If you are someone you know is a domestic violence survivor or victim use this to get help! There’s always hope! There’s always help!


I know its scary when you have been through this and you have no finances, or family, or anywhere to go. I’ve been there. Unless we stand up to abuse and violence it will continue to take over our lives.

If you need someone to talk to and you feel like taking your life is the only way out DON’T! Message or email me please, because I have been there, and it’s not the answer for a temporary problem by making a permanent decision to take your life.


There’s nothing wrong with reaching out for help! Theres a stigma for people who are victims of violent crimes and survivors of abuse that makes them ashamed to make the first step forward to a better life. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU! AND IF NO ONE TOLD YOU, I LOVE YOU.


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