The story of March 10th 2018. I was denied my right to have my life, liberty, freedom, safety, privacy and due process,illegally detained without being charged with a criminal offense, falsely imprisoned, extradited, Assaulted, Denied Medical Attention, Never Mirandarized, denied the right to have proper representation in a court of law, a right to a speedy trial, by the State of Louisana Deparment of Justice, State of Texas, as well as the Parish of Calcasieu, City of Lake Charles La, Parish of Vermilion, City of Abbeville La, Parish of St. Landry, City of Opelousas La, Parish of Lafayette, City of Lafayette La, and other law enforcement agencies, City Officials, State Officials, and Federal Law Officials, who thought they could make it disappear like “Magic, referencing my Uncle Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning”, instead of admitting accountability, Negligence, Violation of Civil Rights, Public Humiliation, Coercion, Discrimination

I am still in amazement, that I am still here to tell my side of things that happened to me while I was just trying to flee for my safety away from my husband who continued to threaten and abuse me even as far as terrorizing me with his family in law enforcement in Vermilion Parish La….

I had told several people that I would be either set up to go to jail after being threatened by my husband, Jonathan, because I confronted him about his hateful behavior and torturing and terrorizing me, from the moment I believed his bullshit about wanting to make our marriage work, and that as long as I came home we would be ok, and he would not leave me after confessing suddenly that he had been paying to engage in infidelities, and in fact stated that “I didn’t keep track” when asked how many other women he paid for sex, and said he didn’t know. It was that or I knew I would end up dead eventually, because of the threats, and violent behavior escalating daily, with Jonathan, and the multiple life insurance polices he had obtained on me, when dropping my medical health coverage, upon finding out I was very ill and not given a good prognosis of survival much longer.

That morning I remember driving and Jonathan calling me on his borrowed phone that I was using due to my phone being “Hacked” by who Jon claimed was my ex husband Rodney that was compromising our phones, but the way I had started ignoring his lame attempts to convince me that I was hallucinating , and started paying attention to the actual proof and actions he was doing, there was no denying he was intending of either harming my life by making me lose my mind, and driving me to either suicide again or being institutionalized, or by his negligence or distraction to “Have an accident” and what came to know as his physical abuse where he actually BROKE my wrist and Ankle in a fit of rage. The phone would say “REMOTE CALL” from Jonathan, and he would of coursed pretend to know nothing and blame Rodney or his sister for making him pay for choosing to work his marriage out, yes I am serious.

There were several things I did actually learn about this, I had no idea what Smart Devices, or what Live Streaming was up until the last few years of being tortured with those things. I had no idea what technology had become able to do in our daily lives, even finding out that our TV in the bedroom had “Smart” access and internet access as well as email, which is where I found out that he had been the person behind the attacks on his own wife through technology and accessed my old email address when he had told me that I had to make a new one after 2 years and I didn’t know better

Sure enough the entire time that I kept trying to tell my loving and so supportive husband that I was being harassed, stalked, watched, recorded, threatened, and intimidated and most fucked up I was violated in every aspect of privacy by being live streamed, (EVEN DURING THE FALSE ARREST on 3-10-18), there was no safe place to sit and breathe without having someone listening to me or watching my every move, and in my phone with the ability of knowing every single keystroke I made.

Technology abuse is a very serious type of abuse, it is harder to prove if you don’t know what youre talking about or if you don’t know anything about exactly whats being done or used to do it, as I had no clue, So every time I attempted to file charges or get the help from law enforcement, I was made a mockery of and accused of being paranoid, and almost committed to a psychiatric facility because once again I was seeking protection and help from the LAW!

I caught my husband recording me on YouTube Tv Live streaming me, and I tried to get help from Baytown Police Department and back home in Abbeville La as well, There was all this proof but because I couldn’t explain how it works or what exactly was done and how to get to it to pull it up again, they chose to treat me as if I was a Paranoid burden who was having thoughts of someone spying on me and needed mental help. There were other fake apps that I know now were just “dummy” icons to confuse anyone who got ahold of his phone, but were actually gateways to the things he was using to torture and violate me, there was specifically Google Maps used to live stream me one night while laying in bed and catching him off guard by moving quickly and without warning when I leaned over and realized what he was doing he had a smirk on his face, I still don’t understand why he took things to that level of pain and terrorizing his own wife, after begging to make our marriage work.

That morning my Tahoe felt like someone was pressing my gas pedal or messing with the throttle under the hood, I was trying to slow my truck down and Jonathan continued blowing up the phone and it was connected to the “Bluetooth” in my truck so it was coming over the speakers where it made me panic even more than I already was due to not being able to slow my truck down and there was a lot of traffic, I had just confronted him about lying to me and mind fucking me, and I caught him in several major lies about where he was and what he was doing when supposed to be at work. I kept stomping the brakes and it kept revving back up to a higher speed.

I thought that when I was flashed a badge by a private truck that he had seen me in distress and was going to help me when signaled me to pull of the Exit 7 in Vinton La on I-10 West. I was very shooken up and trying to explain that my life was in danger and that he wouldn’t stop messing with my life or my truck, I had not given my name because of fear of them contacting him and telling him that I was trying to get help to get away from him and his family who were controlling and abusive, just as our local police and sheriffs department always contacts him and presents with me needing to have a mental health evaluation and that “he would NEVER do anything like that to me, and didn’t know anything or how to do what was being done. I was told that he was off duty and a Jailer for Calcasieu Correctional Center in Lake Charles and had called deputies to assist me in getting to safety and to guide me as far as what I needed to do to calm down and continue my trip and if I could press charges, and that everything was going to be ok to just “Relax” that the deputies would be there soon to help me.

I was panicking because he was ringing my phone non stop (on the radio speakers with Bluetooth on) because it was loud and non stop, I had been on the passenger side by the door trying to just calm down and be patient , when I asked if the “jailer ” cop would mind if I got a Xanax out of my purse, while waiting on the deputies who I was led to believe would help me get to safety and stop the threats and torture being carried out by my own husband who wanted to make me lose my damn mind, for me busting him in so many fucked up things he had been doing, including his hope to profit from my increasingly declining health in which I was told there was nothing more they could do for me and stacking multiple life insurance polices that I had not known about until I had accidentally been given the information by his OWN company and my DOCTOR, and was explaining this to the “jailer” who was asking me why I thought my husband was trying to kill me or harm me and trying to make him understand that I was not suffering from Schizophrenia but it was a sad reality, and had the text on my phone showing him the threats I got just hours before that I would be sorry if I drove my truck off our property and left him, from threats to have me set up to get arrested to committed to a psychiatric facility to me about to not have to bitch about not having health insurance that I wouldn’t need it if I kept my shit up with him and don’t make him show me what he can do, I explained that I didn’t feel comfortable going to local law enforcement as I had ben threatened with him to call his sister at VPSO to take care of me getting him in trouble for so says stuff he wasn’t doing..

I immediately took a Xanax out of my bottle from my purse and took it with a insulated Yeti cup I had water in for the trip, when I was putting the cup back in the cup holding in my middle console, I was panicking with him non stop blowing up the phone. As I’m putting the cap back on the bottle the “jailer” walked up to me and was telling me that 3 other deputies had arrived and would be helping me and that he wanted to make sure I was ok that he was gonna go..I panicked because I didn’t expect him to walk up behind me suddenly, and out of the corner of left eye I was eyeing something off and an unfamiliar bottle between the seat and the center console. Keep in mind I had just got through showing the man the threats on text and explaining that Jonathan had already been caught on our Ring Camera going outside to my truck and meeting someone in our yard at 3 in the morning very suspiciously and had denied it and made some comments when we were coming back home referencing me to “find my dope, where is it at?” and when I told him I was sober and that I threw the shit he had bought me on the ground way before we even left and got in the truck to come home, his response was very frightening and gave way to his intentions, he said “you stupid fucking bitch. You wasted my hard earned money. You could have told me. You could have given it to *********. And I said “Well Im glad you care about my sobriety as much as you care about your fucking money that you sit on your ass to make, so hard earned money my ass. What the fuck is going on?” Because there were sheriff deputies behind us at t he stop sign. It was clearly a failed set up. (This was one of MANY incidents in which I felt my husband was attempting to set me up to take a drug charge and terrorized me with his friends and family in law enforcement.)

So in that moment all I could think about was This motherfucker put some shit in my truck and was trying to have me set up. No one would believe me if I told them it wasn’t mine. I mean that’s what everyone says right? I was shaking already and this had me start to have tears rolling down my face. I was so scared of being asked if there were anything illegal in my vehicle since I had been asked if I suffered from any mental illness or condition or had been taking any medication or drugs that morning. I did the only thing I could think of which was the most stupid thing I could have done, I grabbed it and bent down and shoved it in the left cup of my bra, and was going to search the truck thoroughly once I was finished with the deputies and getting the right steps to take to continue to safety.

I did not plan on what happened next.. It was the beginning of a very FUCKED up nightmare that just continued to turn worse and worse. NOTE TO READER- DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO CONCEAL SOMETHING YOU FIND THAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS, EVEN IF YOU DO KNOW JUST DONT DO IT, FROM LEOS. Obviously I was in distress and not thinking clearly, and the anxiety had clouded my usual level headed decision making process. And once I turned around the deputy had no intentions of even speaking to me as far as what I was in that parking lot of the Casino at exit 7 in Vinton for, or taking into consideration that I was begging for help to make my husband stop his shit, who by the way was STILL blowing my phone up and texting me all kinds of crazy shit. The only thing that came out of his mouth was “You have a warrant out for your arrest. You’re going to jail. Come on lets go. Turn around I don’t have all day to do this.” I thought he was trying to make a joke in light of the situation in attempts to make me laugh. FAR from a joke. I began to cry and beg him to please call someone and check my license and run my name and to please tell me what would I have a warrant out for when I had never been in trouble and I had just gotten a ticket for speeding in Sealy Texas about a week prior and they ran me through NCIC for national check on warrants, and of course nothing. I cant even describe the despair and the feeling of it being crazy and unbelievable that this was really happening to me ON MY SONS 17TH HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY of ALL DAYS!

There was so much crying and begging to please keep going and help me escape my abuser/husband and to please help me fix the “Bullshit Warrant” that I would do anything if they could just please let me give them my name and social that it had to be a mistaken identity. That’s when things got really weird. I realized that I had not given anyone my name or my license and there was absolutely no way shape or form that they had run my name unless they had done it through the license plate on the truck. Then I thought to myself, “That’s really fucked up because Jonathan is the Registered owner my name isn’t even on the fucking insurance card much less the registration for this fucking Tahoe.” My head was spinning and I was terrified and so scared because the officers of the law were mocking me crying, and being afraid, and bullying the way I had made the comment I was afraid to go to jail that I had not done anything wrong and I just wanted someone to please tell me what the hell was going on and what was a warrant out of Opelousas in St. Landry Parish (Extraditable) for with an In state Detainer on my name, much less how the fuck were they running my name and it was never given to them?!

I had begged them to please let me out of the handcuffs behind my back because of my health and my back and neck injuries which made it hard to breathe and it was very painful and being shuffled around like a sack of potatoes didn’t help. When I was put in t he back of a squad car I began to have flashbacks of my sons funeral, and started to Panic very bad where I had chest pains and I couldn’t catch my breath, I begged him please take the handcuffs to the front and please let me get some air that it was impossible to have a warrant out when I had just got a ticket and begged him to look at my license and see what my name was. He was so arrogant and cocky when he had the nerve to tell me to calm the hell down that “We got the right person” and that I was going to jail and that was that.

All I could do was think about how fucked up the past 2 years of Jonathan torturing me and manipulating me and making me think I was going to have a nervous breakdown by fucking with my head so bad that I was beginning to question my own existence and starting to doubt everything that was happening and thought maybe he was right when he said that I had hallucinated all of the things he was doing to me and the way he made a point to fuck me up so bad that I had asked him to please bring me to a hospital a few weeks before to get some medication because I couldn’t stop crying and I had not been able to sleep and I was so afraid of what was happening to my mind and my body. Because according to my husband he was making our marriage work and I was hallucinating the abuse and making things up and as long as I didn’t question him or confront him and I was silent we got along fine. I knew there was no way I would get out of jail for the following day which is Tylers Birthday and also Jonathans.

Somewhere along the long uncomfortable trip like a caged animal in a kennel, all the way to East Lake Charles from Vinton Louisiana , in the back of a cop car and handcuffed behind my back, I was told they called a Family Friend (Nancy Lee Comeaux) to go pick up my Tahoe from the casino where they had locked it up and left it. I don’t know if my crying made him feel guilty or what, maybe it was all the apologies and the “Oh my GOD’s”, but there was a sudden shift in his attitude and his tone of his voice was less aggressive and more informative , which was probably the best thing that could have happened at that point. I was literally paralyzed with fear about being told I would have to be brought to the jail, booked in on an In State Detainer, see the judge, and await my extradition from St. Landry Parish to come pick me up from the jail when they were notified of my arrest and being held for them. I was told they had 10 days before they had to release me if they didn’t show up. I asked every question I think known to man about jail and what was going to happen and if I would be ok.

I wanted one answer. Why did I have a warrant out for my arrest and In State Detainer. What was the charge to have a hold on me? Why wouldn’t anyone tell me what the fuck was going on and didn’t they see that I was clearly distraught and I had a right to know what I was accused of doing and who had accused me and when this went into place. I was denied the right to information about why I was stripped of my right to be in my own life, my freedom, my liberty, fundamental rights which guarantee me equal protection from the law, due process, and why did the State and Federal authorities keep the investigation from me and deny me access to the same information that others had? Why was there a federal investigation?

So at this point I had completely forgot about the left bra cup having that shit from my truck, All I could think about was what do I tell them? Now they REALLY wont believe me. I had no idea I was going to end up in jail, I had not committed a crime and after being threatened to be set up and several failed attempts I was trying to protect myself from it happening. The deputy had told me that if I brought anything in jail it was a felony charge of bringing contraband into a penal institution and that if I had anything I could give it to him and I wouldn’t get charged with those charges. I had told him I needed to get it out of my bra and explained how it got put there exactly the truth of how it happened, and he said ok, I was really relieved because I had forgotten completely about it, the way things were going it was just not what I needed to be faced with.

Once he parked by the intake doors at CCC he told me he would uncuff me to get it to him before I had to go in. By the time I came around there were 2 other deputies discussing where I was coming from , I expected to be able to have some kind of privacy to get it out of my bra than with 3 men who had positioned themselves around me with a full view of my shirt being lifted and when they “helped me to lift my shirt” AKA ripped my shirt and exposed my bra and stomach, and had no respect to tell me to hurry up so that they could bring me inside. I felt so violated that these were men, and had me surrounded, with my back up against the car, and having to expose myself, to take shit out, that I should have never tried to hide to begin with, because it wasn’t even MINE, but because I had been terrorized before, and threatened, and had been finding anything, from needles, to spoons, and pipes, bags, in my husbands mothers home, and my luggage and my truck, that WAS not mine, and told that I was hallucinating it all, or that I must have wanted to use it and just forgot, I made a fucked up decision to think I should not tell anyone what I had discovered in my vehicle that was put there for a reason, to cause shit whether it was to inflict emotional suffering knowing they got into my head, or to cause me the shit I was going through, it was well planned and carried out.

They took the bottle and put it in his top right shirt pocket under his name tag or that would have been his left my right, and they were saying they were going to take care of it. I was led into the entrance of intake area of CCC with a big machine that looked kind of like when you go to do an MRI or CT Scan. I was told I didn’t have to be scanned and I was walked through the next set of doors into the control area of the jail. I will never forget the sound of the locks clicking and the banging of the metal doors and just the alarm that buzzes when they were opening a door or closing one. The smell of feces and urine with a masked bleach and fabuloso cover up, was raw. There were people staring at me like a hawk, and I could feel the heat rising from my body and my face must have shown the humiliation because that’s when I got asked “This your first time”? and I didn’t even know what she meant. I was handed some itchy orange clothes and rubber sandals and told that I had to go to search and that I needed to strip and give my clothes to this female CO who was laughing and having multiple conversations with other guards. I attempted to ask what that meant and if I could use the bathroom or make a call before talking to anyone else. I was told she didn’t have time for none of that that I needed to understand I was in jail and things had a way of running and if they decided to let me have phone permissions they would let me know but for now I needed to get my clothes off and that she was in a hurry. That seemed to be a common thing among the day, everyone had shit to do and was in a hurry, except me. I was in a hurry before this nightmare started. I was going to Baytown in a hurry , to finally have some peace and safety, and I just wanted to get there and I was stuck without anyone believing me or treating me with basic respect. No one wanted to listen to anything I said or asked.

After I was completely undressed and so embarrassed along with 3 other women in the bathroom and this CO made sure to make it known that she had the authority to make us miserable by having to expose areas like opening our legs and showing that there was no fucking contraband shoved in our ass or vagina or under our breast “Because you have plenty of room to hide contraband under them big things” I was laughed at because I asked “Are you serious right now, what am I going to do put a pipe under my boobs?” She said I would be surprised by what people hide in their bodies. I told her I had just given what I found out of my truck to the other deputies I had no reason to hide anything that I needed to see a doctor because this was exacerbating my chest pain and I started to get short of breath. She told me I could do that later that I had to go finish talking to the guy out there who wanted to know whos dope was it and if I could get more of it and how did I get possession of it. I was amazed at how fast she was able to get that information about the situation outside while she was in the bathroom with us and I hadn’t even had the chance to talk to them yet except for a brief moment when I told them that it wasn’t my shit and that Jonathan had threatened to have his sister of VPSO call in favors, and that I had been terrorized by local authorities and my husbands family, he had said that I needed to make sure that I gave myself a break and that he didn’t want any bullshit or he would make sure I didn’t get our of there if I didn’t help him to help me and if I made the mistake of not owning up to my own shit and blaming it on someone else “Especially one of our own in law enforcement” I was so small and helpless in that moment. I felt defeated because apparently anyone in LE is above the law and they just cant possibly be bad people or make mistakes right? Not in this world. No one is more perfect or has more ability of doing some shady shit and taking part in corruption than the LAW itself.

I was handcuffed to a bench by a phone and told I couldn’t use it until after they had a chance to complete my interview and got my paperwork and took my fingerprints. Little did I know that wasn’t happening any time soon. This was an area which had a center platform where the deputies were working out of that allowed visibility of 360 degrees to all hallways and doors. They had cameras on every single space in the building. There was an area with a hallway that a man in tan uniform was mopping and staring at me instead of watching his progress on the floor he was cleaning. There was another one in a tan uniform who was talking like he was one of the guards in that center area and leaning on the counter that went all the way around the little center control area in front I guess like a lunch tray line or where you sign papers when you come in. There was a man taking someones fingerprints in another little area and several people in orange uniforms handcuffed like animals to a bench waiting to have their turn. There was screaming and so much chaos in the air, that my head started to hurt, from the confusion and the constant loud yells of “Hey” and “Guard” and the banging trying to get someones attention and the profanities being shouted and the harsh reality of what was really happening. This was jail. I had no thoughts of what the fuck was I going to do the next day or the next hour. I was completely focused on why I was in jail and what the fuck was going to happen to me if I couldn’t call my son for his birthday and why did March 10th have to always hold such a fucking big cloud of storms for me since the day I gave birth to my first child Trevor who passed away a few hours after birth, and made me HATE the month of March and that day, except for when I had Tyler 2 years and a day later. This was exactly what I had told people I would end up in jail or dead this year for Trevors birthday with the shit Jon was doing to me and the path that I was taking in efforts to self medicate the pain.

I am not a person of deception, but I will not sit here and incriminate myself to the biased part of the public to give them any reason to construct more conflict or pain in my life, so let me make something clear now: I have no problem telling the truth as opposed to the way I used to fear telling people my reality and instead chose to fabricate with what I wished was my reality. I lied a lot. I made bad choices. I was in pain and I was afraid of making changes. I didn’t know how to function as an adult or own my own. I had never had a chance at a normal life with all of the adversities and atrocities I had faced in my life, and I blamed a lot of it on my mother and father for the way I had to grow up at a young age and was exposed to drugs abuse and drama and felt like a prize in tug o war. However as an adult I should have had the option of doing better but being married to my first husband who had me under complete control and had launched full on assault of me emotionally and physically in efforts to make me pay for not wanting to be abused or controlled and leaving him because he could, didn’t help me to do differently, except I never chose the other path, I had always prided myself in being a mother, and protecting my children from the bad shit in my life and marriage, and had REFUSED to ever partake in drugs or alcoholism as my parents did. I had made a point to force myself to stay with Rodney as long as I did to make sure Tyler had a normal life and a family with a father present due to his biological father being a piece of shit who refused to take responsibility. My second marriage was really soon after my first and I think was predisposed by my first husband . Its just a big pile of shit and full of power trips and control and abuse, let me get to the point.

I had been using drugs for the past few years. I had never injected myself with a needle. I had never thought of myself as an addict or a person who struggled with any addiction or problem related to me using. I always did it socially and when I wanted to do it. I never considered that I was using it as a crutch or to mask my pain from having the judicial system fail me and my children allowing my ex husband to violate me in every way you can imagine and never being convicted of anything or ever doing drugs but having my children wrongly taken away from me just because he hated me and had my current husbands help to inflict pain and get information to use against me about my personal and sexual relationships which were publicized in the court and on the internet in attempts to embarrass and humiliate me and to the point where they paid people to stalk me and spy on me and giving a chronological timeline of my daily events and using technology to gain access to every aspect of my life while I was completely unaware of how they had infiltrated my life and couldn’t escape the constant battle and storm of harassment and bullying through the courts and my own personal life. I wanted to escape the pain. I wanted to numb the feeling of lingering, self doubt, worrying, panicking, stressing, wondering what I had done to deserve so many things to happen to me and go wrong, what I had done to make the universe hate me and how could I keep going knowing I was fighting a losing battle against political figures who were on my ex husbands payroll, or in his pocket that he had scammed from my uncle the late Chef Paul Prudhomme. I had reached a point of no coming back after he had falsely obtained an emergency order taking my children away from me after I had been fighting for a decade to keep them in my life and had NEVER fucked up when it came to anything getting in the way or compromising my ability or capability to be a good mother. My kids were always loved and protected and very well taken care of in every aspect of their lives. They were never subjected to any chaos or conflict like I was as a child except for the shit that Rodney was dragging us through. He couldn’t just leave me alone or stop his shit. I had to pay for whatever sick fucked up reason and my children paid for shit they didn’t deserve. The courts didn’t think I was important enough to do anything to help me nor did all of my filings and pleadings mean shit to them. April 3 2015 I attempted to take my life by taking over 340 pills with a can of coke in my master bathroom. I was in an abusive relationship, sexually and physically and emotionally, I had just been served with an order restricting me from having my children in my life and my husband left me abd I had just purchased a home that the trailer park manager said I was going to lose because it had to be moved because I violated a lease from having the cops at my hime when SHE told me to call them to remove a guest who was no longer welcome in my home and I couldn’t take the stress anymore I couldn’t handle losing everything at one time and I was not going on without my kids.

I spent a while in ICU and eventually the mental health unit. I was sent away with a friend and his family to live with them after my attempt and I began to use more pain medication that what I actually thought I was using. I started to spend more time with the wrong crowd and family members who I just wanted more time with them and thought if I did it too maybe we would have something in common to talk about and I could finally have time with them. I began to use and abuse Crystal Meth, or Ice, Speed, Glass, and I didn’t know that it was a major factor of concern in my life until actually writing this blog post where im having epiphanies every few minutes about my life and what I want to tell the world. I have ADHD. I thought that without being on my medication I could use the dope to suffice in attempts to focus and get things done, along with having a boost of energy since I had been a long term survivor of depression and very deep depression where I wouldn’t get out of bed for days. (Ultimately my husband said its what caused him to cheat and divorce me) I had no desire to live because I had my children taken when I did nothing but fight and do everything that everyone forced me to do living a life of walking the line so straight it wasn’t funny) . I had taken myself off of the pain medication that was prescribed from sustaining injuries to my neck and back when I was hit by a woman in the army from the back on the interstate in Duson La in 2014. I just stopped cold turkey. I had hoped it would make my ex get off my ass about not having anything to accuse me of and once again continued fighting.

When I started spending more time using after he took my kids, and my husband refused to come home and was NEVER here for me I felt abandoned not only by the courts who thought I wasn’t worth listening to but by my family and my own husband. I felt like there was no point I had failed so bad at life event to the point of failing to kill myself properly, or the right way , that I would just do whatever I could to get through each day until my hopeful death would finally come to bring me peace. I tell you this because it matters about what happened to me in jail and during this process of figuring out that I had been wronged by the state of Louisiana and the federal government who failed to protect me and who failed to guarantee the rights as a united states citizen and as a woman who begged and fought for a chance at being left alone and to just be a mom and not be abused or terrorized anymore.

I was put in a holding cell with several other women and had to sit and sleep for what felt like years on a concrete bench along the wall and given really nasty white rice and red tomato sauce with some kind of fish breaded and sweet peas and carrots bread and water with a “Flavoring packet” and told I better enjoy it because it was as good as it gets in there and to remember I wouldn’t get anything until breakfast. There was a metal toilet that was bolted to the wall and had the sink connected to it with no faucet or handles, they think of everything when they build this shit, to prevent it being used as a weapon. There was too many of us in that dorm to each have a bed. I had to either sleep on the floor or the bench and was given a tattered white blanket and greenish pistachio colored sheet that made me itch.. It was cold so I used it anyway. There was a phone but I was not allowed to use it because I didn’t have a Inmate Number and had not been booked into the records of the jail. In fact it wasn’t until 3 days later that I was taken to have my fingerprints and my picture taken for an inmate ID, and my mug shot. How long was this 3 days? VERY long. I had a lady who offered me to use her ID number to call my husband or son since I told her it was their birthday and I had no use of phones or outside contact and couldn’t find out why I was in jail or see a judge or even know what I was being held for or accused of. That was a horrible conversation when my husband made light of me being in jail and mocking me for crying and told me what about my birthday..I said FUCK your birthday bitch you set me up and reminded him of the conversaion prior to my arrest where he said his sister took things too far and had asked her boyfriend a detective in Iberia parish how to get a no bond warrant and was told it would have to be a sex crime involving a minor and he had told me she was mad because we were working out marriage out. He denied having the conversation and after 4 times trying to call him had finally answered but it didn’t matter he had shown his true colors and told me he would not call Tyler for me when I asked him to please tell him I didn’t forget. Even in my worst moments Im worried about my kids and making sure they are ok.

I didn’t see a judge until Tuesday when I was also picked up by a male and female CO from St Landry in a van. I was brought to Opelousas and again put in jail and told they didn’t know what my charges were and all they knew was that it was an in state detainer and I had a warrant out for my arrest since 2016 and they had no other information they were supposed to find out and no one did. I was put in the administration office on suicide watch with a female officer and it was also where they took your photo and fingerprints. This was a small sheriffs department in a Cajun town where they all knew each other and it was just a very unprofessional department where the inmates knew and interacted with the deputies better than each other. They acted as if it was a social event and some kind of gathering. It was completely unorganized and lacked discliplined guard and officers. There was NO air conditioning. No showers. No working toilet or sinks. There was absolutely no chance of any proper nutrition or medical care to be had. I was finally given permission to use the phones and finally able to talk to a nurse who said I couldn’t have my medication unless a judge and doctor ordered it through the jail. I had used a bobby pin to try to self harm for the first time in over 15 years because I had reached a very fightening stage in life where I truly had no control and was being detained and not told why it felt like a bad dream or a movie on lifetime. Again I was given a Styrofoam plate with rice cornbread and red tomato sauce but this time with sausage and corn to eat. I was so hungry I asked for another. Ate it too. I was glad I wasn’t stuck in the cell and was around other people to keep me from thinking about how fucked up my life had turned within a few hours. It came time to do my fingerprints and picture and the jailers actual words were “This charge doesn’t exist. It’s not in here. I don’t know what you are doing here there’s no charge for this.” and had made a phone call asking what he was supposed to do and a comment saying “Oh this is the case. So what do we do to prevent it from coming back on us?” I just knew there was something more to the story and the way they kept shit hidden from me refusing to tell me anything, even so much as “Well we have a problem or we don’t know why but theres some issues and we don’t know what to do” would have been better than nothing and tortured and distressed the way I was .

He was on his computer going through the list of options to select the charge he would book me in the records of the jail for, and he said I have to find something like it or close to it I don’t know what to put it as, and told me it was a sex crime involving a minor, and chose to book me as a peeping tom of a minor Voyuerism Felony charge, I couldn’t believe this shit was happening to me and how could they just make it up and I had not even done nothing wrong. How could anyone ever do this shit to someone when they are in positions of authority and power to fuck someones life up and chose not to help them instead. How could any agency just make a charge when there is credible evidence that someone tampered with federal systems and you have an inmate that has no charges but in another part of the system was held on a detainer for a charge that doesn’t exist in any court or law.

How can a judge ask why youre the victim of the crime you allegedly committed and then not tell you what the charge is but offer to set you a bond instead? How can this go unscathed and swept under the rug? How can my liberty, life, freedom, privacy, and other fundamental rights go out the window because someone fucked up and tried to fuck my life up? Why did no one think I was important enough to be provided the same protection from this happening as anyone else in this country? Why should they not be responsible and held accountable for the pain, humiliation, embarrassment, illegal detainment, false imprisonment, and violation of my rights among other things. This has FUCKED up my life. This has changed my life and Im not saying its completely bad because I have gained a new perspective on how to handle things and approach things and it has made me stronger, However it feels like a fucking game and Im sick of playing games with the fucking government. They have a duty to provide me with compensation along with a huge apology and judicial review and reform and a conclusion of the investigation that is owed to me. I am owed answers and help to get my life in a place where I can be productive and finally be free from the torture and constant tort and malicious and intentional conflicts and situations and constant fight to be free from abuse and to just life and enjoy my life as anyone else can without having to worry about someone using their kids as a pawn in chess or dragging them through vexatious litigation for a decade then to get arrested on a charge that doesn’t exist and to further have to BEG the State and the Federal Government to help you and give you answers about what was done and what happened and why you cant get any help and why everyone is so TIGHT lipped and keeping a secret from you is preposterous and in fact outrageous that it makes me so angry to be a part of a society that is so greedy and has no compassion for mankind to continue to let someone suffer instead of providing them with the available tools and resources to do something about it and better their lives, I don’t understand why my life is not important enough to have those same rights and opportunities as anyone else..

I went through a year of interrogation into my family and my personal relationships and exacerbated medical conditions from the immense stress put on my body by these agencies and authorities who chose to make an example out of me and tried to get information out of me and attempted to coerce and intimidate me through a vicious and long court proceeding that kept being continued, to give them more time to violate my privacy and my life, and liberty. I grew tired of going back and forth to court and having to be dealing with health problems that made it difficult to travel and when I did I was nauseous and always needing the bathroom and felt weak and sick. I had decided to contact Joshua Monroe with the DA and notify him that I was tired of getting no response and no dismissal of (LISTEN TO THIS) a Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance Schedule 2 Narcotics- Allegedy recovered from my own vehicle upon my illegal detainment and arrest for an In State Detainer in which I was extradited and not given due process.

I was rattled and fucked with over being honest and trying to protect myself. FOR A YEAR! REFUSED access to my own motion for discovery filed April 3rd 2018 and left to be stuck in a vicious cycle of an abusive, dangerous marriage, and environment with no support, or positive influences, and open access to endless supplies of Methamphetamine, and those who knew about the situation, in which I was violated, and that the burden was on the state, and government to compensate, and provide me with a better life, and opportunity to purse this case, as well as obtaining the ability to use this as an advantage, to get a college education, and get my kids back in my life, instead of helping me get the right help and the right answers and the right place and right people in my life chose to take advantage of the authorities being afraid of making things worse by fucking with me further, and what I think honestly is them backing off of me in attempts to see what I will do about it and not arresting me for shit I should have been arrested for, partially to make up for the shit and partially as a game to see how much a person will take before either giving up the fight or bringing the fight to a new level in a federal court to teach people a lesson about what happens when youre terrorized by the government and law and your own people who are supposed to protect you and help you.

I respresented myself and used techinicalites to have the state in a position to back down and dismiss the charges. I forced them to give me the camera footage and all related documentation to my illegal detainment and my rights being violated and what is technically an assault by the Parish deputies who lifted my shirt, and who chose to not have a female deputy search me instead. I made 4 points to the DA’s office. There was NO way in hell they ran my license plate and came back with a warrant. Its registered to my husband. If they “Allegedly recovered illict drugs from my vehicle” they LIED, and FAILED to PROVE the Search and SEIZURE of the said vehicle in which ALLEGED narcotics where ALLEDELY FOUND. THEY failed to PROVE that my detainment and imprisonment was JUSTIFED and related to committing a crime. They failed to prove I was in possession of ALLEGED substance. They FAILED to PROTECT ME FROM THE LAW ITSELF. They called someone to pick up my vehicle. They did NOT SEARCH AND SEIZE MY TAHOE (Not even registered to me so Technicality #2) which is a law that any property involved in the search and seizure resulting in Illegal drugs or activity shall be seized or impounded for evidence. Well why did I get out of jail and have a pipe and a bag of dope in my backpack that was in my truck not removed as well if they SAERCHED and found ALLEGED narcotics? Someone forgot something behind? Or more like they lied and tried to cover their asses for NOT protecting me and assuming I suffered from a mental disorder when I was trying to get away from dangerous abusive people!!!!! THE STATE FUCKED ME OVER.

All of these people who knew about the federal investigation and played games with me and tried to see how much they could milk out of the deal for themselves will be held accountable. I don’t give a shit if its Jesus H Christ NO ONE STEPPED UP AND HELPED ME!

Except one person. Hector Enrique Callabero Jr. And he tried so hard to protect me and teach me for years only to have his best friend almost lose not only her life but her freedom and her dignity liberty and her mind, from the state not thinking she was worth helping to ensure her safety after he performed an financial review as a forensic accountant in a professional aspect and manner for Jonathan Breaux who hired and paid in full for his help to prove that he didn’t know anything nor was he involved or set his wife up. He claimed that he was set up and this was his way of proving it thinking he could outsmart a very successful and intelligent and professional who does this for a living to expose and uncover fraud and crimes, to find that he had committed MALICE and INTENT and it was blatantly obvious from his contracts with our mortgage and Tahoe financing. When he released the results from his findings to both of us which required by law to do, Jonathan asked how he could fix the problems and said “I know what it looks like I know its bad, how do I fix it what do I do” therefore not denying what he had done or tried to do or planned on doing, and had technically just slipped up and figured he would either outsmart Enrique thinking he was a fool not to know better and not realizing how much Enrique cared and loves me to allow him to make this awful attempt on me, or he figured he was caught so why fight it and that he could pay him to fix it.

I haven’t seen my best friend since he was last here with me in May 2018 and I haven’t talked to him since right before he moved away and had all his things packed and was going to start a new life and job. He had gotten into an accident in Mississippi and I was supposed to go pick him up to see about his car and bring my paperwork and my clothes to escape my situation and have a chance at getting to the right authorities who would help me instead of take advantage of my naΓ―ve nature and the fact that I want to see the good in everyone and everything. He was fed up with the drama from my husband. He had been contacted by state police when I called to notify them of possibly shooting a trespasser. He was aware that I was being violated and live streamed. He had made sure that I knew that I would have to walk through a very hard and difficult part of life in the coming months and prepared me for me to fight along without him in my life. He had taken measures so that I would not ever feel alone or afraid anymore. He had been listed as my emergency contact and my power of attorney. He was informed of all business in my life as well as personal or other matters. He was trying to prepare me for this fight against the government. He may have gotten into trouble for blowing the whistle and I don’t think I can let it go because he means too much to me to just let it go and not do something for him. HE risked his life several times for mine. He risked his career and freedom to help me with my life. He came to my side when I wasn’t expected to survive much longer with my health. He made my husband feel guilty for what he was doing to me. He is the reason I am still here.

He was a very good man to me. A great friend who taught me all about life and how the government isn’t our friends and will conceal anything to protect themselves from owing the people an explanation or answer or preventing them from being held responsible when mistakes are made. This was implemented in my life and our relationship from the beginning way before this happened to me. He gave me the most valuable and powerful tools that I could ever be given to survive the storms to come. He loved me enough to get me through the shit when I wouldn’t love myself. He loved my children and had helped me to provide emotionally and physically from when Tyler was a baby and from what Im understanding including present day as well as he referred to Tyler as his little buddy. And said he misses him. He knew that I was in a dangerous situation and he did all he could. He was going through a lot of shit and had mentioned an associate had overdosed from heroin and died. And that sometimes when we surround ourselves with those kind of people this is the stuff that happens. He was aware that I was being questioned about my familys role in drug trafficking and use. He was also aware that my family wasn’t too selfish to help me instead of capitalizing on my mistakes and misfortunes. He promised me to be there for me at the end of this shit, that he needed me to take this walk with him. He told me I would make it through this and he needed me to remember one thing, DO NOT HAVE MERCY ON ANY SINGLE PERSON BECAUSE THEY DID THE SAME SHIT and to ALWAYS remember I am NEVER alone, and that I needed to know how much he loves me and would never allow my husband or anyone to get the money from all of those life insurance policies that he has, while trying to cause me to no longer exist in the world.

He made a promise. And Im terrified because no matter what Ive been through with him in 14 years he nd I have never argued or went through this long of a period of time without any communication and Im afraid someone hurt him or worse. I have made sure that the special agents and the local and state authorities are aware of him missing and not being heard from and that I suspect foul play. If you know anything or can assist me in my search for my best friend please contact me 504-655-2076 or 337-277-6531. He is from New Orleans la, in the Gretna, Westbank Area, He is a Forensice Accountant and Financial Advisor, and had at one point his Brokers License , He works for PostleWaithe and Netterville in Katy Texas (That’s what I was told when I made some calls tracking him down through previous place of employment) And previously worked in New Orleans for the same company. He is very successful and educated and well mannered. He has an olive skin tone as his family immigrated legally when he was a small child to America for a better life from the Honduras. He is approximately 5’9-5-10 approximately 240 lbs and very physically fit and muscular, he has brown hair usually in a fade, and brown eyes, no tattoos but a large scar on his upper arm where they had to do surgery to repair the bone last year when he fell on the steps and broke it. He was driving a blue Toyota camera with black rims. His last known address was 428 Willowbrook Gretna La.

I will not rest until I find my best friend and bring my children and him back in my life.

I don’t know what the end of this post is supposed to be, but I know that Ive told the truth about what happened to me and how I don’t have any reservations about speaking the truth even when it doesn’t look great on me its still the truth no matter how bad it is I just refuse to lie or not tell the truth about anything anymore. I want a better chance at a normal life and I deserve it. I deserve so much more than the shit I have been given. And people are so quick to say life is what you make it, which is right if you have the right tools in place and you aren’t fighting the whole damn world. I know there has to be a better way and a healthier way to get through this shit and continue moving forward.

This is not how I want to be remembered in constant turmoil and in a battle that isn’t progressing except to self destruct while fighting the enemy, and being distracted by the negative shit while trying to succeed with a positive role in life.

Kristel Prudhomme


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