KRISTEL NEEDING MEDICAL CARE AND TREATMENT AND DUE TO THESE ISSUES UNABLE TO PROVIDE ANYTHING. THE PEOPLE WHO HURT US SHOULD BE MORE THAN WILLING TO HELP US LIVE VERY HAPPILY FREE FROM FURTHER WORRY OF REPAYMENT ABUSE OR FURTHER PAIN . There should be a LAW MADE to protect SPECIFIC SURVIVORS OF THIS KIND OF ABUSE AND CRIME. Kristel seeks FULL MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT CRIMINALLY AND CIVILLY AGAINST ALL PARTIES INVOLVED AT EVERY LEVEL FROM CIVIAL TO LAW ENFORCEMENT LOCALLY AND FEDERALLY AS WELL AS COURTS OF LAW. Physicians who violated HIPAA Fire departments who had employees stalking and abusing the Plantiff while collecting a salary or wages. Kristel is willing to try to resolve this in a very fashionable and timely manner which is the need for a HOME big enough for the children and herself to obtain SAFETY and PROTECTION from further abuse and negligence. THAT’S THE ONLY way she will consider making a deal with criminal charges not to be thrown as hard as possible and pressed in every single way to teach a very good lesson to those who hurt her children and her and have to be held accountable for their part in her past life of a disadvatanged woman who overcame every kind of pain and abuse to be the mom she knew she was meant to be and to make sure her kids got a chance at a good life to get herself and her children an education to make sure they have nothing short of an amazing future and life they deserve nothing but the best this world has to offer them and if its my last dying breath I promised my children I would DIE TRYING , in which I am currently going to be doing just that. I will never stop trying to LOVE THEM MORE AND TO MAKE SURE THEY NEVER EXPERIENCE ANY PAIN AS LONG AS THEY LIVE. THAT and I think I deserve assistance in getting my own transportation to educate myself and earn a degree to support my children to get off of SSI and depend on myself soley, and to get my children to and from wherever they wish, including maybe a weekend getaway together as a family once a month to remind us that we are just as good as anyone of these people thought they were better than us and we should be able to enjoy vacations just like anyone else and should not be confined to a welfare system or poverty because of the compensation OWED on behalf of the stolen ROBBED time from us.  I don’t want the court to do anything they aren’t sure of. But I do want MY CHILDREN RETURNED IMMEDIATELY AND SAFELY GIVING US SHELTER IMMEDIATELY WITH LIVING EXPENSES CAST ON ALL DEFENDANTS psychiatric evaluations to be done on every single person and counseling to be ordered as well as reevaluation of each persons position in the legal system and court of law to prevent any unfair treatment of anyone and to make sure they understand I will not allow them to get away with this and not come after their licenses and lives as they do not deserve to be in positions of power to abuse other people.


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