I had severe medical problems because of this including stroke and a minor heart attack…

Is this fair for any human being to be subjected to this torture and abuse and pain all because of a narcissist who had money and lied and scammed Paul Prudhomme for the 25 grand to hire Cox and Fitzgerald! He didnt know my uncle had talked to me before he died! He believed in me! Now I’m going to make sure that the whole world knows the truth about every single thing I’ve had to do through. Dont ever call me a victim. I’m a survivor and I want my kids back! Enrique has been missing after sending him the money to hold for me to escape my situation after my husband and his family tried to hurt both of us while he came to tend to me at the time my life almost ended. He wanted me out of this crooked parish and I was prevented from leaving by being set up with methamphetamine in my husbands truck and a bullshit warrant in st Landry parish that Jonathan bragged about his sister and a detective from new IBERIA getting for a no bond warrant. WHILE I WAS FLEEING TO TEXAS FOR MY SAFETY I WAS SET UP AND HELD AND THEN TRANSPORTED TO JAIL IN ST LANDRY AFTER CALCASIEU PARISH HAD THEIR TIME WITH ME AND NO ONE GAVE A FUCK THAT I WAS INNOCENT. THEY DROPPED CHARGES AND NO ONE WANTS TO INVESTIGATE OR ANSWER MY QUESTIONS ABOUT WHY I LOST MY FREEDOM OVER A LIE AND SET UP FROM MY HUSBAND USING MY PHONE NUMBER VIOLATING ME THE VICTIM TO BE THE DEFENDANT. YEAH EXPLAIN THAT TO ME.