Home is now a very good place to be…

Thank you for visiting me here on this website. “I’m still here”, was the first thing I said when I realized I was still alive, in those critical situations that I found too often in the past decade and a half. I found myself amazed at what I could overcome, and what the human body could withstand, when having no intentions to withstand anything at all.

I always thought it was too late to make a good life, with the lemons I was given, or that I would never be able to truly understand what I wanted to do with my life, after the only thing that mattered didn’t exist in my world anymore, and after a very near fatal attempt by myself on my life, I began to get a different perspective on how things are going to work, and be, because I have been through a major reconstruction of my life and my sham of a marriage to finally get my attention to the point of being a survivor of physical and sexual abuse , that has allowed a divorce to be in progress. I really had no idea what was going to come of my life after having my husband of a decade abandon our home and lives when he had begged for us to make our marriage work, and once he seen I let my guard down he struck, and boy it was nothing nice to know that it was all a game to him and I wasn’t worth it the way he had claimed prior.

I am going to try something completely different than what I have tried in the past, to further our efforts to get the information to the public and media about everything that was going on with my life and what exactly took place to make me reach a point where I was just waiting to die, for a chance at peace and quiet and blessings instead of lessons.

I launched this several months ago after realizing that just talking about it was getting nothing done. I recently in the past few weeks have diligently and passionately worked so hard to ensure the right information was on these pages and my experience would help to encourage, empower, support, spread awareness, and provide an in depth look into a real life story of the issue too many people face in life with no one to support them in their fights, to make sure that everyone has the actual correct details and can form their own opinions from that point.

When I first started writing I had no idea that I could ever reach this point of desire to advocate not only for myself but for others who don’t have the same way of making things happen. I initially thought I would just go with the flow and let whatever was in my head fly out of my fingertips, I had an overflow of information and the best way to explain it is that I had to hurry and get it all out of my brain after so long and so much embarrassment and abuse made me feel that I had to do it before I lost it or before I had no voice in the event that something would happen to me and I would be forever silenced.

That was a very good thing for me personally to be able to find a way to get it out, however its not the way I want this to work and to become a platform for the rest of my life and future career. There was a lot of animosity, language and strong opinions expressed in the first few months and most like you would have thought I was a little all over the place and a person who had a lack of commnunication skills which is actually partially true. That is NOT what this is going to be. I will NOT delete or alter those first moments of my life as a woman who took the first step forward to ensure the highest level of attention and authority to be given the FACTS and information that I was going out of my mind wondering how to explain or speak about it.

So lets remember to keep that in mind when forming part of your opinion pertaining to my personality and character. I welcome all feedback and suggestions and advice. I don’t always take it or respond immediately but I enjoy a constructive criticism conversation , apart from people who have no interest in actually providing feedback but tort and their way of trying to criticize my choices or actions.

Please remember that I have exhausted all options, morally, and legally. I have sought help with every single possible alley I could think of for over a decade, so it isnt a matter of laziness, or not caring enough, its a matter of money talks and bullshit walks, as well as who you know and blow gets you to higher places that sometimes make you think youre above the law, which is what was going on.

There is not a day that I dont beg to be heard or have representation or just a basic conversation from the people who have been playing games and pretending not to know anything about any of this, I have had to pay people to be honest and still give me information about my own life and the things that the people in positions of authority chose to treat me as a child who wasn’t worth being told the truth and things that she begged to know.

My goal is to help others as well as blow the whistle about EVERY single parish, city, district, court of law, attorneys, ex spouses, and the STATE of Louisiana for the atrocities that were carried out against me and them to deny me the right to my life, liberty, and freedom and privacy nor gave me the chance to be heard and to have due process. No one should hold the power to destroy a persons life for any reason at all. No one should ever be allowed to go through this with the STATE and FEDERAL Government that is supposed to ensure we are given the rights guaranteed as a citizen of united states of America with THE SAME protection which was denied to me when I was just begging for someone to hear me and save me from my life with the people/situations that have almost taken my life away.

I don’t owe anything to anyone. I am not indebted to any person or organization or entity corporation or businesses for the first time in my life. I do not I have to explain why I chose to continue my fight, and why I don’t want to give up my fight. Most importantly I do not have to be made to feel guilty for having a mind of my own and making my own choices for once, instead of complete control over me by my spouse or other people who had it for a while, mostly I didn’t realize it.

BUT I do owe MY CHILDREN the ENTIRE story about what exactly has been done to me and them robbing us of all of their childhood and years of a relationship between a mother and her children.

I am not censoring anything to protect anyone, including myself, I made a vow to myself about baking in the glory of TRUTH and that comes with a level of honesty that most people wouldnt be able to understand much less couldn’t handle being this honest about everything

This includes all of the details about WHO was involved, WHAT laws were grossly broken, WHY it was taken to a sickly level of premeditated crimes , dates, detailed information includingcdocumentation to prove a point that I am not just some dumb housewife who was put through unfortunate situations.

I have always been a woman of my word, and a mother first who would never allow anyone to hurt her children or get away with wronging them. I have always been told I was very smart and for the shit to happen the way it did makes me reconsider just how I really wanted to let loose on this website, but instead of the vicious and aggressive attitude I had in the beginning Ive decided to approach it with a very calm and focused mind in order to get the best results out of this information being shown and told to the public in order to achieve some major changes to happen .

Im still here. I may be fighting against the world to be heard and to ensure that I am able to have the same rights as any other citizen of United states of America. Exposing the trauma that was done by the same people who took an oath to defend the constitution and to bring justice and serve law and order to the people of this country.

This was just Me trying to be a mom to my children and not being a bad person whatsoever for the allegations I had to prove untrue and never got a new way of getting an apology nor were those vexataxious litigants held up to the same law that they tried to make me miserable with. My problem is that these court officials, and the state department, Law enforcement agencies, and district attorneys thought I wasnt worth doing the right things to help me achieve the goal of succeeding after working for my own innocence to be restored by public view and in court to just have a chance of being a MOTHER when I did nothing wrong, they allowed this to continue torturing me and depriving me of my constitutional rights and my childrens relationship and childhoods.

We deserve to have our lives become better and more importantly we deserve to never have to worry about any of these problems or situations in which I was tortured to get someones shits and giggles and My children and I deserve help to get our relationship back on track with learning to trust after the immense pain and suffering we have went through and to grow and love together once again.