I’m a crazy BITCH… just wait.. you ain’t seen crazy yet you murderer!

I wonder how he got custody of children of a woman who had just been raped and had been accused of lying about it and he had his sister hiding in the next room who called 911 when I defended myself saying I was trying to kill her brother. Yep. While tracy Thomson took my kids out of the house while I was taking a nap because of the trauma of just being released from LOURDES for sexual assault.. she took them to REBECCA ADDIE for them to carry out this whole fucking process of destroying me and taking my only reason for living.

That was the last time i had my children in my life.
I did nothing wrong to deserve what was done to me.

Rodney you better understand that I love my kids more than you could ever possibly understand because of your hatred for me…

This is the truth!

Kristel Prudhomme